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Terminator Salvation Review

Updated on June 22, 2009

Terminator Salvation Review

As a fan of Terminator for years, days ago I finally got the chance of watching the Termination Salvation in the movies with my wife Angela. Of course, in order to have the best visual & audio experience, I went to the best movie theater in my city. Wow! That’s magnificent! You’ll love it. It’s been years that I haven’t got that kinda feeling since the Matrix Triology. That’s why I wrote this Terminator Salvation Review to feed you.

Welcome to the Future, the year 2018.

Terminator Salvation Review
Terminator Salvation Review
Terminator Salvation
Terminator Salvation

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The Post-Apocalyptic World

We finally see what the post-apocalyptic future world looks like in a full view in this movie. Ruins, merciless machines and helpless resistants. John Connor as the supreme spiritual leader of the resistance, is not what has been described in Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, a lonely, prudent man, with mere physical touch with other resistants. Actually, he is a man, real man, cherishing people's lives, holding a belief that the only thing that makes a difference between humans and machines is love.

Christian Bale as John Connor
Christian Bale as John Connor

About John Connor in Terminator Salvation

It's good to see Christian Bale stars John Connor. I like his former performances in the Machinist and the Prestige. In this movie, he's leading his soldiers against the skynet in the future year 2018. His behavior seems not qualified as a leader against the machine monsters, I mean, too passionate, too risky, not prudent enough as the generals of the resistance. Probably God wiil be protecting him until he finishes his mission, terminating the Skynet. At least, the movie script writer would like to make it that way.

Sam Worthington As Marcus
Sam Worthington As Marcus

Marcus —— A Real Hero in Terminator Salvation

Marcus is an infiltrator created by Skynet with a human brain and heart. While, Marcus has his own mind:He is a human! He successfully helped John destroy Skynet's factory and sacrificed his hybrid life to save John's life.

What is the essential feature of Human? Humanity, love. Marcus is a human.

What if the same thing happens on you? You thought you were a human, while actually you have a metal body. That's really shocking. As long as we have love in our soul, we are humans.

God Loves love. God likes we humans love love.

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Will Artificial Intelligence come into existence?
Will Artificial Intelligence come into existence?

Will Artificial Intelligence come into existence?

 Coming Up Tomorrow!

Let's Discuz it.

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    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      You get it. I'm lovin' this movie. It's the first time we are put in into the future battle field. That feels good.

      I watched it in a 5-diamond movie theater a month ago. That feels good.

    • profile image

      introspective 8 years ago

      Terminator Salvation is a very good movie. It is obvious that even without Schwarzenegger the movie can be good. The action scenes are top-notch.