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The 2014 Fall Television Line Up

Updated on October 8, 2014
If you can remember this type of television, then you'll remember the old shows that have been revamped for today's viewers
If you can remember this type of television, then you'll remember the old shows that have been revamped for today's viewers

Hollywood is dead.

With reality television as king and with movies being remade it's hard to find an original idea. Well, that's not totally true. Anyone with an original idea soon finds out through ratings and box office receipts their idea wasn't ready for the American public.

While I've taken a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and pitched movie ideas a couple of times, I thought I'd try my hand at pitching revamped television shows from long ago. I'm sure there's a producer out there looking for his next idea.

Maybe one day during the fall season of any upcoming year you'll see my ideas on the small screen.

In no particular order here's how I envision television in the near future (based on old TV titles which get a new and revamped premise).

Green Acres- This show will do well on any of the gardening channels. The premise is easy. Scour the country for the person most obsessed with their lawn. You know who you are.

Room 222- The old classic about life in the classroom goes to hotels or motels across the country. Secret cameras are placed somewhere in the room and the lucky people who can win the lawsuit over their privacy rights will receive a cash settlement.

Beverly Hills, 90210- Still a reality show hosted by Angelyne (who's noted for her flamboyant self-promoting billboards in Los Angeles) who finally gets the break she's been waiting for. The show is about women in Beverly Hills and how big their "hills" are after visiting their plastic surgeon. Payment comes in the form of feeling self confident with their new body.

Welcome Back, Kotter- Dramatic reality show following the lives of people recently released from prison named Kotter and the new path they're taking. One slip up or missed probation and its back to the big house.

Ponderosa- Here we take a look at the popular food chain's chefs and the drama which unfolds when a busload of hungry cross country tourists pulls into the parking lot. During sweep months the show will be changed to Bonanza and I just received word on a very special episode to be shown in February.

Working Girl- Originally a short lived comedy in 1990, the show comes back with a vengeance as secretaries vie for top dog as Executive Secretary in a top company. Watch for the backstabbing and gossip which make working in an office a treat.

The Golden Girls- Sources tell me this fast paced reality show is about a group of young Hollywood starlets vying for the coveted Miss Golden Globe duties at next year's Golden Globes. Can they handle the pressure of carrying the trophy to the winner and will they be able to escort said winner and presenter off stage in the right direction? Tune in sometime in November. The winner will be announced the night of the ceremony.

Family Ties- Not one of the sure bets of the new season, but Meredith Baxter returns to host this show about men and their collection of gaudy ties received from family members on Father's Day, Christmas and birthdays. The winner gets a gift certificate to his favorite haberdashery.

It's a Living- Syndicated during the mid '80's this was a story of four waitresses who worked in a high rise restaurant. Twenty years later follow ordinary people in mundane jobs as they strive for a piece of the pie while living paycheck to paycheck.

Finally, since everyone's a reality star these days how about a series based on my trying to claw my way to the top in My World and Welcome to It. This show is about me as I receive rejection after rejection in my writing endeavors and the boring life I have in a mundane office job. This is sure to be a guaranteed ratings hit since the people I know are a little "special" in their own right.


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