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Eight Absolutely Brilliant Roles Portrayed By Julia Roberts

Updated on July 31, 2014

Julia Fiona Roberts - The Pretty Woman

Julia Fiona Roberts. The name itself makes an impact on the Hollywood movie lovers all over the globe. This 46 year old star came a long way with her unconventional looks, bold acting and an attitude to die for. Julia Roberts is not just a name. It is the significance of a living icon who beat all odds and made it to the top of the list.

Born in Georgia to a family with modest roots, Roberts took off to test the unknown lanes of Los Angeles to try her luck and career at acting. After making a forgettable debut with Satisfaction in 1988, Julia tasted her success with some landmark movies and pivotal roles that won her more than the Academy - the name Julia Roberts became known to the households the world over.

Let us take a look at some of the significant roles played by Julia Roberts in her illustrious career as an actress!

1. Pretty Woman

Playing a hooker for an actress in her early years is not at all easy. Julia Roberts did so unfazed with fear or regret. She played Vivian Ward, the leading protagonist who turns into a sex worker for her living and for reasons. The fairy tale story of the young woman on the streets running into a billionaire who falls for her looks, charm and personality.

Pretty Woman was a huge Box office success in 1990, catapulting Roberts to instant stardom. The actress was applauded for her impeccable performance by the critics and the audience alike.

2. My Best Friend's Wedding

The confused Julianne Porter played by Roberts was a huge success at Box Office. Julia became the toast of Bollywood with her effortlessly superb performance as Porter who wishes well for her best friend Michael but ends up falling in love with him and conspires to ruin his wedding. The mixed emotions displayed by Julia created a wow factor, especially among women. The character was adorable, connectable and close to reality

Julia Roberts became a name to watch out for among some of the most outstanding performances by lead actresses in the nineties.

Julia's shimmery performance easily outplayed the second female lead of the film, Cameron Diaz.

3. Stepmom

While the whole world thought that Roberts was only meant for playing bold and unconventional roles, the actress sprung a great surprise and gained praise for her subtle yet effective performance head to head with Susan Sarandon in Stepmom. The movie was a critical success and the audience loved every bit of Isabel Kelly played by Julia Roberts.

The sensitive moments captured between Susan and Julia are classy and intense, making people vent to slightest of human emotions within. Stepmom garnered huge praise for Sarandon's performance and saw the newer side of Roberts.

4. Notting Hill

Everyone knows the remarkable and romantic Anna Scott from the popular Romantic Comedy, Notting Hill. Julia Roberts was paired opposite Hugh Grant for the first time and as contrary to what the audience thought was an odd pairing, the lead pair turned out to be a super success and unforgettable with Notting Hill.

This fairy tale love story between a popular American Actress and a humble Bookstore owner in England touched hearts like no other. Julia excelled in her role as unpredictable yet emotional Anna Scott.

5. Runaway Bride

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts came together years after Pretty Woman with this film. Call it the magic of the casting or the individual excellence of the actors, Runaway Bride turned out to be a huge success at the Box Office, despite the criticism of the characters in the movie. Julia played Maggie Carpenter, a girl who keeps running away on her wedding day as a bride.

Audience loved Roberts like always in this role. Her role as Maggie caught with a confused mindset and inner fears connected well with the viewers. There was a certain unexplained charm to her character in the film that remains fresh in the memory.

6. Erin Brockovich

Roberts walked away with millions of hearts as well as the Academy Award For Best Actress with her effervescent and beautiful portrayal as Erin Brockovich, an unemployed single mom of three children who gets injured and runs into winning an expensive lawsuit in the most bizarre circumstances. The character played by Roberts required boldness coupled with womanly subtleties, and Julia showed the world that this was her piece of cake!

7. Mona Lisa Smile

In the times when Hollywood started appreciating Julia's presence in the commercial flick zone, the lady suddenly switched to playing a classy role of Katherine Ann Watson in Mona Lisa Smile. The film is all about a young art teacher mentoring her girl students to dare and dream outside of marriage and domestic bliss, a thought considered to be imprudent in the days of 1950s. Julia's remarkable screen presence elevated the character that she played. The film managed to cast an impression despite being labelled as 'a dramatic chick flick'.

8. Eat Pray Love

Perhaps the best of the old actresses in the recent times, Eat Pray Love released in 2010 saw Roberts play Elizabeth Gilbert, an author from New York who seeks answers to the questions on love, life and what lay beyond. Julia looked and played a woman of her age, still retaining the charm and casting that infectious imposition on her fans. This woman icon set yet another example of being a realistic feminine species in the most unreal of times.

Eat Pray Love, based on the novel with same title received great critical response the world over.


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