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Ten Sitcom Episodes About Underage Characters Taking Up Smoking

Updated on August 25, 2020

Smoking Is the Answer to Arnold's Signature Question "What Are You Talking About"


Smoking, as the Surgeon General has been warning us for five decades now, is certainly hazardous to your health. It is extra dangerous for underage folks, some of whom still light up on the claim that it makes them look cool.

As bad as the habit is for adolescents, smoking has been used as the center of numerous sitcoms throughout the years. Here are ten classic shows which feature an episode involving kids and smoking.

  1. Different Strokes

    Arnold (portrayed by Gary Coleman) and his buddy Dudley decide to try cigarettes in “Where There's Smoke” only to have Mr. Drummond point out the dangers of the habit.

  2. The Brady Bunch

    Greg (portrayed by Barry Wlliams) is observed by his sister as he takes a puff so, when a pack of cigs is found in his school jacket, Mike and Carol think he has become an addict.

  3. Full House

    In an attempt to make “Fast Friends” with a new group of girls, Stephanie (portrayed by Jodie Sweetin) bows to peer pressure and lights up.

  4. Roseanne

    It could have been called David and Mary Jane, since “Stash From the Past” revolves around the title character finding pot in her son's room.

  5. The Cosby Show

    While Theo (portrayed by Michael Jamal Warner) is left in charge at home, he discovers cigarette smoke emanating from sister Vanessa's room in an episode titled “Calling Dr. Huxtable.”

  6. Saved By The Bell

    In the revived series episode called “No Smoking” Lindsay decides to light up while in the mall, a habit which Rachel is right then trying to kick.

  7. Facts of Life

    “Dope” happens to be the main object that brings together the new group of Blair (portrayed by Lisa Welchel), who gets caught by Tootsie.

  8. The Wonder Years

    While vacationing at “The Lake” Kevin (portrayed by Fred Savage) falls in love with a girl whom seems to have a lot in common with, except for her habit of chain smoking.

  9. Happy Days

    Joanie (portrayed by Erin Moran) soon find out “Smokin' Ain't Cool” after she is drawn to the coveted girl click known as The Magnets.

  10. South Park

    After an anti-smoking group advocates the students to “Butt Out” the boys, who had hitherto given no thought to the habit, start inhaling cancer sticks.


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