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The Best 15 Disney Animated Movies of the Century

Updated on March 20, 2019

No matter my age, children movies will always be a weakness of mine. Some people find weird and stupid the fact that, despite being in my twenties, I still go to the cinema to watch them. I could not care less. I find in those occasions a strange enjoyment. Kids are wonderful public, and at the cinema, I can become one of them again, at least for an hour or two.
Here is a list of the Disney children movies which are, in my opinion, the best since the beginning of the century. Ones watched in the cinema, others at home; ones as a child, others as an adult, but all profoundly enjoyed.

Fantasia 2000 (2000)

Sequel to the classic Fantasia released in 1940, this movie includes eight shorts accompanied by recognized musical pieces. Among them, we can find a segment of the original sequence The Sorcerer's Apprentice whose protagonist is no other but Mickey Mouse.

Monsters, Inc (2001)

Mike and Sully are best friends and work for the company in charge of providing energy to the city of Montropolis. And how is that energy is produced? By scaring children. Monsters are afraid of children because they believe them to be toxic. Sully is a scarer, so his job consists of breaking into children’s bedrooms, a very dangerous task. When a little girl accidentally ends in Monstropolis Mike and Sully will do the impossible to send her back home before it is too late.

Lilo & Stich (2002)

Doctor Jumba Jookiba is accused by the Intergalactic Community of making illegal experiments. His last experiment, named 626, is a small blue dog with a huge destructive capacity, which makes it impossible for him to live in society. The Community decides to send him to a deserted asteroid, where he can harm nobody, but 626 manages to steal the spaceship that transports him and ends up crashing on the planet Earth. There he will be adopted by Lilo, a Hawaiian girl with a complicated family situation, who will give a home and a name to her new “puppy”: Stich.

Finding Nemo (2003)

After his mother and siblings’ death, fish Nemo grows under the care of his nervous and overprotective father Merlin. School beginning and Merlin's resistance to let him go will lead Nemo to defy his father and be abducted by a ship in the process. Merlin will leave all his fears behind to start looking for Nemo's abductors. Father and son, each on his side and helped by numerous friends, will do everything to find each other again.

The Incredibles (2004)

After superheroes are banned, Bob and Helen, formerly known as Mr. Incredible and Elastic Girl, are forced to retire and live normal lives. Years go by, they get married and settle down with their three children Violet, Dash, and baby Jack-Jack. Despite loving his family, Bob feels frustrated in his suburban life, so he often goes out with his friend Lucius, another former superhero, to revive their glory days during night time. The offer of a top-secret assignment by a mysterious woman will give him the chance to go back to his role of superhero. What he does not suspect is that his mission will end up involving his family as well.

Cars (2006)

While traveling to California for the dispute of the final race of the Piston Cup, the famous Lightning McQueen accidentally damages the road of the small town Radiator Springs and is sentenced to repair it. McQueen's stay in the place will help him to rediscover the meaning of friendship, and realize which are the things that make you a real winner.

Ratatouille (2007)

Remi dreams to become a chef, just as his hero, the famous Auguste Gustau. His fine sense of smell and talent to invent delicious dishes with any ingredient are a strength. But there is a problem: Remi is a rat. However, life will put him in the path of Linguini, who works in Gustau's restaurant. Despite not having the slightest idea on how to cook, the young man needs the job, so he and Remi come to an agreement: Linguini will put his body and Remi the culinary talent.

WALL-E (2008)

In a distant future, mankind has abandoned the Earth because of the accumulation of trash on the planet. Its only inhabitants are WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot who likes human objects and his pet cockroach. One day, WALL-E meets EVE, another robot sent to find proof that there is life in the planet, and he falls in love with her. After saving her from a sandstorm, WALL-E shows her a plant he found among the trash. Consistent with her directive, EVE takes the plant and automatically enters a deactivated state. It will not be long until a spaceship comes to claim EVE, and unable to part with her, WALL-E comes aboard to rescue her. A movie which points in a very realistic way what we humans are doing to our home.

Up (2009)

As a boy, Carl Fredricksen wished to explore South America and find the forbidden Paradise Falls, a dream he shared with his childhood friend and later wife, Ellie. More than fifty years later he gets to begin his journey along with a Boy Scout named Russel by lifting his house with thousands of balloons. Many adventures await them in the journey, as well as some good friends, one of which is a talking dog.

