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The 10 Easiest Song to Learn on Guitar If You're a Beginner

Updated on January 7, 2017

While starting to learn the guitar we will want some songs to take practice, maybe you want to dedicate a song and have no clue about how the guitar its played. We'd like to know what are we capable of after few days of training, studying and aching. Summarizing the results, 10 songs to learn on guitar for beginners.

10. Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Yeah, Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" is an easy song to be played, what were you expecting? old songs? We're into everything!

Here you'll find the Stay With Me Chords

9. Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

Yeah, another romantic song to play. Most of the easiest songs are romantic because it's the way they're done, quite simple, slow paced, not a big deal but they're meaningful.

Wonderful Tonight Chords

8. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

I LOVE SNOW PATROL! but it isn't because of Chasing Cars, although is one of their biggest hits and maybe because of that they're known, I find their music delighting. Chasing Cars is a good start to know them.

Chasing Cars Chords

7. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

I'm being completely honest, isn't my favorite regardless of I've enjoyed the song many times, it is just too mainstream for my taste but isn't a bad song, at all! Easy chords performed by the incredible Nile Rodgers.

Get Lucky Chords

6. Radiohead - Creep

A big 90s hit that every rocker since the 90s should have sung drunk before.

Creep Chords

5. Kings of Leon - Pyro

Yeah, the boys from Nashville. Pyro is such a great example to begin with, you're also likely to get familiar with it if you've played the Sam Smith song before.

Pyro Chords

4. Coldplay - Clocks

They're... they're amazing! Clocks also being a fantastic song to dedicate. A lovely fact about them, they change their sound with every album released, Coldplay isn't stuck to a sound, maybe genre but they come up with a unique authenticity which makes them incredible among the others.

Clocks Chords

3. Oasis - Wonderwall

Come on!! There isn't list without this one, the cliche but highly recommended Oasis's Wonderwall. It's charming, catchy and made before all Gallagher's drama.

Wonderwall Chords

2. Bob Marley - Stir It Up

Easy chords, easy life, no?? Get your vibes and try it on!

Stir It Up Chords

1. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

4 chords and a pure grunge style, we weren't going to always play the same melodic songs, ending with Smells Like Teen Spirit adds that rock flavour, its energy. All we need to move on into harder songs.

Smells Like Teen Spirit Chords


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