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Television - Doctor Who – The Seventh Doctor and his companions

Updated on September 18, 2012

Television - Doctor Who – The Seventh Doctor and his companions

Over the years Doctor Who has become one of the most successful British Television shows in history. Due to the show ongoing for over fifty years many actors have portrayed the Doctor and in this article I am going to explore the character of the Seventh doctor.

Sylvester McCoy was the seventh actor to portray the doctor and did so between 1987 and 1989. He acted as the doctor for three series and acted in 42 episodes.

Sylvester McCoy was born in 1943 and is still a big Doctor Who fan today. He is known for acting in several other television shows including Jackanory (1979 – 1993) and The History of Tome Jones, a Foundling (1997).

The Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor is a keen scientist and strategist and has a hint of a Scottish accent. He is a theorist and a planner and he plans for the future through the time lines. This doctor fully embraces his role as a Time Lord, even though it often alienated his companions. His biggest passion was to heal and help the psychological issues his companions suffered from. He mostly travelled with a single companion.


The seventh doctor was seen to travel along side two companions.

Melanine Bush (Bonnie Langford) – 4 Appearances

Melanine Bush stayed with the Doctor after his regeneration from the Sixth Doctor. She is a human companion from the modern day earth who is extremely advanced with computers. She worked as a programmer but had a very realistic emotional response to life. She is cheerful, funny, warm, intelligent and very health conscious. She bossed the doctor around, and he would always listen as he knew she was only doing what was good for him.

Ace (Sophie Aldred) – 9 Appearances
Ace, also known as Dorothy is a modern day human from London. She enjoys chemistry and eventually meddled with chemicals which led to her being transported to a foreign world in the distant future. Here she meets the doctor and starts travelling with him. She appears to have a very troubled childhood and as a result she became a rebel and caused quite a bit of damage. She is insecure through her tough exterior. She mixes her own chemicals and uses them as weapons carried in her backpack. She lovingly calls the Doctor Professor and she protects him with a fierce loyalty. In return the Doctor takes a special interest in her education. It was not known why she left company with the doctor but it seems that she ended up on19th Century France.


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