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Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 3 (Instinct) Review

Updated on December 26, 2011

This episode is the third one in the season because the first episode Genesis was already considered to be made of two episodes. Pterosaurs and Dr. Malcom are introduced in this thrilling episode.

A supply party failed to return after an unknown species of flying dinosaurs on the loose just killed them. The tires of the supply team's armored vehicle or rover are not tough enough though they have technology from a distant future as far as 2149. Why still have those fragile rubber tires? In real life, engineers are designing tires that can inflate themselves. The pterosaurs aren't so big and they look much like bats. They seem to be like the babies of the Pterosaurs in Jurassic Park. The Terra Nova series has only featured small carnivorous dinosaurs. They are aren't so scary.

Those in Terra Nova thought their men were attacked by Sixers where in fact it was pterosaurs that killed them.

The pterosaurs are provoked by Josh who unwittingly threw a pebble to them. These little guys may be small but they are deadlier than they appear. The special effects team did a great job in animating these creatures. The pterosaur threatening Zoe the little girl hiding under the table is impressive. It's just like a scene in Jurassic Park in the raptor scene where some kids hid in the kitchen. In the next few days, more and more pterosaurs are arriving at Terra Nova and attacked the people. The people only suffered minor injuries and no casualties. Thousands of pterosaurs have only inflicted minor injuries, but how about the few pterosaurs that killed three men from the supply party?

A pterosaur threatening Zoe
A pterosaur threatening Zoe

There's this guy named Dr. Malcolm Wallace from the Fifth Pilgrimage and he has a love interest on Elizabeth. He seems to be surprised to see Elizabeth, Jim's wife. He might have recruited her to Terra Nova while her husband is still in jail. It's unfortunate for Malcolm because Jim made it to Terra Nova. Malcom thought he can now have Elizabeth. Too bad, Malcom! Elizabeth is already married to Jim. Why still pursue Elizabeth?

Dr. Malcom Wallace, Chief Operations Scientist of Terra Nova
Dr. Malcom Wallace, Chief Operations Scientist of Terra Nova

Taylor told Jim that it was Malcom himself who recommended Elizabeth to be recruited to Terra Nova.

Terra Nova is now revealed to be breeding ground of Pterosaurs. More and more pterosaurs are arriving at Terra Nova. Elisabeth and Malcolm are working on a pheromone to lure the pretosaurs to a new breeding ground. With the pheromone on board their armored vehicles, Jim and Taylor have successfully lured the pterosaurs to a distant area.

What makes the Terra Nova series different from Lost is that there aren't any flashbacks the 22nd century where they came from.


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