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Terminator Genisys review

Updated on June 30, 2015

Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, action film, science fiction, movie review, 2015 film

My summary: In the beginning we are looking at John Connor and Kyle Reese stop Skynet and decide to send back Reese. Once there Reese meets a Sarah Connor he was not expecting. So (this was in an interview Clarke gave so no spoiler) it turns out the Terminators from the future sent a terminator to kill Sarah's parents when she was 9 but the Guardian was sent as well. So she has been training and preparing for Reese's arrival. Once Reese comes he meets the two and they eventually decide to use a time machine to jump to 2017 (don't remember why). There they find Skynet had infected John Connor and he is now going to protect the machine that becomes the system that controls all the Terminators. It's a race against time and people to stop Judgement Day from happening.

The Good: Before I start there are two things that you need to leave at the door: comparisons to the original series and the timeline. The Sarah Connor played by the up and coming Emilia Clarke is a badass with an attitude. Since she grew up with the guardian (the Terminator) their relationship in the film is very much a father-daughter relationship. It is perfected with such accuracy I found it rather cute than funny. Sarah has been raised basically by a robot and as you can remember from the second Terminator it can learn. So you start to see the machine act and sound like a father figure to her. Most of it is comical but some moments are actually quite touching. I was surprised how effective an expressionless machine cause generate empathy. Now of course you can't have a Terminator movie without the great Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to the role he was born to play. He has the solid expressionless acting abilities to keep one of the move beloved film icons alive. It is such a joy to see him back doing what he does in the film. Now let's move on to the part that will probably get underrated which is the Cinematography. All the scenes are lit perfectly in the right tone adding to the dark atmosphere of the film. Every scene does not look the same as the last like Jurassic World did. The story actually kept me interested in what was happening. I had an absolute blast watching it. The action is top notch with decent effects and awesome practical effects like the bus flipping over. Most of the time is spent with the characters battling the confusing future and Sarah and Kyle interacting so much differently than before. It is a new look at their relationship considering Sarah already knows she needs to fall in love with him and have his baby while Kyle is wondering what the hell he got himself into. There are moment of just comedic gold. This film may not have as strong of a heart as T2 but it sure as hell gets you emotionally engaged.

The Bad: Do not go in if you are a diehard T2 fan because you will be disappointed. The special effects are not very well made because they look easily fake. I kind of wanted more progression with the relationship between Sarah and Kyle. Honestly, I think the Guardian's relationship with Sarah is more developed. The timeline is very confusing at times. JK Simmons stars in the film and so does Lee Byung-hun but they are wasted.

Verdict: Badass

Don't believe what the critics are saying. Go in without T2 resistance and you can expect to have an awesome time. I got more out of the film than I expected and that is more than enough for me. This is one of the first great movies I saw this year and I think Star Wars is going to have a hard time topping this. Obviously it isn't anywhere near T2 or a perfect movie but it does a lot more than what one should expect for a movie like it. The characters are likable, the storyline is engaging, and the comedy is everywhere. It even has heart and that's something that many films have failed to do this year. So again don't believe anything the critics tell you. Just go see it with no expectations and sit back to have a fun ride.


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    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      3 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I'll probably see this anyway. I enjoyed your review.


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