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Teresa Guidice: Victim or Villain? The Gorga Saga!~

Updated on August 19, 2012

Smart Cookie or Oreo

Reality Star
Reality Star

Going through vs. Fuel to Fire

If you are follower of the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo, you are no stranger to cat fights, bullying, name calling, name dropping, and name brand clothes. Some critics have said, the women of the housewives spend more time shopping and beautifying themselves than they actually do on being a real housewife and taking care of their home and family. May they are right or maybe not. Reality television only shows us an edited and finished product and doesn't account for a huge part of their life as it does their public persona. So each season as we tune in, we look to see who’s going to be the predictable villain. (It's a tough job, but for ratings, somebody has to do it.)

From Seasons 1 and 2 there was Danielle. We knew she was crazy by her threat and innuendos, but we also understood she wanted to be accepted and wasn't. (Cause she was a true threat for real, we are talking in her own words, "Men with Guns!") She was a villain for real. (Just kidding) We knew she had grown up not knowing her mom, but her behavior was less than inexcusable. So when she didn't come back for the third season, we all wondered who would be the villain. Dom Dom Dom! Now entering the picture is the infamous, baby christening fight! Yes, baby christening fight, the show is outlandish. I warned you.

Christening Brawl

Poor baby brother or Cain's come for revenge

Joey Gorga, Teresa's only brother
Joey Gorga, Teresa's only brother

Holy Oil or Crisco Oil

This christening contained the most shocking language, shocking fights, hair pulling, slapping, punching, women being thrown, etc. So here's the skinny, Teresa goes up to congratulate her brother (The nerve of her interrupting him as he was leading a group discussion about her behind her back and she pops up.) I am not sure if he was truly mad at her for interrupting him or because of something deeper?

Next we know he tells her, "Walk the *%$^ away Teresa like you always do." She says, "Excuse me." Blah blah blah he calls her garbage and let the fighting commence. I guess cursing out your sister and calling her garbage and bamming on a table, didn't sit well with her husband. To was going to defend his wife, then everything was flying people, (I mean literally launching their bodies), fists were flying, somehow neither man got hit, just every other man in the room. Seriously, so it is made clear from the christening that Bravo has decided to turn sweet, dense, loveable Jersey girl Teresa, into the villain and they have hired her first cousin and her sister-in-law to do it, basically airing out all of the family's dirty laundry.

To see baby brother Joey yelling at his gravely sick father over non-sense, while he was having problems breathing was disgusting. I heard him whine in English and Italian what a selfish little man, I thought. So we spend all season with the FAMILY vs. Teresa. The family wants to be in with Teresa's friends, so that they can sway them. What happens? They fold like laundry chairs. So by the Reunion Show Teresa's allies are down to one Dina and she is not the show anymore.

Hit or Miss

Would you kiss up to your brother's wife and take abuse from her just to keep the peace?

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Family or Strangers

Family Crisis

Can the relationship be saved?

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New Fight, new nights

Bravo, did the strangest thing, they decided to milk that cow till it was dry. So when they did the reunion it was tapped in the middle of the fighting from the next season. Huh? Yes, couldn't let them reconcile in the meanwhile that's a no no. At the reunion we see a clear case of adult bullying everybody against Teresa.

She held her ground, and then they tried to say she was in defense mode. What other mode should she be in, when every other word is an attack on her. I like that about her, that no matter what they said she didn't allow it to break her. So this season everybody is pretending to be cool with Teresa and literally having panel discussions about her. Can you say two faced? The woman has faced bankruptcy head on; she is paying back her debt as hard as she can. She has been on Celebrity Apprentice and did quite well. She has published three books to date. She has a new wine and make-up line.

While her cast mates have tried to publish successful cook books, but failed. They have tried radio and failed. Her sister-in-law wants to be a singer without talent or training, just auto tune. (Go ahead shoot for the stars.) Her cousin is starting a new catering company. For her sister-in-law and cousin, no one would know who you are if you weren't Teresa's cousin and in-law and if she hadn't broke into Bravo neither would you. So they have tried to act as if they are all perfect creatures and Teresa is crazy. We see how well Melissa is at story spinning, the girl is talented. Her cousin, queen of the middle, with a crazy psychotic husband to match. If your family drama was unexpectedly center stage, what would you do? If you knew they were setting out to set you up, would you leave? Can the relationship between brother and sister be salvaged? Weigh in.


