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The 10 Strangest Things People Ate On "My Strange Addiction"

Updated on April 3, 2017

I've been a big fan of "My Strange Addiction" for years. I think a lot of people watch it for the shock value, but I've always enjoyed watching television shows and documentaries about people who seem "strange" to average people (strange disorders, habits, or diseases.) I enjoy learning about how they live their lives and what brought them to this point.

I also enjoy it because I have diabetes and people flip out sometimes when I eat sugar. Watching "My Strange Addiction" makes me feel less badly about craving chocolate every once in awhile. At least chocolate is real food. It kind of puts things into perspective.

#10 Eating Cigarette Ashes

I'll admit that being around an Uncle who smoked all of growing up and friends who smoked as well has made the smell of cigarette smoke kind of pleasant to me. But I can't understand wanting to eat cigarette ashes. I wonder if there's still nicotine in them and if it makes eating them more addicting for this person?

#9 Drinking Gasoline

I don't hate the smell of gasoline, but I don't understand drinking it. Her descriptions of drinking gasoline sound so unpleasant. She says the first time she drank it, it burned really badly. But she kept going, even though it still burns and tastes terrible?

I have to say that I feel bad for this girl who seems to have some kind of depression and hurts herself by drinking gasoline.

#8 Drinking Nail Polish And Nail Polish Remover

I couldn't find a clip of her drinking the nail polish remover (I would have preferred a clip without the ear digger in it as well), but I've seen every episode of "My Strange Addiction" and she drinks both. Nail polish is thick, so when she drinks it, it gets color all over her tongue and teeth. She started drinking the nail polish remover to clean her mouth out.

I remember as a teenage girl, always washing my hands after removing my nail polish, so none of it would get in any food I ate later. I can't imagine just drinking it or swallowing something as thick as nail polish. It coats everything, that's what it's made to do, and she's pretending the bottles are shot glasses.

#7 Ripping Out And Eating Own Hair

This one makes me sad because she's causing herself so much physical pain when she rips out her hair. She's also embarrassed to be as bald as she is. It seems like this is how she copes with anxiety.

#6 Eating Dirty Diapers

I just don't understand this one at all. Dirty baby diapers make me gag, but she likes to sniff them and suck on them? I wonder if she has some kind of vitamin deficiency or something that makes her crave strange things.

#5 Eating Rocks

This one is higher on the list than most people would probably have put it because it was so difficult for me to watch, personally. I've had teeth problems for years, I'll need dentures soon, so I know what it's like for your teeth to break or have giant holes. It can be very painful and very expensive. Eating rocks is going to crack all her teeth. It hurts me physically to watch her every time she bites into a rock. I was wincing the entire episode.

#4 Eating Glass And Swallowing Live Ammunition

This episode was shocking to me. With everyone else on this show, it seems like they are either struggling with mental illness and/or vitamin deficiency of some kind. I feel bad for a lot of them, but am interested by the stories they share.

This guy, though...I don't know what to think of him. He does these dangerous things for attention? Why is he that desperate for attention?

When people mockingly say online that someone is doing something "just for attention", I roll my eyes and sometimes argue with them. But this guy really is endangering his life just for attention and he admits that this is true. I am speechless.

#3 Drinking Blood

The episode started off saying that she drank animal's blood, which was pretty bad, but not the worst. After all, there are foods that lots of people eat that use animal blood as an ingredient (like blood sausage.) But other people don't drink it straight like this.

Then it turned into her drinking human blood. You might think it's because of the whole vampire fad, but she says it isn't. She doesn't like people calling her a vampire.

#2 Drinking Urine

Maybe other people wouldn't put this one as high on the list as I did, but this one grosses me out a lot. It was very difficult for me to watch this episode. I think because I've had to take medical tests where I collect my own urine for a few days and even doing that much was disgusting. You probably won't know this unless you've had to take tests like this before, but urine is very, very warm, like as warm as a warm drink (like coffee or tea.) Something about that makes it more disgusting to me than if it was cold like I always used to assume it was. And it always has things floating in it a little bit. I don't know what those things are, but this is true for everyone.

And she drinks this stuff, which makes me want to throw-up.

But I'm not going to judge her. She's still alive, even though doctors gave her a horrible prognosis with her cancer and she feels like the urine is curing her. If that is giving her hope enough to live longer, then I guess it's what she needs to do.

But I'd rather never watch her drink this stuff again.

#1 Eating Dead Husband's Ashes

I put this at the top of my other "My Strange Addiction" list 5 Moments That Seemed More Like A Horror Movie Than Reality TV.

I feel very badly for this woman that she has so much trouble coping with her husband's death. But what she is doing sounds like something a serial killer would do and in my opinion, it's a crime, because she's disrespecting her husband's dead body. I always picture her late husband's brothers, sisters, parents, or whoever else cared about him, watching this episode, completely horrified.

Hands down, this was the most disturbing episode on all of "My Strange Addiction."

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    • EB  Black profile image

      EB Black 22 months ago from U.S.A.

      Yea, my husband can't handle watching this show at all. He'd walk right out of the room, shaking his head whenever he saw I was watching it.

    • JG Hemlock profile image

      JG Hemlock 22 months ago from VISIONS AND DREAMS

      Creepy stuff with open doors. The urine is the only thing I could imagine drinking - survival if you are out of water it will buy you some time...other than doors. Strange article. Creepy.