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Ten Memorable Moments in Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen

Updated on February 18, 2019
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Non Stiiiiiick

Chef Ramsay endorses the Woll line of cookware and this is the official brand of cookware used in Hell's Kitchen. It is coated with a unique non-stick coating in order to reduce the use of oil and to make cooking easier.

As you could see in the show, each kitchen is fully stocked with more than enough cookware than they actually need. It is no excuse for chefs to use the wrong cookware.

By this time, Chef Ramsay has already filtered the chefs from two teams into a single team of only five members. This is supposed to be the best of the best so it triggers him for them to be making rookie mistakes.

In this particular junction, Sarah was struggling with scallops as they were overdone. The reason for this is because she was using an ordinary pan.

Gordon gets triggered and asks her to use a non-stick pan instead.

Recycling Food

We are all for recycling. After all, recycling non-renewable resources helps the environment.

However, food should not be recycled as the food may be already be contaminated with bacteria or may have already deteriorated.

Jen thinks they did not need the excess noodles she and Julia had so she ends up tossing them to the bin. It turns out that they needed them.

Jen did not apply common kitchen hygienic standards when she decided to wash pasta noodles she threw on top of the trash.She was thinking that by exposing the noodles to boiling water, it would sanitize the noodles.

It was a good thing Julia caught Jen and had the common sense to stop Jen from potentially food poisoning their guests.

Where's the Lamb Sauce?

This is a very popular scene in Hell's Kitchen and was turned into a meme.

Keith and Garrett were not communicating properly and were faltering in the homestretch where there were only a few tables left to serve.

Heather was trying to be a leader and trying to rally the blue team to complete the service. Garrett was thinking it was just Heather's way of showing off.

Ramsay was getting agitated that the lamb sauce was not there yet and repeatedly called for it.

As usual, Heather pulls through with the lamb sauce in order to push through with service completion.

Not Neil Patrick Harris

In the first season of Hell's Kitchen, Gordon got himself a motley crew of mostly amateur chefs. Trying to run two kitchens with such a band of misfits is a hefty task. This would stress anyone out.

Then, Gordon is approached by a poor man's version of Neil Patrick Harris. This guy has been waiting for his food and was getting impatient. He told Ramsay that he did not understand why it was so difficult to serve some people their food.Ramsay then chided the young lad for his arrogance and tells him to guess what is going on behind him. The young man tells Ramsay that he seems to be working with amateur sous chefs. Ramsay the cusses at him and tells him to sit down.

Throughout the many seasons of Hell's Kitchen, whether it be the US or UK version, Ramsay has always been upset whenever diners approached him at the pass. He would often have a verbal altercation with them and send them away.

Keeping Up with Kris Jenner

Even without her fame, Kris Jenner is a head turner.

Kris is the ex-wife of former O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian and of former Olympian Bruce Jenner.

She is the mother to reality stars Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner.

The Hell's Kitchen chefs could not help but be distracted by the charismatic Jenner.

Through the years, chefs in Hell's Kitchen have regularly been distracted by the many famous celebrities that have graced the restaurant.

Focus Challenge

Chef Ramsay loves to throw curve balls in his challenges. The challenge seemed simple enough. The chefs needed to create dumplings.

However, there were distractions such as drummers, Chippendale dancers, cymbal players, a ring girl and sumo wrestlers that sought to grab the chefs' attention and prevent them from completing their task.

While creating dumplings seem like a simple task, they need to be pleated properly so no air goes in or it ruins the dumpling.

Tinnely vs Ramsay

Chef Ramsay is one tough customer. He is very demanding and straightforward. Some think he is mean or abusive.

Some cried under Chef Ramsay's tough ways and some answered back. Never in our wildest dreams would we actually see someone come to blows with the Michelin Star chef.

The day finally came in Season 6 of the show when former marine Joseph Tinnely stepped unto the halls of the world famous restaurant.

Throughout the show, Tinnely acted like a hothead and acted as if he had some form of PTSD.

During elimination night, Chef Ramsay asked for two names for nomination and why. Tinnely then spewed some nonsense instead of answering the question properly. Gordon confronted him about it and Joseph challenged Ramsay to a fight outside.

Fortunately, security was quick to step in and prevent the fight from happening. Joseph then cusses at Ramsay and eliminates himself from the competition.

Jackie Struggles with French Fries

French fries are among the simplest foods to prepare and any chef worth his wage should be able to prepare the potato dish.

Enter Jackie.Jackie was lazy, had a poor attitude and was not a team player.

It was her job to cook simple fries and she ends up giving Chef Ramsay one and a half portions instead of two portions.

This is incompetence that is inexcusable for any chef.

Kirstin tries to save the situation by preparing more fries.

Are You a Doctor?

The second dinner service in Hell's Kitchen history appears to be doing down in flames and many of the customers are walking out. One table took matters into their own hands and order pizza.

The table rejoices as the pizzas arrive. Jean-Philippe approaches the table and told them that they could not do that. One of the customer got into a verbal altercation with the maitre’d. He even bragged that he had a doctorate in music from the University of Southern California. He then proceeded to belittle Jean-Philippe for his lack of higher education.

Elise Finally Gets Eliminated

Elise is one of the most hated chefs in the history of Hell's Kitchen. At first glance it is not obvious as Elise is beautiful, in great shape and is an excellent chef. She seems to be the complete package.

However, when you delve a little deeper, you can see that Elise is selfish and has very little in terms of leadership. She would bully and pick fights with her teammates. Her most notable adversary during the season was Carrie.

Every episode, fans would wait to see if Elise finally got eliminated. It is as if the producers of the show were trolling fans by not having Elise eliminated for the sake of drama and ratings.

Elise at long last gets eliminated but just before the finale.

Memorable Hell's Kitchen Moments

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