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Ten Sitcom Episode Plots Based On Characters Needing Glasses

Updated on April 28, 2020

Gomez and Gang: A Fright For Sore Eyes


Everyone would agree that there is nothing funny about failing eyesight, one of the many drawbacks to getting older. Since turning fifty I have had to resort to using eyewear to read, and the range keeps growing as the vision goes down.

Somehow, though, our society has managed to incorporate the use of glasses into comedy, whether they be attached to fake moustaches or filled with crazy designs. Some of our most popular TV shows have induced laughs through the use of glasses, and here are ten examples of sitcom episodes when a character is recommended to wear spectacles.

1. The Flintstones
When Fred acquires the wrong glasses, he mistakes a baby chimp for Pebbles.

2. The Brady Bunch
Jan (portrayed by Eve Plumb), neglecting to use her new eyewear, accidentally crashes into the anniversary family picture being stored in the garage.

3. Seinfeld
In one episode George Costanza (portrayed by Jason Alexander) decided new specs might change his image, and in a later show Jerry wears lenses that disable his vision in order to appease Lloyd Braun.

4. Married with Children
The entire Bundy household is convinced that Al (portrayed by Ed O' Neill) needs to start wearing glasses, but the aging shoe salesman remains steadfast against the idea.

5. The Office
Having misplaced her contact lenses, Dunder Mifflin secretary Pam Beasley (portrayed by Jenna Fischer) must resort to getting heckled about showing up for work in spectacles.

6. The Simpsons
Even though the episode is titled "The Last Temptation Of Homer," it is Bart who must risk looking like a nerd by wearing glasses.

7. Full House

In "Stephanie Gets Framed" the middle Tanner daughter is devastated when told she needs glasses, rebelling against the idea much the way the middle Brady had done the decade before.

8. Happy Days
Arthur Fonzarelli, or The Fonz, (portrayed by Henry Winkler) worries his tough guy image will be compromised when the optometrist recommends he wear some reading glasses, hence the title "A Sight For Sore Eyes."

9. All in the Family
All the signs are there that he is aging, but as part of his denial Archie Bunker (portrayed by Carroll O' Conner) refuses to wear the spectacles provided for him.

10. The Addams Family
Morticia (portrayed by Carolyn Jones) suggests that Granny get some glasses, but when the old woman puts on the wrong pair she accidentally makes their helping Hand into "Little Big Thing."


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