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Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 9 (1972)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – Episode Guide Season 9 (1972)

Doctor Who is one of the longest running British Television Shows and in this article I am going to explore the episodes from Season 9.

Title: Doctor Who Season 9
Dates: 1972
Number of Serials: 5
Total Number of Episodes: 26
Doctor Regeneration: The Third Doctor
Doctor Actor: Jon Pertwee

060 - Day of the Daleks (4 episodes)
Sir Reginald Styles, the organizer of a world peace conference narrowly escapes an assassination attempt by a combat trained guerrilla warrior who then vanishes. The Guerrilla is then attached by Ogrons, which are huge ape like creatures. He is then found unconscious by Unit Soldiers and the Doctor deduces he is from 200 years in the future and he has been using a small time travel device. The Doctor and Jo keep watch of the warrior when Styles is away, and the Guerrilla attacks. The Doctor persuades the Guerrilla he is not Styles but one of the group is injured by an Ogron. Jo accidentally activates the Guerrillas' time travel devise and is transported to the 22nd Century. The Guerrillas return to the 22nd Century and the Doctor goes with them and witnesses a very different world. The planet is ruled over by the Daleks aided by the Ogrons and certain humans. The Human who reports directly to the Daleks is known as the Controller and he manages to take the Doctor and Jo to the Dalek base as prisoners. The Guerrillas rescue the Doctor and Jo and reveal to them why they were trying to kill Styles. He caused an explosion at the peace conference which starts a chain of wars which leaves the Planet vulnerable to Dalek conquests. The Doctor realizes the explosion was actually caused by Shura who was just trying to complete his mission. The Doctor returns to the 20th Century with Jo and with the Daleks and Ogrons in pursuit Shura detonates his bomb. The Doctor warns Styles of the future he has seen and warns him not to follow the path to destruction.

061 - The Curse of Peladon (4 episodes)
The Doctor and Jo take a trip in the Tardis to the planet Peladon. They travel to a citadel just before the coronation of the King. The Doctor is mistaken for a dignitary who is supposed to act as the Chairman of a committee that is assessing an application for the planet to join the Galactic Federation. The other federation committee have already arrived and are concerned about the death of one of the King's advisers. High Priest Hepesh thinks the death is the work of the Curse of Aggedor, the sacred beast of Peladon. The Doctor deduces somebody is trying to sabotage the chances of Peladon joining the Galactic Federation. The Doctor suspects the Ice Warriors but in reality Hepesh and Arcturus are to blame. Arcturus convinces Hepesh that the Federation would only exploit Peladon's minerals, which is actually his own race’s intention. Arcturus is destroyed but Hepesh escapes to form a rebellion amongst the King's guards. The Guards take the king prisoner and then Hepesh orders Aggedor, a beast he controls to kill the Doctor. The Doctor is able to tame the beast and Hepesh is one who dies. The real Earth delegate arrives as the Tardis dematerialises.

062 - The Sea Devils (6 episodes)
The Doctor and Jo go to visit the Master in his top security prison off the coast of England. They hear from the prison governor that ships have been disappearing at sea in strange circumstances. They investigate and discover the sinking of ships seem to get into trouble around an abandoned sea fort. They travel to the sea fort and encounter Sea Devils, an amphibious race that the Doctor has encountered before. It is revealed that the Master helped by a man call Trenchard is planning to revive the Sea Devils from hibernation. The Doctor travels down to the Sea Devil's underwater base and attempts to broker peace. The Humans, led by a politician called Walker attack the underwater base and in the confusion the Doctor manages to escape in a submarine. The Sea Devils take control of the naval base and the Master forces the Doctor to complete the machine he is struggling with. The Doctor sabotages the Machine and the two Time Lords escape before the base is destroyed.

063 - The Mutants (6 episodes)
The Time Lords recruit the Doctor and Jo to deliver a sealed message to an unknown party on a sky base orbiting the planet Solos in the 30th century. Solos is an Earth Empire planet and is due to get independence very soon, which its Marshal is determined to stop. He organizes the murder of the Earth Administrator and plans to change the planet's atmosphere so it is more hospitable for humans. A young man called Ky is falsely accused of the murder and heads to the planet taking Jo with him. The Doctor follows them and realizes the Time Lord message was intended for Ky. The orb he was given opens up and inside are ancient inscribed tablets. The trio then meet Sondergaard who is hunting for a cure for a disease that is inflicting the Solonians. The Doctor aided by Sondergaard deciphers the inscriptions and realize the mutations that are inflicting the people are part of the natural life cycle. The Thaesium radiation seems to play a vital role in the life cycle. The Doctor takes a crystal from the area where the radiation is high and takes it for analysis. He is captured by Marshal and held hostage with his friends. The Doctor is forced to perfect the machine that will adjust the atmosphere. Ky is given the crystal by Sondergaard and is transformed into a mutant then into a super ethereal being. This seems to be the final stage of the Solonian's life cycle. The Doctor sabotages the machine and Jaeger is killed. The Marshal is vaporized by Ky and The Doctor and Jo return to the Tardis.

064 - The Time Monster (6 episodes)
The Master constructs a device which he calls TOMTIT (Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time). With this device he attempts to gain control over Kronos, a creature that resides outside Time. Kronos is summoned but is totally out of control so the Master escapes. The Doctor arrives and shuts down TOMTIT and the adventure seems almost over. That is until The Master re-activates the devise to ensnare the high priest of the lost city of Atlantis, Krasis. The Master then attacks unit by putting them through a number of time slips. The Master promises to return Krasis home in his Tardis, but he really hopes to steal a crystal that will allow him to dominate Kronos. The Doctor follows The Master, but too late to stop him seducing Queen Gelleia and beginning a coup. The Queen turns against the Master when she learns he is responsible for killing the King. The Master releases Kronos and Atlantis is decimated. The Master and The Doctor escape in their Tardises but the Master has taken Jo hostage. The two Time Lords face each other in the Time Vortex and the Doctor threatens to trigger a Time Ram by creating a devastating collision between both Tardises. The Doctor cannot bring himself to do it, but Jo seizes control of The Master's Tardis and initiates it. The two Tardises materialize in a strange realm controlled by Kronos. The Time Ram has released Kronos and he plans to torment The Master forever. He agrees to return The Doctor and Jo to the Earth but the Doctor pleads for The Master's freedom.


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