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Television - Doctor Who – The Second Doctor and his companions

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – The Second Doctor and his companions

Over the years Doctor Who has become one of the most successful British Television shows in history. Due to the show ongoing for over fifty years many actors have portrayed the Doctor and in this article I am going to explore the character of the Second doctor.

Patrick Troughton was the second actor to portray the doctor and did so between 1966 and 1969. He acted as the doctor for three series and acted in 127 episodes.

Patrick Troughton was born in 1920 and passed away in 1957. He was known for acting in several other television shows including The Knights of God (1987) and Yesterday’s Dreams (1987).

The Second Doctor

The Second Doctor was incredibly different from the first. He was extremely wise and very warm towards people. He was seen to be more human, and feared alien races as much as his travelling companions. He was excellent at manipulating people, and deception, and his previous regeneration would often call him a clown due to his bumbling nature. He carries a five hundred year old diary around with him, and records what he can of his travels. Eventually he abandons the diary as it was “too much work”. He loved to play on his recorder and wore a large coat that dwarfed him so much he had to tie it together at the front with twine. He would always get himself into trouble and was often referred to as a ‘cosmic hobo’.


The second doctor was seen to travel along side six companions.

Polly (Anneke Wills) – 6 Appearances
Polly was a companion of the first doctor and was with him when he regenerated. She still travelled with him after he transformed.

Ben Jackson (Michael Craze) – 6 Appearances
Ben, a navy seal who was in love with Polly travelled with the doctor from the days of his previous regeneration.

Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) – 21 Appearances
Jamie McCrimmon, originating from 1740's Scotland, the son of a piper was one of the longest running companions of the Doctor. Coming from the 18th century Scotland he has a limited understanding in technology but always translates what he sees into a format he can understand. He is often at logger heads with the doctor, as he feels the doctor tries to manipulate him but he still feels travelling through time and space is worth putting up with the Doctor.

Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watling) 7 Appearances
Victoria, a human companion from 1866 was attempting to perfect time travel in her home time. This attracted the Daleks and in return the Doctor. She gives her life to save the Doctor.

Zoe Heriot (Wendy Padbury) 9 Appearances
Zoe is a very clever mathematician with an excellent photographic memory and from the not too distant future. She joined the Doctor, and was an intellectual match for him. Eventually the Time Lords catch up with the Tardis and return Zoe to her native time.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) 3 Appearances
A Scottish soldier from the 20th / 21st century who becomes the Head of the secret organisation known as UNIT. This Organization works closely with the doctor for a number of years. The Brigadier has worked alongside many regenerations of the doctor and has had a long term recurring role in the show.


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