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Ten Reasons Why I Like The Voice Better Than American Idol

Updated on May 23, 2014

I Am A Fan Of Both Shows

I have been a fan of American Idol for about five years now, and I still am. However, a new show has crept in and stole my reality television heart. And it's called The Voice. Although I mean no disrespect for American Idol, I have to say I prefer The Voice now.

American Idol is now in its eleventh season. When it aired, there was nothing like it on television. Now, there are several similar shows including X-Factor, America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance: all shows based on the premise of finding a superstar from the ranks of the unknown.

Last year, The Voice burst on the scene, with a very similar premise: to find the one voice in America that everyone could listen to: a superstar in hiding. My first impression of the show was that it was confusing: what were battle rounds, and why did the judges sit in chairs away from the singers?

But from some coaching from my stepson, and a few more watches, I started to become a fan. This year, I try not to miss any of the shows. After careful reflection, these are ten reasons that I prefer The Voice over American Idol.

Adam Levine

Blake Shelton -- The Voice Coach

Blake Shelton at the 2010 Country Music Awards.
Blake Shelton at the 2010 Country Music Awards. | Source

Adam Levine -- The Voice Coach

Adam Levine at a press conference in Singapore.
Adam Levine at a press conference in Singapore. | Source

Why I Prefer The Voice Over American Idol

  1. Coaches instead of judges. There's a whole different dynamic when singers have a coach on their side rather than a judge. They have one person that is committed to their success and growth. Then, that person brings them into the competition and they've got their back! This brings a different dynamic to the show; it makes it less cut-throat and more nurturing.
  2. Blind Auditions. The whole show is called The Voice because it's based primarily on a person's voice and not their look, their "whole package." Therefore, the first contact the coaches have with the singer is through blind auditions, where they can sing, without being judged by how they look. This means that the focus really is on the singing, as it should be.
  3. Battle Rounds. The battle rounds, where two singers from the same team go head-to-head on the same song, are phenomenal. It is so interesting to hear two performers with different styles and strengths, sing the same song choice, together. There's something about duets that are very powerful, because there is so much room for interaction between the two singers. And because the competition is one-on-one, with one elimination, it brings out the very best in each singer.
  4. Older Crowd Allowed. American Idol's self-declared premise is to find a popstar under the age of 30. The Voice has a much wider range of potential winners. This year, we saw Kim Yarbrough go all the way to the quarter finals. She was a dymanic singer who wanted one more chance to gain world-wide attention at the age of 50 years old. Opening up the auditions to men and women of all ages gives a depth to the show that American Idol does not have. It's not just the young and the "hot": depth is recognized and encouraged.
  5. More Than Pop Music. American Idol is all about the pop music. The competitors do perform other styles during the competition but the goal is to find a pop star. The Voices's goal is to find a voice that is capable of doing a wide range of musical styles.
  6. A Country Influence. Now, both shows definitely have a connection to country music, and allow for some country to come through. In fact, last year it was Scottie McCreery, a cute little high-schooler, who became America's pop "idol" with his sweet country voice. The Voice's country roots, however, are much stronger with the inclusion of Blake Shelton as one of the judges. In what other show would you watch Blake Shelton and Christine Aguelera go head to head? They are polar opposites but on this show, they work together. And it works.
  7. The coaches are all current artists. The coaches are all current artists who have made it in the entertainment industry, and that adds a lot of credibility to the show. I confess that I had not heard of Adam Levine, or Cee-Lo but they are both very well-known and successful in their field.
  8. Quicker Eliminations. It's quicker and therefore more interesting. On American Idol, it's mostly one at a time. On The Voice, they eliminate half of all the teams in the battle rounds. Then, in the first live rounds, two from each team are gone! And the next week, they have quarter finals, where one team member is eliminated by their own coach on the singing night. The eliminations are mixed up and this helps to keep it more interesting.
  9. Friends and Family wait in the waiting room. This makes it more personal and again, nurturing. I love how the family and friends are waiting in the waiting room after they win, or lose, away from the crowds. I think there seems to be more involvement from the famiies of the singers all the way along.
  10. There's less hype. There just seems to be less hype on this show. American Idol draws out the eliminations so much, and it seems to be so much about the drama of elimination. But The Voice has less drama and less hype, which makes it, as Adam Levine says in his video above, "not like a reality T.V. show."

What Do You Think?

So, these are the reasons that I prefer The Voice over American Idol this year. What do you think of these two shows? Do you agree with my assessment?


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