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The 15 Most Beautiful Blonde Actresses: Round 2

Updated on May 31, 2017

Well, it would seem that, like myself, you guys just cannot get enough of those beautiful blonds! And, since it was so hard trimming my first "top ten" down to fifteen, it seemed making a second list of fifteen more gorgeous golden-haired goddesses would be the thing to do. Will I be able to come up with another group of deserving of such honor? You betcha! And I will probably still leave off a few that some of you will insist should have been on the first list. Heck, there are a couple on this list that I think should have been on the first list!

The first example of blond perfection that I overlooked I can be forgiven for because I was unaware of her at the time. Her name is Michelle Molineux and I am sure you will agree she is lovely. But the other oversight I should probably get a proper flogging for... How did I forget to include Debbie Reynolds? I am as shocked and disappointed as I am sure you are.

Out of the first batch of breathtakingly beauties, Tara Reid has managed to hold a slim lead for pretty much the entire run of the hub. Now and then someone would nip at her heels but never seemed to catch her. I must admit that she was not who I would have predicted to lead. I was kind of expecting it to be Reese Witherspoon or maybe Kate Hudson. But hey, the people have spoken so who am I to disagree?

The people have also spoken in regards to the most controversial entry on my first list -- Paris Hilton. Despite a number of people commenting negatively about her inclusion, she has still manage to garner about 3% of the votes, keeping her firmly out of last place though still very near the bottom of the list. It will be interesting to see who rises to the top of this list and whether or not anyone will be able to generate the controversy that Paris has.

Michelle Molineux

I first discovered Michelle when watching the sequel to Decoys. I know, I know... why watch the sequel to Decoys? But it wasn't actually that bad if you like cheesy sci-fi thrillers (which I do) and besides, it was worth watching for Michelle alone. Unfortunately, it is about the only place to find magnificent Ms. Molineux as her other film credits are mostly bit parts here and there. But I think that is mainly because she seems to concentrate on her music career.

Certainly if Decoys 2: Alien Seduction is any indication, Michelle has the acting chops to be a major film star. If you can play a life-force draining alien seductress in a movie that requires you to take the part seriously and pull it off convincingly, then certainly you should be able to play a convincing doctor, nurse, attorney, police officer, chef, foosball champion, hooker, ballerina, or whatever, right? So wise up Hollywood and make this girl a star.

Acting. Singing. Seducing humans and sucking the life out of them. Is there anything this young woman cannot do? Well, apparently she is not very good at search engine optimization. If you Google her (and I know you can hardly wait), her website,, doesn't even come up on the first page. But that seems to be her only flaw. To top it all off, being from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, she has to be a hockey fan and, more importantly, an Edmonton Oilers fan! She has to! Right?

Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds is a certified national treasure. Well, probably not officially, but she certainly should be. The epitome of the "girl next door", Debbie starred in many classic films such as Tammy and the Bachelor, Singin' in the Rain, The Tender Trap and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. She could sing; she could dance; she could act; she could turn on that radiant charm with the faintest hint of a smile... Heck! She still can!

These days Debbie may be more likely to make a cameo than take on a starring role, but every minute she is on the screen s brightened. Always beautiful, she has aged gracefully and can still turn many a head when she walks by. A lovely girl who became a beautiful woman and is now and elegant lady, Debbie Reynolds belonged on my first list.

Emilie de Ravin

I was a huge fan of Lost when it first appeared and part of that was because of the beautiful women on the show. Of those women, there is no doubt that Emilie was the loveliest. It would have been worth tuning in each week just to catch a few moments of her radiance even if the show had not been the awesome spectacle that it was. Hopefully now that Lost is done, we will get to see Emilie in more movies. Hopefully some that will actually play in the theaters.

Carly Schroeder

When you say "California Girl", Carly Schroeder is exactly what you have in mind. She plays soccer and surfs, swims and rides horses. Blond hair. Blue eyes. The only thing is, she is not from California but from Indiana. See what that healthy mid-western lifestyle will do for you? Carly has already given some impressive performances in movies like Gracie and Mean Creek , so it is a sure thing that she will be a rising star to watch in the coming years.

MyAnna Buring

MyAnna Buring is a very international lady. Born in Sweden, she lived most of her childhood in the Middle East before moving to England when she was 16 years old. She was so popular with fans of her first film, The Descent, that the director brought her character who died in the first film back for the sequel in the form of flashbacks. MyAnna is also an associate director with the MahWaff Theatre Company in London. More recently MyAnna has thrilled fans playing a vampire in the popular Twilight Saga films!

Diane Kruger

Best known for her role as Abigail Chase in the National Treasure films, Diane Kruger is an actress who has been gaining attention lately. Born and raised in Germany, Diane first aspired to be a ballerina before an injury made that impossible. She then turned to modeling briefly before getting interested in acting. She co-starred in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastrds and seems poised for bigger thing in the coming years.

Barbara Eden

Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stevens on Bewitched, was included on my first list. but back in those early days of the sitcom, those seeking a dose of television sorcery had another source of mirthful magic -- I Dream of Jeannie. The star of this show, the alluring Barbara Eden, was not only beautiful but wore a sexy genie costume though censors refused to allow her navel to be shown. After I Dream of Jeannie, Barbara Eden went back to what she was doing before the show -- being a working actor. Though never a major star, Ms. Eden continues to work even today. And yes, she is still gorgeous!

Rebecca De Mornay

It is hard to believe it has been almost thirty years since Rebecca De Mornay first wowed audiences with her debut performances opposite Tom Cruise in the film Risky Business. Since that debut, Rebecca has gone on to make many great films portraying everything from sexy demented nannies to sexy police psychologists to sexy money-grubbing con women to sexy... well, you get the point. The woman is sexy.

