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That’s Impossible: Invisibility Cloak

Updated on March 28, 2015

A Documentary Review

Dear readers, it is amazing to see how the world around us is changing. Among this every changing environment there is a small thought everyone of us share, thought of becoming Invisible. The scientists around the world are making a tremendous progress for achieving Absolute Invisibility. According to a testimony, British scientist had made a 30 Ton Tank go invisible in an instance. Such tactics, discoveries and innovations are presented in this documentary, some of which are even tested and have worked!!!

It all starts with us and our limitations. Ninjas who, from ancient times, have used the limitation of human eyes and stayed invisible whenever and wherever they want. This phenomenon is very simple but limited to an individual only. Next, it comes down to magic, or Tricking the Eye. Magicians from around the world use this technique to deceive their audience and have succeeded. How is it useful here? Let’s see. During World War II, when Nazis were dominating the war, Winston Churchill came to conclusion that if Nazis succeed to destroy Port of Alexandria and Suez Canal, they would not be defeated thereafter. In order to prevent such act, Winston Churchill appointed a professional magician named Jasper Maskelyne. Jasper developed a strategy and was successful in preventing these two crucial sites, using deception trick with least technology available, which is one of the most surprising and exciting parts of this documentary.

Alexandria and Suez Canal
Alexandria and Suez Canal
Ship went invisible
Ship went invisible | Source

Philadelphia Experiment

As the film moves further it gets more exciting. According to a series of documents and few researchers’ testimonies, it has been revealed that American scientist had tried to make a whole shape go invisible. The initial idea, as suggested by Dr. Albert Einstein, was to make a ship go invisible on radar screen. However, he also suspected, there was more to it than what meets the eye. This time with a few crew members on the ship and researchers and scientists around the dock, installed and started huge coils on the ship, under the project named ‘Philadelphia Experiment’. Suddenly out of nowhere a green fog emerged around the ship. ‘What happened next is for you to find out?’

Does it end there?

The question you might be asking is, ‘Does it end here?’ Well, certainly not. One of the scientist have developed a material, known as Metamaterial, that can bend the light thereby making the entity inside it Vanish!!! On the other end of the world, in Japan, a scientist has come up with a fabric that uses Retro Reflective Projection Technology. This fabric can create ‘Virtual Invisibility’, by using traditional technique which has camera and reflective surface. It has been tested outdoors and works fantastically.

Most researchers believe, it is not long for us to find such technology being used around us. Some of them are also concerned regarding the foul use of such, if it becomes reality.

A series of methods from Ninjas to Cloaking devices, some of them tested and some on the blue prints can give you chills, if you are not up-to-date with your surroundings. With credible personalities’ testimonies and legitimate documents and experiments, this is one thing you may not want to miss. Especially if you have dreamed to be INVISIBLE at least once!!!

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