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Ten Signs That Your Boyfriend Might be a Caveman

Updated on March 28, 2010

Humorous signs that your boyfriend might be a caveman.

 Is your boyfriend lacking in manners?  Is he a little uncouth?  Here are ten signs that your boyfriend might be a caveman:

1.   Does your boyfriend always eat with his fingers?  Does he ever use a fork or spoon?

2.   Does your boyfriend guzzle down all his drinks?  Does he make loud sounds as he eats?

3.   Does your boyfriend ever say please or thank you?  Does he just grunt when he wants something?

4.   Does your boyfriend ever open the door for you?  Does he sometimes slams the door in your face?

5.   Does your boyfriend answer the phone politely?  Does he scream after he picks up the phone and says, “Hey babe, it’s your old man calling.”

6.   Does your boyfriend blow smoke in your face?  Does your boyfriend throw up on your new bed sheets?

7.   Does your boyfriend apologize when he has done something wrong?  Does he always put the blame on you?

8.   Does your boyfriend ask to borrow your car?  Does your boyfriend instead takes the keys out of your purse and dumps your purse on the floor?

9.   Does your boyfriend respect your privacy?  Does your boyfriend instead posts every intimate matter of your relationship online for everyone to see?

10. Does your boyfriend respect your intelligence?  Does your boyfriend instead calls you a bimbo and tries to make you out to be a real airhead.



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