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The 33 Review

Updated on November 16, 2015
2 stars for The 33

The 33 Movie Review.

The tale of the true story of the 33 men trapped inside the mine is an interesting, and an amazing story of human nature's ability to try and stay sane. Movies love to depict how human's lose humanity in situations like this. This cliche has been around for along time. Let's make another one you say? Why not?

The 33 is about the 2010 incident where 33 miners were trapped in the San Jose Mine for almost 70 days. The owners refused to put the right safety to get those miners out. Though with the world watching, they get the right equipment to get the miners out. Though will there be enough time to get them out and will they be alive when they find them?

The story could have been a great movie adaption, but it really wasn't. The movie skips over the great tension and suspense, and replaces it with humor. There's suspense and tension in the movie, but the tone of it doesn't allow the audience to feel like they're on the edge of their seats. Some of the tension and interesting nature of how they're starting to imagine their "last" meal, could have been a really gritty and great look at their minds starting to wither away. However, they went in the route of comic relief with a joke about a cow.

These jokes aren't even great in the first place. They're weird, awkward, and really off putting. It does nothing but make us laugh at it and not with it. They tear down the mood and tone to insert a cheap joke. It's very distracting and doesn't need to be there.

While the jokes are distracting, the main problem is the overacting. Some of the actors do a great job at conveying the person they're portraying. Though there's a good amount of the actors that try to overdue their emotions with cheesy acting. I can't say the film is bad at all but it really does have a made-for-TV feel.

TV movies aren't necessary bad but you know what you're getting into when you watch those movies. However, this wasn't one and it felt like it. The anticipation was high for the movie as it had the potential of being a really great movie. The trailers had actually made the movie better than it really was. The joking nature, for example the mistresses and a wife of one of the men were fighting for a good majority of the movie, made what could have been an experiment of human morality, was replace by cheesy affair. This tone was a less cliche than the latter, but it at least the latter would have played better homage to the true story than what we got out of this. It also would have been a tale that could have been exciting, even though cliche. Also, the feel good tone is a cliche in itself and they don't even executive that properly.

Overall, the movie does a kind of okay job at portraying the incident. The budget was good enough to make it look not like a TV movie. Though what it doesn't do right is the tone. The comedic/feel good tone, which are weird and awkward, overshadow the interesting parts of the story. The acting made the movie feel like it was being acted a Broadway The run time was a fact as it just seemed to throw filler at us without anything for us to latch onto. It's not the worst True Story movie and parts can be enjoyable, though what's bad is more distracting than the good.



P.S. I can't say to not go out and at least watch the film. Though wait for it to be completely free.

These are the real 33 men trapped in the mine.
These are the real 33 men trapped in the mine. | Source

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