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Anime Father and Son

Updated on September 26, 2017

Rin and Shiro

Blue Exorcist

Although Shiro is not Rin's biological father he still loved like he was his own son. Although Rin didn't express his feelings to Shiro he still loved. Shiro is a really strong exorcist he achieved the rank of a paladin which is the highest rank you can obtain. That rank is also proves how strong he was. Rin Okumura is also a very strong guy. He uses as sword as his weapon. I don't think you can say he's an exorcist. But he has good fighting skills. As he was able to defeat many strong opponents for example Satan his real father.

Isshin and Ichigo Kurosaki


Both of them are Shinigami's. Isshin was the former captain of the 10th Squad and he was also the head of the Shiba Clan. He is a very strong shinigami as he was able to fight with Aizen on par and also with a flick of a finger he sent Aizen flying through buildings. Ichigo Kurosaki is the strongest Shinigami and I think there is no doubt about that. He has a hollow inside of him and he is also an quincy as his mother was a quincy. He also achieved his Bankai in three days. Both father and son have the ability to use Getsuga Tenshou. Isshin show his affection more to his daughters than to his son. Ichigo doesn't really express his feelings towards his father.

Vegeta and Trunks

Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta is a really tough as a father. He really is strict about training. As when when trunks was young he used to train him by fighting him. He wanted trunks to get stronger and stronger. Vegeta wanted Trunks to be stronger than Goten. Even in Dragon Ball Super when he was training Trunks he went Super Saiyan Blue. He beat trunks up. While training he shows no mercy but he still cares for Trunks although he doesn't show it. In Dragon Ball Z Vegeta used to take Trunks to the park. After their training together. Both of them are strong and powerful. Although it doesn't look like it but they do have a close bond with each other.

Goku and Gohan

Dragon Ball Z

Goku was very close to Gohan in his childhood. He named him after his grandpa. He and Piccolo taught Gohan how to fight and Goku also taught Gohan how to go Super Saiyan. Gohan also loved and respected Goku. As he fought against Vegeta to defend Goku's honour. He also defeated Cell. He was the youngest Super Saiyan before Goten. Gohan can also use the Kamehameha like Goku. He used it against Cell. When Goku was getting beaten up by Raditz he got so angry that his ki went so high and he headbutted Raditz in his stomach. Both of them are strong. Gohan loves Goku a lot. So does Goku. When Gohan was young goku used to take him everywhere he goes. Taking good care of him.

Goku and Goten

Dragon Ball Z

Goku didn't spend much time with Goten as he did with Gohan. Before Goten was born Goku had died. Goten was trained by Chi Chi and Gohan. He is the youngest Super Saiyan. He is also very strong. He was so happy to meet Goku. And Goku was also very happy. Goku taught Goten and Trunks how to fuse together. He also went Super Saiyan 3 for the both of them. Goten can also use the Kamehameha like his brother and father. He and Trunks fused together to fight buu and they also went Super Saiyan 3 while they were fused together. Both of them love each other. They both have a good connection and a very close bond.

Dragon and Luffy

One Piece

Luffy grew up not knowing who his father is or if he even had a father. Although Dragon left Luffy he still kept an eye on him for example when smoker had luffy down then Dragon came and saved him. Showing that he cares for Luffy and what's so ironic is that dragon saved luffy's sworn brother sabo. We know how strong luffy is he was able to defeat three warlords. But no one knows what are Dragon's abilities and how strong he is. There is a theory that he has the power to control the wind. Hopefully in the future we will see more of them together. And I hope we Se both of the fighting alongside each other. I hope they develop a close connection like all the other Father and Son relationship in other Anime's. I hope they have a close bond in the future.

Eren and Grisha

Attack on Titan

Eren is a titan and he also has the ability to control the all the other Titans which was given to him by his father Grisha who was formerly a titan before he let eren eat him. Grisha had a difficult past. He cared for his son. He trusted his son to control his titan power so he could save the world from the Marleys military. He is pretty strong as a titan. Even eren is strong without his titan power's. He graduated in the top ten of the army. His titan fighting skills are also good. He is good in hand to hand combat. Both of them are strong. Eren discovered abilities like hardening his skin which Anniesland did when she was a titan. If eren figures out how to fully use coordinate then he will be truly unstoppable.

Minato and Naruto

Naruto Shippuden

Minato and Naruto are one of the famous father and son duo. Naruto grew up not knowing who his parents were. Naruto's dream was to be a Hokage and he wanted to be a greater Hokage then the fourth. When he got older he found out his father was The Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. He also found out that his father and mother sacrificed themselves for him. Minato trusted Naruto to being capable of controlling the 9 tails fox so that's why he sealed half of the 9 tails in Naruto. Both of them can use the Rasengan a d both of them can go into the Kyuubi mode and both of them can summon toads and they can use Sage Mode. Both of are known as heroes throughout the village as Minato saved Konoha from the nine tail fox twice. Naruto saved Konoha from pain and he also stopped the 4th Great Ninja War. They have got one of the strongest Kages.

Naruto and Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

After Naruto became Hokage Boruto never got to spend much time with him since he is very busy. That's the reason Boruto hates the Hokage. He admires Sasuke and wants to be like him. He also asked Sasuke to train him. Boruto learnt the Rasengan from Konahamaru. Boruto wants to get Naruto's attention. He loves his father but he doesn't show it. He likes it when naruto's around. Naruto gets happy when he hears good things about Boruto. Naruto cares and loves his son. He wants to be around for Boruto because when he was young he had no parents and he knows the pain of that and he doesn't want Boruto to feel that pain. I hope we get to see more of the father and son duo.

Shiro save Rin from Astaroth

Isshin vs Aizen

Vegeta and Trunks training

Goku and Gohan training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Goten meeting Goku for the first time

Dragon sees Luffy's bounty

Grisha giving Eren the Titans power

Naruto and Minato vs Obito

Naruto saves Boruto

Honorable Mentions

There is a father son duo in Shaman King. Fir yoh to get stronger mikihisa orders people to attack yoh. He cares for his son and he wants his son to be Shaman King. Mikihisa is a strong guy. Yoh is also strong. Although we don't see any of the two showing love towards each other. There isn't much interaction between them. In Death Note there is also a father son duo although they don't have any special powers or any fighting abilities like the others. Soichiro Yagami is very proud of his son as Light is the college topper. He believes Light can never do anything wrong when L accuses Light od being Kira. Light cared fir hus father but after getting the Death Note his affection started to go away. When his father died he cried because then he forgot about the death note and all. He was the Light Yagami who cared for his father.

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