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Terminator Genisys Review/spoilersduh

Updated on July 13, 2015
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I am currently an English Major in hopes to become one of the great writers of all time.

Terminator Genisys Movie Poster

Terminator Genisys Trailer

Summary of Genisys

Finally, I saw the fifth installment of the Terminator series. All I must say is amazing!

The film opens with John Connor (Jason Clarke) and Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) fighting to defeat Skynet and the Machines. As they fight deeper, they discover the magnetic time force that brings Reese to Sarah Conner in May of 1984. We see the first Terminator get sent back to '84, and soon, Reese, unknowing that John is his son, volunteers as the person to go and save Sarah Conner. As Reese gets into the time machine and begins the process to be sent to 1984, John is attacked by Alex (Matt Smith). That was when he knew something was wrong.

May. 1984. The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) arrives as in the first movie, demanding clothes, but he is fought by another Terminator but is killed by Sarah Conner (Emilia Clarke). Through the basic beginning of the first Terminator, the new Sarah Connor saves Reese with the iconic line "Come with me if you want to live." In the process of going to 1984, Reese has alternate memories unlike those from Judgement Day when he was born and lived. One memory was of Genisys, the program that would start the entire Skynet program that would elliminate the race of mankind. He knows that he must destroy Genisys to end Judgement Day.

Instead of going to 1997, the Day of Judgement, Conner and Reese, after having Pops (the good Terminator and who was sent to protect Sarah Connor) send them to 2017, are picked up by the police, and the one policeman that Reese saves in '84, O'Brien (J.K. Simmons) begins to figure out there is a connection between '84 and '17. In the Hospital, John comes to save his mother and father. Soon Pops comes to rescue the duo, and he proceeds to shoot and attempt to kill John Connor. Through confusion, John Connor revives as a humaniod machine, and it is under John Connor that the fate of Skynet and the Machines lay.

After rushing chases and thrilling fights, Sarah Connor, Reese, and Pops make it to Cyberdyne Systems Cooperation. They infiltrate the building to end the Machine life and possible defeat of humankind, and of course, as all heroes do in movies, they defeat the future Skynet.... or had they?

The film ends with Sarah Connor having a choice with her life instead of having someone tell her how her life should be. She falls in love with Reese. Happy ending, right? Wrong! The film ends with an Easter egg that shows promise for a sequel to Genisys. Possibly titled Terminator Revelations?

Medieval Bible

Genisys or Genesis?

So the entire point of this film was to, hopefully, end this amazing but terrifying story. But really the Easter egg doesn't give promise to this, but it might promise us a sequel in the next year or so. That being said, it was an overall good film and would love to recommend it to anyone who just happens to like the franchise.

The whole idea of time travel is relevant in this film, and it still confuses me every time I watch this saga. But Genisys does rule out the fourth movie in its entirety. Clearly Christian Bale was not a good enough John Connor, and Kyle Reese already knowing he was the father of John Connor makes it a no-no. The time traveling is answered in this film of where and how they arrived in L.A. in 1984.

This being said, we must first look into the title of the film: Genisys. Genesis is of course Hebrew for beginning. This story does give us a beginning, but it also means the other films did not occur. If they didn't occur, wouldn't that mean that they were just a waste of money (not forgetting shelf space) and time? But there is a lot of biblical references within the film that many might have overlooked in watching.

In order to time travel, one must become naked before traveling. The point where Sarah Connor and Reese must travel to 2017, they become naked and are landed in a new world, much like that of Adam and Eve. John, however, is both Satan and Jesus. Firstly, he's evil, but he must in turn die to save humanity. Without him, the plan would have been void and we wouldn't have the films that we have today. Alex, the Matt Smith character, is also much like Satan, trying to rid the world of good and taking what he believes to be his as his own. The biblical references are a little harder to find, but the most prominent to find would be when Sarah and Reese are naked and travel though the time machine to get to the year of 2017.Their "Forbidden Fruit" and fall from "Grace" would be their son, the newly regenerated John Connor, who is now part machine and must carry out the Fate of Skynet/Cyberdyne.

I also think that the title is fitting because of the fact that Genesis means beginning, but in all retrospect, this doesn't happen. It really isn't the beginning of the story we all know. We all know that Sarah and Reese must have John who is to save the people from the Machines, but with the new story, it is Sarah and Reese who must save the world, which is fine with me. It is a different take on the original story, and one that does the series justice... unlike Salvation, which bored me to death.

