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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 5 (1967 – 1968)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 5 (1967 – 1968)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 5.

Title: Doctor Who Season 5
Dates: 1967 – 1968
Number of Serials: 7
Total Number of Episodes: 40
Doctor Regeneration: The Second Doctor
Doctor Actor: Patrick Troughton

037 – The Tomb of the Cybermen (4 episodes)
The Tardis lands on the planet Telos and the companions meet an Earth exploration that is hunting down the lost tombs of the Cybermen. Soon after arriving, the Doctor helps them find the tomb and two business men reveal their plan to revive the Cybermen. They want to use the cybermen’s strength, with their intellect to create an unbeatable force. It transpires that the tomb is not as it seems, and in reality the cybermen have placed a trap to convert humans into cybermen. The Doctor manages to hold off an attack from the cybermen and reseal them in the tombs. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria head off in the Tardis.

038 – The Abominable Snowmen (6 episodes)
The Doctor travels to 1935 Tibet along with his companions and heads towards a monastery he has visited once before. He meets an Englishman at the monetary who is in Tibet to track down a Yeti or an Abominable Snowman. It becomes apparent soon that Yetis are actually robots which are in disguise. The High Lama Padmasambhava at the monastery has been taken over by an Alien intelligence and is being used to control the Yetis. The mysterious alien intelligence seems to want to take over the Earth and the Doctor manages to stop him and banish him from earth.

039 – The Ice Warriors (6 episodes)
The Tardis comes to Earth as a new Ice Age is taking over the planet. They arrive in a base where commander Clent is using an ioniser devise to stop an advancing glacier. In a local Glacier a humanoid alien body has been found and bee named ‘Ice Warrior.’ The alien is revived and it becomes apparent the alien’s ship crash landed years ago and is deep in the glacier. The Alien, Varga attempts to free him shipmates and plans to conquer Earth. The Doctor ends of saving the day by turning the ioniser devise on the alien ship and destroying them.

040 – The Enemy of the World (6 episodes)
The Tardis arrives in near futuristic Australia. A man called Salamander appears to be the physical body double of the Doctor, and a hero amongst the people. He has found a way of storing and distributing solar energy, ending starvation in the world that has been caused by frequent natural disasters. Most think he is a hero, but some believe something more sinister is going on. The Doctor gains access to his research station, and discovers the truth. A group of people have been taken under the surface of the planet and have been told war is raging on the surface. They have been down there for five years, and they engineer the natural disasters as they think they are striking the enemy. The Doctor saves the day as usual, and Salamander tries to escape in the Tardis, but forgets to close the doors and is sucked out into the Vortex.

041 – The Web of Fear (6 episodes)
The Tardis is almost engulfed in space by a web before landing in the London Underground systems. It appears the underground tunnels here are overrun with this web material and Yeti Robots that were first encountered earlier in the Season. Professor Travers accidently reactivated a Yeti, and the Intelligence returned to make another invasion attempt. Along with help with from the Army the doctor manages to eventually subdue his enemy and the intelligence is repelled back into deep space. The Doctor leaves the army and his new friends to clean up as he returns to the Tardis with Jamie and Victoria.

042 – Fury from the Deep (6 episodes)
The Tardis lands on the North Sea, off the east coast of England. The time travellers use a rubber dinghy to reach the shore where they are captured by security guards for entering a restricted zone of a gas refinery. At the refinery base, the Doctor learns of many unexplained problems with the pipe work. The Doctor figures out that a parasitic form of seaweed was sucked up and that was the problem. The Seaweed releases poisonous gasses and can take control of people minds. The seaweed wants to grow its following by possessing more people and it is up to the Doctor to come up with a plan to stop it. In the end Victoria saves the day and also chooses to stay behind for a quieter life. The Doctor and Jamie leave in the Tardis without Victoria.

043 – The Wheel in Space (6 episodes)
The Tardis lands on a spaceship and as soon as The Doctor and Jamie emerge they are attacked by a Servo Robot. Jamie manages to call for help to a nearby space station called the Wheel. The Doctor and Jamie are rescued shortly after but the initial spaceship starts an attack on the Wheel. First come cybermats, then come the cybermen. They want to use the Wheel to aid their upcoming Earth invasion. The Doctor sends Jamie and Zoe Heriot to the Tardis for some parts as he tries to stop the cybermen taking over. When they are reunited in the Wheel the doctor manages to destroy the entire fleet of cybermen and save the Earth once more. Zoe Heriot wants to come along with the Doctor on his travels, but the Doctor is skeptical and shows her what life on the Tardis is like before letting her make a decision.


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