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The 2nd Toughest Breaking Bad Trivia

Updated on March 26, 2019
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John Bridges is a published author specializing in History, Geo-politics, and Politics. His Doctorate is in Criminal Justice.

Think you know Breaking Bad?

Keeping Memories Alive

As with any iconic show, the cast and crew can take a few mementos once the show is completed. Some of the cast members got exactly what they wanted while others did not.

Bryan Cranston got the two things he hoped for; Heisenberg’s pie hat and sun glasses.

Aaron Paul got a duplicate Heisenberg hat but really wanted the pink teddy bear but that had been reserved for an auction. He did get his third choice though, the CAP’N license plate.

Anna Gunn took one of the portraits of the family that hung in the hallway. She is still trying to get possession of the ugly duck knickknacks that sat on the coffee table.

RJ Mitte kept the crutches (he has cerebral palsy in real life but does not use crutches). He also kept the back of his director chair that had his name stenciled on it.

Dean Norris kept one of Tuco’s grills (there were 2), Hanks DEA jacket and name plate, and the infamous silver axe.

Betsy Brandt stayed in character and simply stole the item she wanted, an odd knickknack that Marie had stolen during the open house.

Bob Odenkirk was nearly out of luck since anything related to Saul was crated up to keep continuity in the production of Better Call Saul. He was given a park bench sign though, which he says would have been the item he had chosen if given a chance.

Sony, itself, kept the RV and plans to use it for studio tours.

The Teddy Bear, the eye, Walt’s underwear, Tuco’s grill, and many other props fetched a hefty price at auction.

Color Means Everything

As with everything else in Breaking Bad, he choice of colors throughout the show held significance. The most obvious example is Marie’s passion for the color purple. This color has long been considered the color of royalty because the initial pigments were difficult to find and expensive meaning only those of royalty could afford purple clothes. Marie is constantly portraying herself to be more than what she is in reality. She considers herself above the law, smarter than her co-workers, and entitled to the best. Ironically, Marie’s car was not purple due to initial budget constraints during season one.

Walter’s last name, White, represents purity and innocence. His clothing at the start of the series is light, then morphs to green as he becomes obsessed with money and eventually black as his Heisenberg persona takes over.

Eliot Schwartz (black) is never fully explored. There are reasons that Walt does not truly like Gretchen and Eliot that are not fully exposed in the show. The name suggests something hidden in darkness and as such adding the name White to make grey matter technologies was a way of using Walt’s (then) good name to conceal wrongdoing.

Jesse Pinkman’s name was used to suggest innocence and weakness. The pink bear represents innocence as does Holly's outfits which are usually pink. For Jesse this was further enhanced by the association of the color yellow which he often wore. Yellow represents fear and cowardice. In the beginning, Jesse was weak and constantly being bullied by others. He toughened up as the series progressed and eventually was wearing dark colors just like Heisenberg.


Real or Fake?

Many people wonder if the coordinates on Walt’s lottery ticket actually lead to the original cook site and burial place of Hank and Steve Gomez. They do not. The shooting location was on Navaho land and required special permission. The actual coordinates were not used out of respect for tribe and a desire to keep fans off their land.

The DEA office in the show was filmed in a bank because the building looked impressive. Ironically, Albuquerque does have a DEA office and I is located right next to the bank. The actual office was not used for two reasons; the building was non-descript and boring, and the film team did not want to inconvenience the DEA staff.

Venezia’s Pizza was real at the time of the show filming. It was a local, New York style, pizzeria. The show certainly boosted sales but when the original owner retired and left the business to his nephews, they were forced to change the name.

Pollos Hermanos is of course a fictitious name but the exterior shots were filmed at an actual restaurant called Twisters.

Jesse mentions how Taco Cabeza is the best place to conduct drug deals because nobody gets shot at Taco Cabeza. The restaurant is not real but does have a Facebook page and followers. Taco Cabeza means taco head and is a real food that uses brains for the taco filling.

Hi-Lo Market is the store Walt visits naked during his faked fugue state. It does have a yelp page, but no, it does not exist.

The 2nd Toughest Breaking Bad Trivia Quiz

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