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Thanos Will Kill These Avengers

Updated on January 9, 2018

"Thanos is the most powerful being in the universe."

— Korath warning Ronan.

While his minions consider him to be their Dark Lord most of the galaxy simply refer to Thanos as the Mad Titan and not without just cause. Thanos has curved up a huge territory of space to be his private domain from where he controls his vast armies of Chitauri. His ultimate goal is to acquire all the infinity stones so to bring totalitarian order to the universe. It is this dark vision filled with megalomania and madness that has put him on a collision course with earth`s mightiest heroes in a clash that will end in tragedy for the avengers.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer.

1. Vision Will Die First.

If there is one guy we can all safely bet our money to bite the dust it has to be vision. Thanos wants all the infinity stones and Vision happens to have one on his head which all but guarantees that he will be literally losing his head pretty soon.

Vision first came into existence during the Ultron offensive when in a final act of desperation Tony Stark merged J.A.R.V.I.S. artificial intelligence with an infinity stone to create the god-like hero. It seems improbable that he can survive without the mind stone so the budding romance between him the Scarlett witch is likely coming to an abrupt end.


2. Sweet Pepper Potts Will Die Next.

Though not technically an Avenger, Pepper is a huge part of Marvel and she is likely to be kicking the bucket pretty soon for one simple reason: she is Tony`s true love. Every hero needs a tragic event that defines who they are and molds them to become who they need to be in order to embrace their destiny. For many heroes that is often the death of the love of their life and for Tony Stark that is obviously Pepper.


3. Hawkeye Doesn`t Even Have Powers.

It`s probably pretty tough having to fight alongside Thor and the Hulk when all you have is a bow and arrow but we are all gonna miss this guy for his dry wit and shots that never seem to miss their target.

The introduction of his wife Laura and their three children during the Ultron wars was meant to show his human side and act as a kind of farewell before he has to meet his fate at the hands of Thanos.


4. Captain America`s Final Fight.

As he likes to remind everyone, Tony pays for everything from fancy headquarters to keeping the lights on but when it comes to being a true team leader then no one plays that role better than the Captain.

Steve Rodgers is still technically an outlaw because of his refusal to partake in the Sokovio Accords that led to the Avengers civil war. It seems unlikely that this all time American hero will spend the rest of the franchise as an outlaw so a pretty good way to end his story would be to have him sacrifice himself fighting Thanos so as to rescue innocent civilians or even a team member.


What Powers Will Thanos Use To Kill The Avengers.

Thanos would have to be pretty powerful to put the fear of God into the likes of Ronan the accuser and Loki. In fact Gamora believes it may be impossible to kill Thanos implying he may have powers that make him nearly immortal. Korath also warned Ronan against betraying Thanos out of fear of the repercussions that he is capable of inflicting.

While details are still sketchy what we know so far is that Thanos has super-strength capable of going toe to toe with the hulk. He also possesses the infinity gauntlet that allows him to wield and control every infinity stone at once and therefore have access not simply to every part of the universe but even other unknown realms and dimensions.

Perhaps what should scare the Avengers most is that Thanos has displayed a very keen intellect that has allowed him to manipulate Loki and Ronan to orchestrate wars against both earth and Xander all while he was sited on his space throne staring into the vast domain of space.

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