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Ten Regional Bands That Rawk The Huntington WV Area

Updated on September 16, 2016

These are 10 of my favorite regional bands. I did not include bands who are more on the world stage like Bobaflex or Hydrogyn because I wanted to spotlight on up and comers that many area music fans have not been exposed to yet. Another of my favorite bands that I did not include because they relocated to Nashville is Coyotes In Boxes. These bands show the variety of talent and the talent of the music scene in Huntington.

1. Tyler Childers and The Food Stamps

This vocalist from Eastern Kentucky is going places! Currently touring all around the region and the area, Tyler is a brilliant lyricist who capitivates his listeners with entrancing stories.

2. Ona

With their modern roots rock and folk sound, Ona exploded onto the regional scene last year with their debut cd. They have an expanding fan base and have become a staple on college radio stations.

3. Jeff Ellis

Jeff Ellis has been one of the region's top performers and recording artists for years. Jeff is a brilliant singer/ songwriter in the mode of Bruce Springsteen. He has a voice that sounds like Tom Petty at times but he can write and sing everything from country to hard rock. Jeff should be successful in any genre he chooses.

4. William Matheny

5. Tim Browning and The Widowmakers

6. Qiet

7. The Horse Traders

8. Sly Roosevelt

9. Deadbeats and Barkers

10. Of The Dell


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