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The 10, no 20! Worst Doctor Who Episodes (New Who)

Updated on April 11, 2017

UPDATE to this article: Every episode with Peter Capaldi and his new companion Bill!

This week is the 10 year anniversary of the re-introduction of the classic Doctor Who (My family and I love this show). If you aren’t familiar with Doctor Who, the Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels time and planets in a blue British police call box called a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). The reason it’s an earthly British police box on every planet is that the TARDIS is programmed to take any form to be inconspicuous wherever it lands but it had a malfunction one time and it is stuck as the police box. The Doctor is usually on a mission to prevent some impending disaster or view a major event or finds himself in the middle of a major problem. He usually has a travelling companion but occasionally arrives at is destination alone and finds someone to help him, sometimes unintentionally. The original series started in 1963 and ended in 1989. The current run started where the last one left off but with new story lines, the next doctor (they regenerate), old enemies are introduced to new fans, and new enemies appear.

There always plenty of articles giving opinions on the best episode so I decided to go with a list of worst episodes. The show is very entertaining but even the best series’ have their stinkers. These are in no particular order:


This may be a little unfair because this is the first episode of the restart and budgets were low and they were just trying to see what kind of acceptance they (BBC) would get. The reason I have it here is due to the terrible special effects. In this episode, Rose (a 19 year old, played by Billy Piper) is introduced first as she lives her life and goes to work. She eventually finds mannequins in the basement of the department store where she works, and they come to life and look very rubbery. In comes some guy with a tool (resembling a screwdriver) in his hand to save the day. This is The Doctor and his Sonic Screwdriver, played by Christopher Ecclestone. Rose’s boyfriend is turned into rubber but somehow no one seems to notice.

The End of the World

This is episode #2 in the restart. The Doctor and Rose travel 5 billion years into the future to watch the sun expand and swallow the earth. The Doctor and Rose are on some type of space station for the viewing. Others are also there, dignitaries and wealthy, by special invite. During the waiting period, someone is having the guests killed off, one by one. The reason I picked this episode is due to one of the guests, the last living human that has had so many cosmetic surgeries that she has been turned into a talking canvas and needs to be moisturized quite frequently by saying “moisturize me.” Very creepy.

Love & Monsters

This one is episode 9 of season/series 2. In the second season, David Tennant takes over as the 10th Doctor but in this episode he and Rose only make an appearance at the end due to Tennant being busy filming something else. This episode is a group of people that are brought together because the are obsessed with The Doctor and everything they do to find him for a person that worms his way in to become the “boss.” Its cute for a while but what gets it on this list is when the “boss” reveals himself to be the bad guy and a monster in disguise. This monster is kind of gross looking, wears a diaper, and gains power by absorbing people into his body. When he is melted by The Doctor, his body is absorbed by paving stones but the girlfriend of the last surviving group is saved but now as a paving stone with a face (yes, its moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter) and when the boyfriend is being interviewed about their relationship, hes says its great and that they even have somewhat of a sex life (insinuating oral sex), thus adding the “ick” factor.


Episode 4 of season 3. The Doctor and his newest companion Martha (played by Freema Agyeman) find themselves on a planet that had been repopulated by humans and named earth (as a replacement for the original earth) where all the people are stuck on a vast underground highway system of floating cars. These people have been stuck in a giant “traffic jam” for decades, living most of their lives there. What puts this on the list is the weirdness of cat people, particularly a cat man, with an Irish accent, and his human wife and their litter of cats as children, very strange. The Doctor hops from car to car in search of Martha while the cars are waiting to be allowed to move to a higher lane by a traffic controller on the radio.

Night Terrors

Episode 8 (counting the Christmas special as 1) of season 6. Matt Smith has taken the roll as The Doctor by now and has new companions: Amy Pond (Karen Gillen) and Rory Williams (AKA: The Ponds). The Doctor answers a distress call from a little boy who is terrorized at night by (very creepy) peg dolls. The Ponds and eventually the Doctor are transported/pulled into the doll house and chased around by the dolls until they can convince the young boy to make them go away. Creepy dolls and lame story line.

Episode: Caretaker
Episode: Caretaker
Episode: Kill the Moon
Episode: Kill the Moon


Pick any episode of season 8 except episode 1. Episode 1 is saved by the trio of Strax, Madame Vastra, and Jenny. This is the introduction of the newest Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi and in this episode, the humor of Strax steals (and saves) the show. Its all downhill after this. The newest Doctor (nothing against Capaldi, he may be a nice man) is written as curmudgeonly and the plot lines are somewhat on the boring side. His companion is Clara, played by Jenna Coleman, who struggles to deal with the new version of the Doctor. The writing seems to have gone down some in quality. In this season, there is a mummy on a space train that is operated by a mysterious and ruthless rich guy, a squatty odd looking robot that wants to kill everyone at a school, a moral forest that grows to protect the earth, some kind of other dimension things that turn people flat, moon spiders (look like spiders), a weird Sherwood Forest, and an insufferable Danny Pink who is Clara’s boyfriend but kind of a jerk (maybe rightfully so). The final episode with Missy is entertaining but contains some major holes in the plot.

Missy and her Cybermen
Missy and her Cybermen
Mummy on the Orient Express
Mummy on the Orient Express
Time Heist
Time Heist

*Fun Fact: In Disney’s 2015 release of Cinderella, The actress that plays Cinderella, Lily James, is the girlfriend of 11th Doctor Matt Smith. The Prince, played by Richard Madden (also of Game of Thrones) is the boyfriend of Jenna Coleman, a companion of the Doctor played by Matt Smith (and currently Peter Capaldi).

What do you think? Did I have it right or are there others you’d like to mention as well. Please let us know in the comments and vote on your selection for worst episodes.

What Do You Thing is The Worst Episode?

Worst New Who Episode?

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What Do You Think?

Do you have another episode (or more) that could be the worst? Please let us know in the comments section. This article was in no way meant to slam Doctor Who, as I mentioned at the top, our family loves this show.


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