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That the Wealth once made a Game of Life

Updated on April 21, 2016

Judging Lives one Never lived

The theater of life was free that they damned life on the personal level and then gave Oscars to torture on the stages of movie sets was harm to life too. The actors, the dead were actors in them as well. The scripts, those were always free, the tortured lives of innocence and them go see Down came a Black Bird and see what compassion is in the killing fields of justice. Watch Frances Farmer, The Secret lives of Dentists, The Matrix [gene therapy], watch the Grinch who Stole Christmas as a 5 year old and then as a 40 year old and notice as a child it was 2 hour movie and the cartoon was only 20 minutes, that they made a cartoon out of it in the theaters was the gift too. Watch Hotel Rwanda and know that the dead resurrected in the land to be again, see the pain and support the pain yet do nothing about the lives lost, yet never lost. Watch Gigi and then see her in the flesh, and ask what a diet did to stardom? We all have AIDS and cancer in the Earth, because it is of the physical. You know you tell someone they are sick and they start acting like it. You are dying, they die. See. Belief, maybe some die anyways but I watched actors live as Vegan runners and nonsmokers and still get sick. You know what they said "I did everything right, I am healthy. Why me?" My response "Your time, or your genes." I was paid to say that from my spirit not from the Peter role as a nurse I was living.

I acted all the lies I believed in my life, then you make a world based on all the lies I believed. Good. I said the actors have good teaching with good grammar and pitch, tone and trained vocals. He was not that great. His own family damned him and his brother, for lifestyles. I didn't. I damned no one until now. Give and take right, I give unto thee Everlasting physical on one level and spirit on another and emptiness yet to never be, for truth was it was all lies.Shh no one ever saw the planet for the set it was, nor the well if I told you the word what would you have to do for centuries, think about it. No more muses though. To hard on them, the boring music will fade to light and you won't notice, because you grew in it. I see and hear it. Oops makes you think about the "Horton Hears a Who", story. Or "Young Sister for Sale" What world do you carry? The real one or the things you learned your whole life to tell you the lies are real, or fake. You pick, I love to think about it. Are we all animals? Or Spirit? Making love to plants, books of life and trees in you minds.?

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