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Television - Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor and his companions

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor and his companions

Over the years Doctor Who has become one of the most successful British Television shows in history. Due to the show ongoing for over fifty years many actors have portrayed the Doctor and in this article I am going to explore the character of the Ninth doctor.

Christopher Eccleston was the ninth actor to portray the doctor and did in 2005. He acted as the doctor for one series and acted in 13 episodes.

Christopher Eccleston was born in 1964 and is still a big Doctor Who fan today. He is known for acting in several other television shows including Heroes (2007) and The Shadow Line (2011).

The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor is a new Doctor for a new age. The Show returns to our screens after nine long years and a lot of things have changed. The Doctor has regenerated again for an unknown reason, and troubling events have happened since his last on screen appearance. The Time War, a war that ran through time and space where by Time Lords attempted to neutralise the Daleks, and Daleks attempted to become king of the Universe took place off screen. Many lesser species were affected by this war and remember the torment it caused throughout the universe. To finish the war the Doctor effectively kills all the Daleks and the Time Lords by trapping them in a time bubble. Unfortunately some Daleks survive, but it appears no Time Lords beside the Doctor do. This leaves the Ninth Doctor as an emotional, psychologically scared detached cruel cold pained man. He constantly struggles to accept what has happened and is in desperate need of companionship as there is nobody of his own kind left.

He enjoys teasing others about their names, often refereeing to Micky as Ricky. He has a northern accent to which he claims that “Lots of planets have a North!” He often makes jokes that are callus when he’s in danger and he is not afraid to admit he’s a coward.


The ninth doctor was seen to travel along side three companions.

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) – 13 Appearances

Rose Tyler, a nineteen year old shop assistant from London runs into the Doctor when manikins come alive at her work place. They instantly start working together and she agrees to go off with him in the crazy blue box.

She in intelligent; quick on her feet and extremely witty. She is needed by the Doctor, as she gives him company which he desperately needs. The Ninth Doctor has great fondness towards Rose, but the Tenth Doctor appears to have even stronger romantic feelings towards her. Rose appears more equal than the Doctor’s previous companions and is always there for him. Even when he returns her home to avoid danger, she does everything she can to get back and be by his side.

Rose’s family is introduced into the show and they all play key roles in Rose’s and the Doctors development through this series. Jackie Tyler, Rose’s mother is seen as very caring and concerned for her daughter’s safety. Rose would often return home to visit her mother which set modern day earth as the “home” era for the series. Peter Tyler, Rose’s father is only seen in one episode this series. He is the total opposite of her mother and not all Rose had believed to be. He passed away very young, and the Doctor gave Rose the chance to see him again. Mickey Smith, Rose’s boyfriend is featured through the series although he does not travel through Time and Space with the Doctor. He struggles with Rose leaving him behind and always runs as soon as she calls.

Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley) – 2 Appearances
For a brief time Adam Mitchell joins the Doctor and Rose. He is initially encountered a few years ahead of Rose’s time stream and is a researcher in an alien museum in Utah. He is a genius, and quickly forms a strong bond with Rose. Rose pleads with the Doctor to take him along, but Adam does not adjust as well as most companions. He suffers from time and culture shock and attempts to profit of visiting the future. 200,000 years in the Future humans have developed by adding microchips to their body to store and process data. Adam gets a chip fitted for the sole purpose of learning the history from the future, and taking it home to profit. As a result the Doctor returns him home and he no longer travels in Time and Space along side Rose and the Doctor.

Jack Harkness – (John Barrowman) – 5 Appearances
Jack is a character who keeps cropping up through the Doctors life. His first encounter was with this regeneration of the Doctor. Jack Harkness is an ex 51st Century Time agent who leads the Doctor on attempting to sell him an ambulance, claiming it is a precious war ship. He lands himself in a situation amidst the Doctor and Rose, and soon bonds a friendship with them. He develops a lot as a character through the next few series, but in this series he really integrates with the Doctor and Rose. In the final episode he is killed by the Daleks; but Rose Tyler takes the heart of the Tardis into her body and brings him back to life. Unfortunately she brings him back to life permanently, and it is revealed later that he can never die.

Jack not only features in Doctor Who, but is a lead character in the Spin-Off show Torchwood.


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