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Tell Businesses to Turn the News Off

Updated on January 15, 2016

The Problem

No matter where you go, there it is; the news. There seems to be no escape. You see it in:

Doctors/medical waiting rooms

Auto repair shops

Airline terminals

Hotel lobbies and breakfast areas

Fast food restaurants

and so on…..

Do you need more stress as you're waiting to see the doctor? Do you need the aggravation of the news when you're on vacation? Are you just sick of seeing it all the time?

What about you?

Are you tired of seeing the news everywhere you go?

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Take Action!

If you've been exposed to the news in a public place, write a letter to the business asking them to turn the channel to content that relaxes or entertains. Here's an example letter (and further down is a link to my petition):

Dear (fill in the blank),

On (date), I was a (guest, patient, customer, etc) at your (facility, hotel, restaurant, etc) located at (address). In the (waiting room, terminal, breakfast area, etc), the TV was on and it was showing the (news, political show, certain show, etc).

At the time of my visit, I wanted to relax. Unfortunately, the selection of (news/politics) was (upsetting, stressful, etc), and it may also (upset, bother, etc) your other customers.

I would like to suggest a channel that most people would find entertaining and/or educational. Possible channels are HGTV, TLC, HIST, A&E, Animal, Discovery, FOOD, any sports, Travel and TVland

I hope you change the channel in order to give your customers a better experience.

Thank you,

(your name)

Have you taken action?

Have you asked a business to turn off the news?

See results

Where have you seen televised news in public? Did you ask them to turn it off? What was their response?

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