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Ten Sitcom Characters Who Experience Bouts Of Sleepwalking

Updated on September 17, 2018

Sleepwalking Is Just One Of Many Disorders Viewers Could Find On This Classic Sitcom

Snoozing Is Dangerous On These Ten Sitcoms

As someone who is quite dedicated to fitness, I always kind of figured that sleepwalking might not be as undesirable as most other disorders. What could be so bad about getting some physical activity while at the same time getting well-needed sleep?

Obviously there would be possible dangers, such as falling down stairs or bumping into walls. In some extreme cases people have even been known to drive a car while experiencing about somnambulation, which would undoubtedly pose all sorts of risks.

As if those potential perils were not enough to make sleepwalking a frightening disorder, there is another characteristic that would be bound to scare anyone who was obsessed over fitness. Studies have concluded that many somnambulists actually suffer from sleep eating, often partaking of food while they are in slumber.

That statistic pretty much rules out the idea of sleepwalking being of benefit to one's fitness, since whatever calories were burned by the physical activity would inevitably be far less than those gained in whatever food was consumed.

It is probably not a coincidence, then, that food can affect sleepwalking, but most theories point out that excessive tiredness and heredity are more common factors leading to the condition. One memorable television sitcom, however, directly attributes a character's series of sleep walks to a particular food he ate for dinner the previous night.

That classic show is listed below, as well as nine other classic sitcoms that feature an episode win which a regular character suffers from sleepwalking.

Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple

The slovenly half of the title pair (portrayed by Jack Klugman) unknowingly assaults his finicky roommate while asleep, and his condition was brought on by suppressing his anger toward Felix (portrayed by Tony Randall).

Warren Ferguson in The Andy Griffith Show

The man who replaced Barney Fife as deputy sheriff in Mayberry (portrayed by Jack Burns) becomes a romance fanatic in his sleep, several consecutive nights attempting to seduce Sheriff Taylor's girl Helen Crump. The alleged cause was having viewed too many romantic films.

Gomer Pyle in Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.

Private Pyle (portrayed by Jim Nabors) unknowingly leaves his barracks at night to assault his favorite sergeant, Vince Carter (portrayed by Frank Sutton). Gomer's cases of sleepwalking, according to the writers of the series, was having eaten rabbit stew for dinner.

Skipper Jonas Grumby in Gilligan's Island

"Good Night, Sweet Skipper" features the portly captain (portrayed by Alan Hale) gaining the ability to fix a ship's engine only while he is asleep. Once awakened, the poor fellow cannot recall the knowledge.

Homer Simpson in The Simpsons

After baby Maggie is given a new squeaky toy instead of her pacifier, Homer cannot sleep. He takes some pills, which result in his sleepwalking through Springfield in an episode called "Crook and Ladder".

Barney Rubble in The Flintstones

Fred's neighbor and best friend becomes "The House Guest", who gets assaulted by the slumbering Flintstone after having eaten the last piece of cake.

Ed Norton on The Honeymooners

"The Sleepwalker" on this classic series is the plumber (portrayed by Art Carney) who lives next door to Ralph Kramden (portrayed by Jackie Gleason).

Doctor Bellows in I Dream Of Jeannie

Barbara Eden's title character, in an attempt to reverse a sleep spell her master is under, inadvertently makes the doctor a sleepwalker who is irresistible to women. The show is appropriately titled "Is There a Doctor In the House?".

Jack Tripper in Three's Company

Jack Tripper (portrayed by John Ritter) must sleep on the couch to accommodate Janet's little sister. During a stroll in his sleep, Jack unthinkingly returns to his bedroom where Janet believes he is trying to compromise her sibling.

Hal in Malcolm In the Middle

One can tell simply from the title that "Hal Sleepwalks", leading to all sorts of chaos for him and the rest of the cast.

Bev in Roseanne

"No Country For Old Women" is one of the episodes that make up the second incarnation of the series, which enjoyed just a short run because of recent political controversy.


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