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Ten Inch Hero Film Review

Updated on February 19, 2020
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Jennifer is a writer, editor, feminist, and Potterhead. She also loves her cat and studying cat behavior.

Ten Inch Hero
Ten Inch Hero
It truly is worth the price!

Film Review

David Mackay directs a wonderful comedy in Ten Inch Hero about some rather diverse characters who work in a sandwich bar called the Beach City Grill in Santa Cruz. The ten inch hero, the movie's namesake, is in fact the famous sub the sandwich bar is known for. (Thanks to Ralph Deeds for reminding me to mention this! =)). A hiring sign in the window reads, "Normal people need not apply" at the beginning of the movie.

You can READ!
You can READ!

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles plays Priestly, who portrays his disdain for the world through his many hair styles and his shirts, which say something equally sarcastic every day.

He continually shows off that he could not care any less about the world than he already does, but then he turns around and makes a comment that suggests this demeanor is nothing more than a cover for deeper feelings.

Elisabeth Harnois, a voice in the Disney film Mars Needs Moms, plays Piper. Piper is a college student who gave birth at 15, but due to having many siblings and a controlling mother, she was made to give her child up.

Piper has moved to Santa Cruz with the hopes of reuniting with her daughter and the family who adopted the girl.

Clea DuVall is Jen, a girl who struggles with her body image. Being uncomfortable with initiating a relationship with anybody in real life, she has taken that part of her life to the internet. She is "sort of" seeing a man over the internet who only goes by "Fuzzy22," but even though they have been talking for at least two years, they haven't met. Jen has yet to ask to meet him because she worries she will not be good enough.

John Doe plays Trucker, the almost eccentric owner of the Beach City Grill. A pacifist himself, Trucker has a huge crush on the hippie woman who owns the shop across the street. His innocent crush is adorable throughout the movie as he and Zo have small interactions that show just how socially awkward even adults can be. When it comes out that Trucker used to be in the military and is actually worried Zo will not like his past, the others working at the sandwich are given more of a glimpse to who Trucker is.

Save a Tree, eat beaver
Save a Tree, eat beaver

Lastly, former One Tree Hill star Danneel Ackles (then Daneel Harris, she married Jensen Ackles three years later) plays Tish, an overly horny girl who flirts with every man who comes into the sandwich bar, and sleeps with those who flirt back.

Even though she puts off this huge aura of self control and confidence, her multiple sexual partners are in fact the result of her deeper insecurities and fear of connecting with someone.

The movie starts with Piper, recently moved to Santa Cruz. She tells her future co-workers she "has family here." After acquiring a job at the Beach City Grill, she and the others bond over the many trials of everyday life.

Piper meets her daughter and the girl's father, Noah, but keeps her identity a secret. Jen and Fuzzy22 finally decide to meet, but Jen worries herself sick and eventually chickens out, standing the man up. Tish becomes bored and appalled by the men she dates and finds herself in an abusive relationship. Priestly tries again and again to open the girls' eyes to his presence and charm, and Trucker stresses over how to make progress with Zo.

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Together, this oddly meshed family help one another through life until everything comes together so happily that you can't help but feel it warm you up all the way to your heart. You will walk away with a pleasant buzz and the surety that everything will turn out okay.

Watch the trailer here!

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© 2011 Jennifer Kessner


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