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Ten Band Names That Don't Live Up To Their Great Music

Updated on August 16, 2020

Linda Rondstadt, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris Made Trio


At least three groups have now used the name, a number quite appropriate under the circumstances. The newest musical three some to call themselves Trio released a debut album a few weeks ago, so they still have quite a way to go to match the success of their predecessors.

The first of those hit the charts back in the Eighties, when the single "Ah Ah Ah" made the Top Ten. A few years later another Trio emerged, but each member had already established legendary careers as solo artists.

Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Rondstadt joined forces, calling themselves Trio. Compared with their massive collection of work, the simple name does not seem to do the group justice.

Theirs is not the only popular band whose name belied its great sound, and here are ten examples. Somehow these groups rose to fame in spite of their mundane names.

1. The Band
Drummer Levon Helm and guitarist Robbie Robertson are the two most well-known among this quintet, who first gained notoriety while backing up Bob Dylan.

2. America
Ventura Highway, which they used as inspiration for a hit song, would have been a much better group name than the vague moniker that could refer to almost a third of the world's continents.

3. The The
Matt Johnson burst into the New Wave scene of the Eighties under this pseudonym, thus becoming one of the most difficult artists to locate on an internet search.

4. The Smiths
None of the four members had that last name, but its songwriting team of Johnny Marr and Morrissey created some of the most influential British music of the Eighties.

5. Girls
First off the members were all male, and making an internet search for them became even more difficult when their debut record was simply called Album.

6. The Cars
Ric Ocasek and his New Wave mates were much more creative at making pop gems like "All I Needed" and "You Might Think" than they were at coming up with a band name.

7. Live
Looking at the record it is impossible to know whether the first vowel is long or short, though neither one makes a worthy name for a talented band.

8. The Animals
Specifying the type of creature would have made this British Invasion group even more memorable, as something like the Ocelots or the Porcupines or the Ospreys.

9. Yes
No, this is not a profound name. Yes, they are a great band.

10. The Time
Morris Day and the Knights would have been a better idea for the makers of hits like "Jungle Love" and "The Bird", who spent weeks, months and years in both the pop and soul charts.


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