The double meaning of the title was clever. Also, the creators changing the spelling of the word Genesis was also clever, giving the viewer the knowledge that this was not the beginning of the Terminator story but a slight deviation of it.


The Doctor and his Companion

Dany and Drogon

J. Jonah Jameson

John and Jack McClean

George Wilson, the mechanic

I'll Be Back!

Dany? The Doctor? Jack McClean? Mr. Jameson? George Wilson?

I know how important it is for filmmakers to find the most suitable actors to portray the characters they have created. And for this film, I believe they did a pretty well job of casting whom they cast. And while sitting, waiting for the film to start, and watching the new trailers, I knew exactly why they were showing the films they were. As soon as I saw Peter Dinklage and Aidan Gillen, I knew Ms. Emilia Clarke had to be performing especially well in this film. She did not disappoint; although many believe that she was too emotional to be Sarah Connor, I thought she did justice to the character and made her more human.

Emilia Clarke, the amazing actress who portrays Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, is stunning in Genisys. Her British accent is almost completely obliterated by her American one. Though the pretty, young woman should not be shooting guns, she was clearly afraid of firing guns when it came time to save Reese's life. Overall, her performance was exceptional.

Matt Smith, whom everyone knows from the BBC show Doctor Who because "Bow ties are cool," is not shown as often as I would have hoped. His performance was very good. I think, as all actors think, portraying the villain always makes a better actor. I believe that Smith had an excellent time being the underlying villain. He was creepy and terrifying, just a great performance.

Jai Courtney, from the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise, as Kyle Reese was pretty good. I really didn't enjoy the performance of the first Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn); although, Reese isn't really a character that I enjoy period. He has a certain flaw that really irks me. The whole point of the character is for Sarah Connor to "mate" with him in order to produce John Connor. If he didn't go back to 1984, John would never be born and this whole mess of John really becoming a Machine and the world being taken over by the Machines never happen. Jai as Reese does an excellent job of a character development, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He has already fallen in love with Sarah and must make her fall in love with him. By the end of the film, he has completed his mission.

The wonderful J. K. Simmons portrays O'Brien, a new-to-the-job-cop in 1984 who begins to arrest Reese for the theft of the homeless man's pants but is completely changed by the fact that they are being chased by the T-1000 and is saved by Sarah Connor. I mean, what more can I say about Simmons? He's brilliant in whatever he plays. I grew up with him in Spider-Man, and boy, does he not disappoint in this film! He was great.

Jason Clarke, who is no relation to Emilia Clarke, portrays John Connor, the one character that is the overall protagonist in this series, and he is the one to have four different actors to portray the character also. In 1991, the adorable Edward Furlong (American History X) first portrayed the troubled John Connor in the terrifying Terminator 2: Judgement Day. In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), Nick Stahl (from the 1995 Disney film Tall Tale) performs not such a great Connor. He was slightly disappointing; the casting directors should have recast Furlong because he would have been at the right age. The one film that should have never been made, the 2009 Terminator Salvation has Christian Bale star as the infamous/famous John Connor. Out of all these critically acclaimed actors, I find only Furlong and Clarke to be the real John Connors. The twist in the plot of having John being a Machine was quite excellent, and I embraced every part of the character. He did an excellent job of being both hero and anti-hero.

Of course, you cannot have a Terminator film without Schwarzenegger! (Possibly why I didn't like the fourth film) I believe that this is one of Arnold's best films. He created the Terminator character, and I believe that he felt comfortable with this film. And it couldn't be a trademark film without the classic quote: "I'll be back." I loved Schwarzenegger!

The casting was excellent. Good job, Ronna Kress!

Favorite Terminator Film

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The Theme of Genisys

So while watching this film, there was an underlying theme. It is frightening to think, but if the meaning is what I believe it to be, then I think we should all be worried. Genisys is a computer program that connects everyone to everything. Your phone, iPad, computer, bank account, everything is connected online. Genisys connects all these things into one program. It seems very relevant for our culture. Everyone is connected by screen, and the thought is very scary. What if the Machines are really coming? What if the John Connor story is true? What if we really will have a war between humanity and the Machines?

Maybe we should put down our phones, iPads, and electronics for a while, and really enjoy our humanness. The film was good, almost worth the $12 to go see again. Two thumbs up!

My Rating of Terminator Genisys

5 stars for Terminator Genisys


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