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Ten Reasons "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" will be an Eternal Animated Classic

Updated on July 26, 2015

The History of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is viewed as a masterpiece by some and controversial by others. It was the first full length animated feature film, it made eight million dollars that was nearly unheard of during the end of the Great Depression, and it was given a standing ovation and instant praise as being one of the greatest achievements in cinema history. While comparing it to recent animation it holds it's own still to this day. Despite any controversy people hold against "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" it will remain an eternal classic in film history.

1.) Snow White was the first Animated Movie

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first ever feature length animated movie. It will always be down in history for this. It is interesting to note that even upon it's release it was adored by audiences who called it a classic the very year it came out. It made eight million dollars in 1937 which was an amazing feat, especially since it was during the end of the Great Depression that it came out. It gave movie goers an escape from their struggles. It gave them the chance to see a fairy tale come to life and sparked millions of imaginations forever.

2.) Snow White Works Hard for her Room and Board

This is something any one can relate to, and it will never go out of style to appreciate a character who works hard to hold their own. Snow White works hard when she lives with her evil stepmother and she works hard when she lives amongst the dwarfs.

3.) The Prince and Snow White are the most Romantic Disney Couple

The Prince and Snow White are one of the best romantic couples from Disney animated films. They aren't developed nearly as much as say Flynn and Rapunzel but there's something amazing between the two of them. I just love how the Prince when the Prince and Snow White meet each other through singing. It isn't like that happens in the real world, but it's just such a sweet scene. I know Sleeping Beauty had a similar scene too, but I think the Prince in Snow White just executed it a lot smoother. Philip kind of just snuck up on her in the middle of no where and started dancing with her.

When I saw "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" more recently with my daughter I realized that I wish they could have had more scenes with the two of them, so I made up in my head what the Prince was doing inbetween the time Snow White and him meet and the time they see each other again. I imagine that he tried to return to Snow White's castle and that when he realized Snow White was gone he went searching the kingdom for her.

It does make sense that they were only able to animate a few scenes with them based on only having enough money to cover scenes that were important to the plot. The original fairy tale of Snow White doesn't even have the Prince and Snow White meet until he wakes her up at the end, so I'm grateful Disney decided to have them meet before too. The also kind of leave it open on how much time could have passed between the Evil Queen realizing Snow White was more fair and when she decides to have the huntsman go kill her. This means time could have passed between, so the Prince could have had more time to visit Snow White and get to know her a little more before Snow White was forced to flee.

4.) Disney Was Nearly Broke Because He Put Everything into Snow White

It makes "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" seem like that much more of a success story because Walt Disney and Disney Pictures put all of their money into it. Walt said he wasn't too worried because he was convinced it would be a success, but his banker was terrified. Because Walt put everything into "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" it makes you just so happy that it was success.

5.) Snow White IS Pro Women Despite what some Feminists Say

As a woman who does identify as being feminist, it drives me nuts when people hate on Snow White. I kind of understand the hate for Aurora, but the hate for Snow White and Cinderella seems really ridiculous. I dislike that it's claimed the movies are sexist and that Snow White and Cinderella are somehow anti-feminist. Both Cinderella and Snow White work really hard to get by. They're both forced to endure difficult work for their step family. Snow White also flees the castle and continues to work hard for the dwarfs to cover her "rent" for living at their home. I also think it's unfair to question why Snow White didn't run away sooner, as if she had there was no promise she would find safety.

In the era "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" may have taken place women were forced to either marry someone or live with no way to own property or a business of their own. Women were not allowed to do business. If they wanted to work they were a maid or forced to become a whore. Snow White was safer staying at the castle even if it meant she was forced to become a maid. Once she realized her step mother literally wanted to murder her she does get the heck out of there.

Even through all the difficult scenarios she goes through Snow White also tries to see the positive side of everything. You only really see her weep when she's lost in the woods with the threat of almost being murdered still on her mind. It seemed understandable to me that she would cry at that point. I'm not sure what the preoccupation is with people downright hating on others who attempt to see the good in a situation even if everything is very bleak. Even if very uptight feminists or sexist men think Snow White is weak for trying to see the positive side of everything, I personally believe she is actually much stronger than a character who wallows in their pain all the time.

