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Ten Interesting Cartoon Network Characters

Updated on November 10, 2017

#10, Edward AKA Double D: There are a variety of personalities in Ed Edd n Eddy that greatly differ from one another, the cool as ice Nazz to the comic book loving nerd like Ed. Edd however has a rather diverse personality. Edd's parents are never seen throughout the series and while you may only see a body part or two of the others parents Edd's never show up. Out of everyone he is the smartest, able to speak in large words and create contraptions out of garbage that would make NASA jealous. He is a clean freak with OCD, he values his friends highly even though he does know many of the things they do are wrong. He is also a bit mysterious seeing as we never get to see what is under his hat, we have only gotten some speculation that it might be shocking or repulsive. Some say he might have cancer and is hiding it under his hat and some others say he is hiding an embarrassing haircut, whatever the case may be he is a beloved character.

#9, Grim: The depiction of death tends to be morbid, since it is a being who brings the souls of the dead to the afterlife it is easy to see why. Grim was beaten in a game of limbo, one could say he was cheated, so he has since been somewhat of a slave for an evil little girl and a idiot boy. Despite having the power to summon armies of the un-dead, grow in size and shoot fire from his eyes he still remains a puppet and plaything of Billy and Mandy. Throughout the show we see him in a garden, tending to some flowers and many things we wouldn't think a Grim Reaper would be associated with, perhaps the Reaper isn't all we think? He goes through rage, depression, confusion and sickness like the rest of us but it is strange to see that at times even though he claims to hate the two children he still aids them even when in danger.

#8, The Scotsman: Jack has gained many allies throughout his journey but not many are as re-memorable as The Scotsman. The Scotsman is a large man who carries a large sword, one of his legs is missing and in its place is part of a gun that he shoots in battle. The Scotsman is loud and proud, with a big love for fighting as he does for his friends and family. He has a wife with whom he has had an army of girls with, he has helped Samurai Jack a few times and has even helped him get his memory back once. Though he might not be the smartest he has become a big part of the show, especially in Season 5 when he helps against Aku, sort of.

#7, Garnet: Garnet is the leader of the Crystal Gems, she is a fusion of two smaller gems and isn't found out till later on in the show. Her personality is that of a commanding officer, she leads with authority but still has a kind side to her. Her weapon of choice is two large gauntlets, she seems to be a master of martial arts, Garnet cares much for her team and has done her best to lead. She usually comes off as a wall, she doesn't answer alot of questions and her tone of voice always seems to be very blank. She has had her moments where she is incredibly happy, one time being when her two halves were reunited together.

#6, Starfire: Starfire is a Tamaranean, an alien species that look much like a human but with some differences, such as the nine stomachs and the orange like skin. Starfire is a princess and a love interest of Robin, her personality in the show is that of a young child at times since much of Earths customs are new to her. She is very kind and loving even at times when such a thing shouldn't be used. She loves her friends very much but at times has issues due to how different her customs can be from a humans. While that is a problem she continues to go through life with a smile.

#5, Ben Ten: Benjamin Tennyson was your average kid till he found an alien watch capable of turning him into different aliens, he decided to become a superhero with his new found powers. Though just a kid he has been able to defeat some powerful enemies and foes, though it hasn't seen to help his ego. Ben has quite a large ego, even when helped he still believes he has won the day and will often talk down to his family at times. He is very cocky, though he is a kid one shouldn't be too cocky when going against forces who don't mind hurting a kid.

#4, Marceline: Marceline is the Vampire Queen, or so her name says anyways, we'll just go with it. Marceline is the half daughter/half demon/ all vampire of Hunson who is a powerful demon who rules the Adventure Time version of Hell. She first comes off as very evil, kicking the two hero's out of their home but eventually becomes a very close friend to the two. She is a rocker, constantly seen jamming on her bass or singing a tune, she can also fight when need be and even though she shows an aura of strength she does have some weakness.

#3, Bloo: Bloo is an imaginary friend and the creation of Mac, Bloo is a very manipulative person who while at times does show compassion for his friends does also use them for gain. He has a reputation for being a troublemaker and a bit of a nuisance so much to the point where Bendy another imaginary friend continued to frame him but even when Bloo proves himself guilty he still managed to cause a big mess in the end. He still stands up for Mac even though he likes to pick on him alot.

#2, Courage: Courage used to be a pup who was abandoned, but Muriel adopted him and she lives in the middle of nowhere, explains it all in the intro. Despite the name Courage is anything but brave, constantly getting scared by the simplest things and running off screaming. However when it comes to his owner in trouble even when scared he jumps to help, rushing through obstacles scared like a small child but doing anything to make sure his beloved Muriel stays safe and sound. Not so much for the husband Eustace who more often then not gets very hurt at the end of the episodes. Despite his fear of nearly anything Courage is a loyal dog and loving to his owner.

#1, Darwin: Darwin was once the pet fish of a young cat, cat man thing, whatever. Once he was accidentally flushed Darwin evolved just to return home, so much that he quickly grew a personality and was able to speak in full English. He tends to be the smarter of the two as well as a moral compass, often criticizing Gumball when he is acting selfish or about to do something bad. Despite all that he loves his brother deeply and has gone out of his way many times to help him, even though many times it has failed miserably.


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