Hayden Panettiere

Everyone probably knows Hayden Panittiere from her role as Claire the cheerleader on the hit series Heroes. But Hayden's acting credits were already impressive before that show, beginning in 1994 at age 4 1/2 when she joined the cast of One Life to Live. In recent years Hayden has been trying to make the move to the big screen with I Love You, Beth Cooper being her most successful attempt so far. Roles in upcoming films like Scream 4 and the "re-imagining" of The Black Hole would seem to indicate things are headed in the right direction.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard broke the hearts of many a young boy when she announced in December 2010 that she is a lesbian, but that did not cool down her hotness a single degree. I know, I know... some would say it turned it up a couple of notches. Since coming out, however, Amber has stated she does not wish to label her sexual preference. In recent years she has begun dating Johnny Depp.

There is one thing those who saw her performance in Zombieland are sure of... she is definitely the hottest zombie, straight or gay, to ever stuble aimlessly across the earth! And while All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, as the title of her most recent film declared, all the boys also definitely still love beautiful Amber, regardless of her sexual orientation.Probably all the girls too. Amber is simply too gorgeous for words!

Kirsten Dunst

Acting from the time she was three years old, Kirsten's real breakthrough came in 1994's Interview with a Vampire. Since then she has made hit movie after hit movie including, of course, the mega-smash Spider-man trilogy. As a Spider-man / Mary Jane Watson fan, I have to say I am a bit disappointed that the powers that be decided to "reboot" the franchise without a wedding for Peter and MJ, but what can you do in the Hollywood world of alternate universes and shifting story lines? While Emma Stone makes a hot Gwen Stacy, neither Emma nor Gwen can top Kristen or MJ.

While Kristen may not have been in as many blockbuster epics since the end of her Spider-man in in 2007, her portrayal of Justine in Melancholia in 2011 won her several awards including Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival. She was nominated for almost twenty awards for the film which received mixed reviews from critics and failed to catch on at the box office. Still, Kristen's beauty and talent was undeniable.

Julie Christie

Let this be a lesson to you all -- SpiderBytes welcomes constructive criticism. When Ralph Deeds posted the first comment on my first list and suggested Julie Christie should be on my list, my first reaction was, of course, to totally reject the idea that anyone could come up with a suggestion that might be worthy of my consideration, what with my opinion being the ultimate word on any subject and all. Besides, I really did not know who Julie Christie was. Well, after swallowing a bit of pride, I went and checked her out. Obviously I agreed with Mr. Deeds as you can now see Julie Christie quite deservedly has made Round 2. Particularly impressive is the fact that not only was she hot when she was younger, but she has managed to remain quite elegantly beautiful.

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate first came to the attention of television viewers as Kelly Bundy on the hit sitcom Married with Children. As the bubble-brained daughter of the misfit Bundy clan, Christina soared to stardom and was soon an almost required part of any red-blooded American boy poster collection. As the years went by, it became quite apparent that unlike her TV alter ego, Christina was one smart cookie!

Christina went on to make numerous hit movies including two of my personal favorites -- Anchorman and The Sweetest Thing. She also starred in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, a film that many people consider a solid favorite. In addition to her film roles, she has remained a steady performer on television with two popular though short lived series -- Jesse and Samantha Who?

Jordan Ladd

Like her mother, Cheryl Ladd, Jordan is one super hottie! Cheryl had a place on my first list of fifteen blond babes and Jordan almost made it on that one, too. So obviously she was a sure bet for Round Two. There is no doubt, as clearly illustrated in the top photo, that this girl can fill out a dress. And this is after breast reduction surgery when she was a teen, Mother most definitely must be proud. Of Jordan's acting career. Geeze, what did you think I was talking about?

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has had a fairly successful film career but really came into her own with Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Since then, her biggest hits have been romantic comedies When in Rome and You Again, but she breaks that pattern with her upcoming role in the not-so-romantic not-so-comedic but definitely long awaited Scream 4. This blue eyed blond certainly has what it takes to portray either a romantic lead or a horrified scream queen. Not to mention she has excellent taste in hockey teams. That's right... she's a Red Wings fan.

The Fairest One of All III

Who do you think is the most beautiful of my choices?

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    • profile image

      Frankie Shaw 

      2 months ago

      Hello, I also like make lists of beauty stars in different categories and I'm agree with all these wonderful blonde women you are selected, but I think it would be more exhaustive subdivided by ages, for example in these way:young blondes(under 30 years old), middle-aged(from 30 to 50 years old)and matures(over 50)

      Thanks for share all these beauty pics

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You left out Amanda Seyfriend....shame shame

    • profile image

      Mike T. 

      8 years ago

      I'm signed in on my girls puter,but I voted based on hot the pics were. Truth is some of the pics didn't do someof the hotties justice but my votes percentage needs to rise. Work with me people!!!!!!!

    • ournote2self profile image


      9 years ago

      I'd have to say that you definitely have a very distinct taste. I feel that all these girls look fairly similar. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Diane Kruger is best known for her work in National Treasure? Man, those films sucked big time. Isn't she better known for Inglorious Basterds and Troy? After all, she played Helen in the latter; the face that launched a thousand ships

    • profile image


      9 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I think you need to divide up the list. The first fifteen should be older ladies such as Barbara Eden, Debbie Reynolds and Julie Christie. The next list younger ladies like Kristen Dunst, Christina applegate and Kristen Bell. Old guys like me have trouble knowing the younger girls, young guys don't remember the older beauties.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You left out laura ramsey...

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      beautiful collection my dear . i really appreciate you for doing that types of hub activity

    • mtanveer profile image


      9 years ago

      These pictures are really beautiful. I like them all.


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