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The 20 Greatest Songs About Marijuana Part 1

Updated on June 19, 2013


Every stoner has his or her favorite songs to light up to. Some prefer to queue up the old classics, while others enjoy the freshness of a new bassline. But I think we can all agree that we fucking love some unashamed 420 lyricism! This list aims to highlight 20 stoner songs that are filled with blatant references to the sacred herb, so much that even the highest of chiefs couldn’t be distracted from the true meaning. Complete with a few landmark pieces, some revisited gems, and plenty of fresh sounds, there’s something here for everyone.

20. "Ganja" - Meet Me @ the Pub

A song you’ve probably never heard. Ganja is the anthem of Malibu-based Meet Me @ the Pub. I caught them opening a show years ago. These dudes love doing weed and they put together a nice piece to prove it.

19. "Stoned" - Smash Mouth

Here’s a song you haven’t heard since ’99. Surviving in the shadows of “AllStar” on the Astro Lounge album, Stoned adds some “Don’t Give a Shit”, 90’s-Flavor to your stoner playlist. Really it’s worth another listen.

18. "Wasting Time" - ALO

Hailing from Santa Barbara California, ALO has created the perfect sound to accompany those bong bubbles. Filled with some clever lyricism, this song requires a few listens to appreciate the green clues that weave in and out of the song.

17. "You Don't Know How it Feels" - Tom Petty

Tom Petty has never been shy to sing his opinion. That being said, if Tom Petty wanted to write a song about rolling joints, then god damnit, that’s just what he’s gonna do. Turned out pretty good.

16. "Ganja Farmer" - J Boog

Originally written by Marlon Asher, the younger J Boog offers a fresh take on this classic reggae jam. With an authentic sounding rastaman voice, J Boog is the perfect fella to tell you all about growing ganja.

15. "Let's Go Get Stoned" - Ray Charles

Listen up here people, Ray tells you just what to do in this timeless piece.

14. "Mary Jane" - Rick James

Weed does not get any funkier than when it assumes the persona of our favorite mistress, Mary Jane. She keeps it so groovy throughout this song that you can’t help but to fall in love with her.

13. "This Joint" - Slightly Stoopid

Driven by a dirty bassline, This Joint hits the dome just like a proper bomber should. Accompanied by some slick acoustic work and lyrics that you’ll have to look up, This Joint leaves you feeling what its like to drag on a Philly full of Cali.

12. "Ganja Smugglin" - The Expendables

Originally written by the reggae legend Eek-a-Mouse, The Expendables offer a more exciting version of this ganja tale. Filled with sounds only a stoner could enjoy, this song progresses quite nicely, offering a solid jam and powerful peak that any chief can appreciate.

11. "Hits from the Bong" - Cypress Hill

The members of Cypress Hill have probably smoked more weed than the collective artists of this list. This is the song you play after you and your buddies just picked up a zip on a Friday night.


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