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Ten "Hero" Songs Worth Saluting With Your Ears

Updated on June 11, 2020

Foreigner Has What Is Probably The Most Unusual Hero Song


Our society switches heroes as frequently as Terry Francona switches pitchers, or so it seems. The Cleveland Indians skipper is renown for making calls to the bullpen, and his record shows that his strategy has worked for the most part.

As for society's turnover in what is called a hero, well, the verdict is still out on whether it can be called a success. Not long ago we ascribed heroism to police, firefighters and military personnel, even though all of those public servants receive salaries for their duties.

More recently during the pandemic, hero status has been given to those in the health care profession, as well as grocery workers, custodians and fast food employees. Many parents, having been forced to teach their kids at home, are now regarding educators as heroes as well.

No matter which groups emerge as the heroes of the month, there will always be songs that honor them in their titles. Here are ten of the best tunes that include some form of the word hero, excluding the one word singular in a song by the Foo Fighters and the plural that is the title track from a David Bowie album.

1. Too Late the Hero by John Entwistle
Speaking of title tracks, this one serves that very purpose for the first solo album of the bassist of the Who.

2. Juke Box Hero by Foreigner
4 had at least that many hits, including this Top Ten single.

3. Billy Don't Be a Hero by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods
She begged her fiance to not enlist, only to see her worst fear come true.

4. Wind Beneath My Wings (You Are My Hero) by Bette Midler
Thanks to its appearance in the Beaches soundtrack, this smash reached number one in 1989.

5. The Unsung Heroes by Kansas
The Prelude Implicit, from which this track emanates, highlighted the 2016 comeback of the hugely popular classic rock band.

6. No More Heroes by the Stranglers
Leon Trotsky and Sancho Panza are just two unlikely heroes mentioned in the title track from the punk rock quarter's second album.

7. Hero of the Day by Metallica
You can get a Load of this single on the group's 1996 album, which also spawned "Until It Sleeps."

8. Hero Takes a Fall by the Bangles
Not as well-known as "Walk Like an Egyptian" or "Manic Monday," this track still showcases the all-girl band's tight pop sound.

9. Working Class Hero by John Lennon
After the split of The Beatles, Lennon recorded this gem of acoustic venom about those folks who still believed in outdated institutions like school and military and church.

10. Hero Ground Zero by the Who
Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are the only surviving members, but they still managed to create in 2019 a self-titled studio album that beckons nearly phase of their six decades together.


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