Tangled (2010)

Princess Rapunzel is born with a strange gift to heal, as a consequence of the medicine that saved her mother's life. Being a baby she is abducted by a woman that wishes to take advantage of the girl’s power to keep herself young. So, Rapunzel grows up apart from the rest of the world, in a high tower that her adoptive mother never allows her to leave. The only thing the girl knows about the outside world are some strange lights that appear in the sky on all her birthdays. A fugitive criminal ends up in Rapunzel’s tower carrying a sumptuous and stolen tiara, and Rapunzel proposes him a pact: She will give the tiara back if he accompanies her to see the mysterious lights. The journey towards the lights will create a strong bond between the two characters and will give Rapunzel the clue to discover who she really is.

Frozen (2013)

In the Kingdom of Arendelle, Princess Elsa has the power to create and freeze ice and snow. She is quite close to her younger sister Anna, who admires Elsa's power and loves to play with her. During one of their games, Elsa accidentally harms Anna with her powers. From then on, Elsa stays reclusively in her own room and pushes her sister apart, scared of hurting her or any other person again. Years later, after their parents' death, the coronation forces Elsa to admit people into the palace for the ceremony. There Anna meets Prince Hans and after spending a day together they decide to get married. The worry for her sister and the pressure of the situation cause Elsa's suppressed powers to go out in full force, accidentally setting an eternal winter over the kingdom. Unable to fix it, she runs away. Anna will be the only one courageous enough to follow her sister's trail and help her to solve the situation.

Big Heroe 6 (2014)

Fourteen-year-old Hiro is a robotic genius, but having already finished high school, he spends most of his time participating in illegal robot fights. Trying to make him find a more useful way of spending his talent, his older brother Tadashi takes him to his university and introduces him to his friends and teachers. Amazed by the opportunity, Hiro decides to apply for university himself. To be admitted he has to present a project at the science fair, and he designs microbots, tiny robots controlled by a neurocranial transmitter that can create almost anything together. At the fair, the representative of a technology company offers him to put his invention into the market, but Hiro declines. That night there is a fire in the building, and Tadashi is killed while trying to save one of his teachers. Weeks later, Hiro is in his bedroom, and his pain accidentally activates Baymax, a healthcare robot his brother was working in. The finding of one of Hiro's microbots will lead them to investigate and discover that maybe the fire at the science fair was not accidental after all.

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

Arlo, a young Apatosaurus, lives with his parents and siblings in their family farm. While his brother and sister are determined and skilled, Arlo has trouble with the simplest farm tasks. In an attempt to give Arlo a purpose and make him more confident, his father gives him the job of protecting the farm's silo from a strange creature and helps him set a tramp. The young dinosaur manages to capture a small caveboy, the one who has been stealing from them, but he does not have the heart to kill him, so he sets him free. Angry, Arlo's father takes his son with him to capture the child outside the limits of the farm. A tragical accident leaves Arlo on his own. He must work to go back home, with the company of his small new friend.

Zootopia (2016)

Since her childhood, Judy Hopps has had a dream: Become a police officer. After graduating with honors from the police academy, she is assigned to the city of Zootopia. Judy’s first days in her new job are not easy: Being the first and only rabbit in the force, she has to put up with the fact that her coworkers do not consider her to be as capable as them. The mysterious disappearance of many animals will give Judy a chance to prove herself to the city, but she receives an ultimatum: If she does not find any clues in forty-eight hours, she has to leave the force. Helped by Nick Wilde, a fox specialist in illegal business, she will do her best to find the missing animals in time.

Coco (2017)

Miguel loves music more than anything in the world. His family does not. It is because of his great grandfather, who abandoned his wife and daughter to live his dreams. When Miguel discovers that he may be related to a famous singer and actor who died long ago, he tries to "borrow" his guitar to be able to participate in a singing competition himself. A turn of events will leave him trapped between the land of the dead and the land the living, and his only chance to go back to the last is to receive the blessing of his family. An emotional movie about the importance of remembering the ones who are no longer with us.

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