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The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood

Updated on March 1, 2017

10. Mila Kunis


Petite and brunette, this Ukrainian born actress is always smoldering. Catch her on reruns of That 70s show, voicing Meg on Family Guy, or on the front page of any magazine with her adorable family. Despite attending the Marine Corp Ball after being asked via YouTube, Mila later married Ashton Kutcher with whom she has two children. Extra points to this adorable actress because she's funny and speaks a few languages!

9. Kate Beckinsale


Maybe it's because she's British. Maybe it's because she a vampire. Either way, this Oxford trained leading lady is gorgeous and glowing in every movie. The sometimes model has a slew of Shakespeare under her belt, but is widely known for playing the stoic Selene in the Underworld franchise. With butt-kicking action roles that keep her in great shape, she never ages!

8. Rose Byrne


With her girl next door charm and perfect comedic timing, Rose Byrne is the whole package. Sweet, sassy, and oh so classy, this versatile Aussie starred in the TV thriller Damages before moving on to bigger projects like X-Men and Neighbors. Check out her hilarious performances in Bridesmaids or paired with Russell Brand in Get Him to the Greek.

7. Rachel Weisz


Rachel Weisz is absolutely mesmerizing on screen, with elegance and ethereal beauty to spare. She chooses roles that are thoughtful from Runaway Jury to The Light Between Oceans. This Cambridge-educated actress is in high demand by cosmetics companies worldwide, and her thoughts on Botox? Never! ... easy to say when you don't need it!

6. Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman is beautiful, with acting chops and Harvard smarts to boot! This Israeli stunner brings loveliness to every shot from her work in Star Wars to her performance in Black Swan. With a background in dance and Broadway theater, her grace and elegance make her a natural choice for high end design houses like Dior. Maybe it's her vegan diet!

5. Margot Robbie


Our first blonde on the countdown and isn't she breathtaking? As a leading lady or a leading villain, you'll be unable to take your eyes off Margot Robbie on the big screen. You loved her in Suicide Squad, but even that disastrous makeup couldn't hide her natural good looks! This striking beauty hails from Australia, but splits her time between New York and London. Look for her in the upcoming thriller Bad Monkeys.

4. Nina Dobrev


Nina Dobrev is sweet, sultry, and knock-you-out awesome as Elena in the Vampire Diaries. If that's not enough the gorgeous actress has been nominated for several awards, speaks 3 languages, and has lived all over the world. Make sure you see her in the next XXX movie opposite Vin Diesel.

3. Penelope Cruz


This Spanish seductress continues to wow every time she steps out. Her ravishing looks and silky accent are a match made in heaven, but the actress who is well known for her keen fashion sense and flawless skin is also a philanthropist and humanitarian. See her light up the screen in Vanilla Sky, and Blow, stealing the spotlight from her famous co-stars.

2. Morena Baccarin


Morena Baccarin is the epitome of natural beauty. When your face is that gorgeous, you don't need jewelry or makeup. This Brazilian bombshell attended Julliard prior to joining Joss Whedon's Firefly ensemble. Catch Morena in Gotham or in Deadpool - her lovely face will take your breath away.

1. Charlize Theron


No contest. Charlize Theron is undeniably the most gorgeous woman to ever grace the silver screen. Her classic good looks make her the ideal face for Dior, and a sought after leading lady in Hollywood. The beautiful South African actress and model is now a mother a two, and lends her support to a variety of charitable causes across the globe.


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