Oh, and the fact that Snow White wants to end up with her romantic Prince is another reason people throw mud at Snow White for not being pro women gets me irritated too. Think about it like this: both of your parents are dead, your only family is a wicked queen hell bent on murdering you, so you have no family who loves you. Someone as good hearted as Snow White is, likely misses having a family and being loved by people. Her desire for a family and to meet her Prince is her dream because she has no family. I think it's sweet that Snow White wants to have a family. As for people complaining about the "Someday my Prince Will Come" as being a poor representation to show young girls, as a young girl I remember thinking that song was about her Prince she had a crush on, but also that it was a hopeful song. It can be about being hopeful at finding your prince or the prince can be symbolic of anything you hope you will achieve someday, whether it's a job or a house or a trip to deepest darkest Peru.

As a feminist, I'll reiterate that Snow White is NOT destroying what it means to be a strong female. She's brave, hardworking, makes friends easily, keeps a positive attitude, and she's loyal to those she cares about.

6.) The Humor is Spot On Perfection

Even if it's an older movie the humor in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is still funny now. They didn't put any outdated popculture references into it. They just stuck to having silly characters. The dwarfs are hilarious when they are uncomfortable washing up for dinner at the request of Snow White. When they throw Grumpy into the trough and scrub him all over it makes just about anyone die of laughter. Even if he's grumpy, Grumpy never falls at being the funniest of the dwarfs aside from Dopey. Another good point with all the people complaining about how Snow White is anti-feminist is that grumpy is initially sexist but by the end of the movie he realizes the error of his mindset and loves Snow White just as much as the rest of the dwarfs do when they first meet her. While yes his character was sexist, it seems awesome that he grew out of it and realized Snow White was a good person he respected and cared for.

The animals are also hilarious in a way that never grows old. It's funny how they literally grab the dwarfs and drag them back home kicking and screaming when the evil queen poisoned Snow White. It's hilarious when they help Snow White clean and the chipmunk gets stuck in a cobweb. Or the time the turtle struggled up all the stairs, only to have all the animals knock him all the way back down.

7.) Snow White has one of the Greatest Villains Ever

People still quote the "quicked ween" the way Doc awkwardly flips around the wicked queen. She's vain, cold, cruel, and beautiful. She has power, magic, and a whole kingdom at her disposal. But all of those things just aren't enough for her. She wants to kill any threat to her being the most beautiful woman in the land.

I've read before that some people view the wicked queen as insulting to women aging. My take on the Evil Queen is to not be vain or cruel. She wasn't punished for disguising herself as an old woman. She was killed for being evil and for her vanity. The fact that she disguised herself as an old woman is irrelevant. The old woman disguise isn't telling kids to hate old women. It's telling them to be wary of strangers, because they could cause them harm. the audience is fully aware that the old crone is really the evil queen. Even though the magic mirror tells the queen that Snow White is more fair than she is, the evil queen isn't ugly. She's drawn somewhat like Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn. The reason why Snow White is more fair than she is, is because Snow White isn't vain, doesn't have any intent to kill anything, and she doesn't have an uber creepy dungeon for witchcraft. I could be wrong, but the implication I get is that the queen was just not as beautiful as Snow White because she had such ugly thoughts. The message I got out of the wicked queen was not to fear older women, but to fear people who have a huge ego problem.

8.) The Music is as Memorable as "The Wizard of Oz" Music

Sure, there's some of you that will tell me I'm wrong about "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" having comparable music to "The Wizard of Oz", but it's true! Everyone can sing that "Hi Ho!" song, Everyone knows the "Someday my Prince will Come" song! Heck even that "Whistle While You Work" song is a classic. These two movies also came out around the same time, so it makes sense that the songs are so memorable in both. The songwriters of the time were extremely gifted and there's no denying that both movies have songs that will be treasured forever.

9.) The Animation Holds It's Own

I watched "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with my sister when we were teenagers one time. We were just hanging out on a rainy day, and we both noticed how even though the movie is really really old the animation was still gorgeous even by today's animation. There's a lot of animation today that looks awful compared to "Snow White". It doesn't flow as well in many instances. "The Aristocats", "101 Dalmations" and "Robin Hood" are also Disney movies, but look atrociously sketched out. The lines are not smooth like "Snow White". Nickelodeon cartoons look horribly sketchy compared to "Snow White". It was just wonderfully animated and can definitely still looks fantastic even compared to more recent films.

10.) Snow White has Enchanted Audiences for 78 Years

It's been 78 years this year that "Snow White" has been around. And still people love this movie. There's no denying that it will be remembered as a beautiful work of art, a film masterpiece, and that it will go down in history as an important landmark in films.

What is your favorite version of Snow White?

What is your favorite version of Snow White?

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