Who is right?

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Ironic Melissa Gorga's song: Has Teresa being on Display hurt or helped her finances

Weigh in on Teresa!

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    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Ah that makes more sense. I didn't understand why she was sent away. However, when she missed her flight all I could think was this girl is hopeless, but she knows how to play the game.

      When it comes to Lauren I totally don't get the issue. Yeah ok so she's overweight. If she really wanted to do something about it, she would. It's not rocket science! It's simply a case of calories in should be less than calories used in a day. Yes I see her eating healthily. Yes I see her eating less. However, I really think her issue is lack of exercise. If she did more exercise and regularly the weight would fall off quicker and more easily. I know when I get motivated to lose weight I lose it! Yet there are other times when I look at myself and say I should lose weight... but I'm not ready to put in the work. But you wouldn;t catch me whining about it to my family and trying to make them feel sorry for me. I guess it just wouldn't fly with my family. I think they would look at me like I'm crazy cause they know what you have to do to have a healthy body and they know that it's purely simple maths.

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I know what you mean. I was never a fan of Ashley's/Ashlee's behavior, but I thought they were enablers and couldn't stick to any punishment. I thought that Caroline and Chris many times were out of line with some of their statements about Ashley. Caroline acts as if she is some mother saint and she can't even muster the courage to accept her daughter for who she is and love her no matter her size. She seems clueless as to where the insecurities of Lauren come from the lack of faith on the part of her parents. I think Ashley is hip to Jacqueline's game. Jacqueline talks a good game, but she seemed to undermind everything Ashley tried to do, showing up on her daughters job, unprofessional. It seems Jacqueline throws these tantrums to get her way the same way she did with Ashley and Teresa. Maybe she feels robbed of a childhood and is stuck in puberty. It's ridiculous that Caroline's kids (who are doing nothing also, but taking free trips, etc.) have so much crap to talk about Ashley and Jacqueline sits there as they bash her daughter. She sent Ashley off so she could prove a point to Ashley's dad, not for Ashley to receive any type of help. I think they are still funding Ashley, but want to cry, I always hated when people talk out of both sides of their mouth.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Yeah I hear you, plus Jacqueline really shouldn't be throwing stones right now... She should be dealing with her troublesome daughter. I realize she has tried to but I feel like she's messed that situation up so much. Her and Chris kept rewarding Askley and her bad behaviour. They gave her 2 cars!! Come on what were they thinking. I just see that story ending in disaster.

      It would be simple to sort Ashley out. Some tough love, withdraw any and all financial support and make her fend for herself where you can keep an eye on the situation. I really don't get how sending her away was ever gonna fix her. I also don't understand how she's able to get tattoo's and botox and pump up her lips etc. They must still be funding her bad behaviour because that girl would never be able to hold down a job. I don't even think she knows what one actually is. They created a monster and now seem to think it's someone else's responsibility to fix it. Life doesn't work that way.

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @Lauryallan, thanks, I love those jersey wives, its sad that they have taken this route with Teresa's character. With that latest stunt Jacqueline pulled I felt so bad for Teresa it was an obvious setup. Jacqueline called it an intervention, maybe they should google that word, sounds more like an ambush. Jacqueline has had so many friend casualities its ridiculous. Teresa, Danielle, Kim G, Dina, etc. Wonder who will be here friend casuality next season. TBH, I think she should fall back from the show and get help that behavior she displayed at Melissa's party was creepy and she appeared unstable before she even took a drink. When someone says, "I'm going to distance myself from you and your family." Why would she think you would grab her and hug her. Caroline and Jacqueline need the boot they are boring, bully, troublemakers. Since when does Teresa have to share anything with Jacqueline.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Love your hub! This is the only RHO... franchise I watch because of the ridiculous storylines and fights.

      Loved the way you laid out the story of Teresa and her brother and the family fights. Gotta agree with you on the whole Melissa stance. She comes over as innocent but she's really not. And you are right, her song is another dig at Teresa (and the song sucks). She should thank god for the auto tuner because without it the song would be even worse.

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks you support has always meant the most to me and i love you so very much.

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks Sherry I look forward to reading you!

    • sherrymaria profile image

      sherrymaria 6 years ago

      You are a hoot brittvan22 and fun to read!


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