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The 2012 Version of the Movie Total Recall

Updated on March 27, 2013

Total Recall 2012

The movie Total Recall starring Colin Farrell opened Friday August 3, 2012 nationwide. This film is different than the original 1990 movie Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movies are based on the same short story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, by Phillip K. Dick.

Both the 2012 movie and original 1990 version take place in 2084. In the 2012 version, worldwide germ warfare has destroyed most of the Earth. The United Federation of Britain and a free colony located in Australia are the only powers left on the planet. The hero played by Colin Farrell is a factory worker Douglas Quaid. When Quaid goes to Rekall for a memory implant the movie action begins. Quaid’s real identity is Hauser. Hauser is a super spy who ultimately saves the free colony from the evil army of Prime Minister Vilus Cohaagen.

The 2012 movie has great computerized special effects. The gravity, antigravity sequences affect the movie spectator’s equilibrium. Kate Beckinsale plays Lori, Quaid’s wife. Lori is a prominent and stronger character then the original Lori played by Sharon Stone. Jessica Biel is Melina, Quaid/Hauser’s girlfriend. Melina is another heroic figure. Rachel Ticotin played a sexy but demure Melina in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

Movie director Len Wiseman has a couple of tongue in cheek scenes taken from the 1990 film. There is a three breasted woman in both movies. In the original movie, Arnold passes customs inspection (on the planet Mars) dressed as a heavy set lady. In the new version, a robust woman goes through customs (in Britain) followed by Quaid/Hauser disguised as an oriental gentleman.

Colin Farrell is an accomplished actor who has starred in many movies. However my favorite Colin Farrell character is a small role. In the 2009 movie Crazy Heart starring Jeff Bridges, Farrell plays country singer Tommy Sweet a protégée of Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges). Farrell’s portrayal of Sweet is unforgettable.

I enjoyed this slick, science fiction film and the actors are great. But this movie is not a remake of the 1990 original Total Recall. The 2012 Total Recall is a new cinematic event.

A final thought. When Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a soldier, cop, spy, fireman, robot, twin, barbarian or any other role, Arnold is always Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the John Wayne of this era. For those of us old enough to remember John Wayne, he was always John Wayne the hero, no matter what character he played.

Total Recall


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