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The 13 Best Tales From the Crypt Episodes Ever!

Updated on October 24, 2019
Hello kiddies!
Hello kiddies! | Source

The twisted 13!

These were gruesome, evil and sometimes disgusting. Isn't that why you tuned in?

The Crypt Keeper has a big fan base and was loved by horror fans everywhere. This show spawned several popular movies including Bordello of Blood and Demon Knight.

The Crypt Keeper was a perfect fit for a show with plenty of cheesey horror, gore, and zany comedy.

Who almost made it? The Werewolf Concerto- A tourist has an awful secret and all is well. That is, until he finds out that someone else has something hidden as well.

13.Come the Dawn- After a date gone wrong, two people go away to patch things up. But when the patching begins, it all falls apart!

12. The Ventriloquist's Dummy- Some times a talent becomes a detriment. That isn't a problem... unless it refuses to go away

11. This will Kill Ya. What started out as a humanitarian venture, exposes a bitter rival. As the disease progresses, so does the tension. Then the cure becomes anything but!

The best rotTEN events.

10.The sacrifice- A murderous tale with more twists than a body pulled from a wreck. Michael Ironside was horrific and usual.

9. Strung Along- Evil comes in many forms as we all know. But what can one do when it comes as a surprise.

8. The Secret- A child with a weakness is easy prey, right? Yes. Do not fear the little boy; fear the secret that he doesn't want to share!

7. Split Personality- A con artist, two.beautiful twins, $2 billion, and two awful secrets. Hey, what could go wrong?

6. Maniac at Large- A tale about some bad people. What makes them bad?

They make too much noise in the library!

Care to audition? A free episode!

The feared 5.

5. Top Billing- John Ashton, John Lovett and the rest of the cast were excellent. This was a very warped version of Hamlet...well, sort of.

4. You Murderer You! A great cast that was joined by Humphrey Bogart , from the grave. Bogart from the beyond, made this a classic!

3. Yellow- Kirk Douglass, his son Eric, Dan Akroyd, and Lance Henrickson make this probably the best cast of them all. Set in a World War, this one was amazing and unforgettable.

2. The reluctant Vampire- This was a lot of fun with plenty of comedy and an compelling, crude plot.

And here it is.

Murdering one's neighbor is hard to plan and justify. But when it goes from being lucrative to being an art form, to being a matter of true life and death, who can say no? Tim Roth at his best! 1. Easel Kill Ya

Blood and sweat saved their jobs!


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