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The 100 Hundred TV series review

Updated on November 24, 2015
Hot new TV series to watch
Hot new TV series to watch | Source

The plot – short summary

This American Television series takes us a century forward to the world, when Earth was no longer suitable to live due to a nuclear catastrophe. Mankind has survived on a space station. The station survives thanks to the law and order, meaning any crime is punished by death. Children who committed the crime are kept prisoners until they reach age of 18. Due to technical failure, the air supplies start to run out and decision is made to send one hundred prisoners back to the earth to check if it is suitable to live there. These kids are the only chance for the mankind to survive. According to initial plan, enough time has passed for the air to be clean again, but who can know for sure?


Most of the story revolves around a girl named Clarke (Eliza Taylor), who was a prisoner like others. She is a guardian angel of the group and strives to help each and every one of them. Her mother is a doctor on the space ship, looking to find ways to get in touch with her daughter and prove the Earth is safe to move back. The show has many other great characters which I will not reveal, as it is much more exciting to watch it for yourself. Having seen all seasons of True Blood, I used to think it was the best series out there. Well, the Hundred is even more exciting!

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Diverse characters

Wide range of characters make the show hard to resist
Wide range of characters make the show hard to resist | Source

The show

The show has rather high ranking and good potential, despite the fact that it came out just last year (2014). It is incredibly well done, has diverse story lines and interesting characters. The action takes place both on Earth as well as in the space ship where the commanding centre is. We can see how one is depending on the other – tough decisions to shorten population come hand in hand with kids attempting to get in contact with the station to let them know that life on Earth is still possible. Initially, the means of contact are hand bracelets showing health situation of each kid. These bracelets were, however, taken off due to various reasons.

Radiation effects

The show features various animals that suffered radiation and developed anomalies – such as deer with two heads. By no means it is not a horror show though – more of an adventure/fantasy. The creators have given us a unique new perspective of how a world would look like without humans – a much greener, healthier environment. People are small creatures, just like other animals.

Unexpected inhabitants

The characters are not alone
The characters are not alone | Source


As soon as the space shuttle lands on Earth, immediately groups are formed and a leader steps out. Seen in many other similar shows, it is most certainly a must-have. Usually it’s someone stronger and older than others. So is in this show, however, as we see more of him, he turns out to be a good person and a great leader driven by the right ideas. The Hundred soon realises that they need to work together to fight the numerous threats around – evil survivors, wild creatures and particularly the fog – highly toxic, orange colour fog moving at high speeds and leaving no one alive. This show is a good example of how friendships can be formed when people are under stress and need to collaborate with each other.

Struggle for humanity

There are some dramatic moments in the show when human nature is in constant battle and we can see how characters struggle to maintain humanity. That is somehow ironic as all of them were raised on space station and never knew what freedom means. Perhaps that is the reason why the prisoners were chosen to be sent to Earth – their personalities are more unpredictable and therefore more likely to open up in new circumstances. We can see people losing their minds, going crazy over “freedom” and doing unexpected things.

Human relationships

Just like in any other life situations, humans form relationships
Just like in any other life situations, humans form relationships | Source

Question mark

While watching the show, a question kept popping out to my mind. If the space shuttle was dying out, why didn’t everyone just fly to the Earth? Why would humans choose to drop everyone out up until the last person, rather than risk it and go see if it is possible to inhabit the Earth again? Of course it is for the show, but somehow it just doesn’t make sense.

Similar shows

Shows with similar idea have been filmed before – for example Lost is a rather close match, not to mention Survivor series. The idea of dropping a bunch of people on an isolated space seems to attract the audience due to the intensity of human relationships. In short – people like to observe other people making friends, enemies, falling in love and breaking up. Even if it’s all made up. Somehow it resembles a lot how we all live, even if not in such intensity. Having a chance to see this on a screen gives us a comfort similar to scrolling through Facebook page and looking at others’ lives. So the idea behind the Hundred is not all that new. What is new is the context – exciting new scenery of two different worlds and the unknown. Each episode will leave you looking out for next one.

Watch the trailer here

Why is this show going to be a success?

Well, it’s quite obvious. It has everything what a good show needs – a kickass plot, cute boys and girls, decent effects and an almost endless storyline. Some most series just end at some point because there is nothing more to tell. Having hundred kids in the plot was a clever move – there are hundred stories to tell and maybe more. Each episode can reveal a new story about someone from the pack. And when they run out – there are about 2000 more on the space ship. No wonder some kids lose their lives early in the show, creators can afford to lose characters.

Nevertheless, it’s not about blood bath. There is enough of that on the TV anyway, so making an interesting story that millions would want to watch and look for is a much higher priority. There are only couple of seasons out at the moment with (hopefully) many more to come.


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    • candace21245 profile image

      candace21245 2 years ago

      I actually did watch this and surprisingly really liked it! I felt like it was everything I have been looking for in a futuristic style society. Thanks for bringing light to this show! I never hear anyone talk about it.