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The 5 Components of a Good Cable Management System

Updated on April 25, 2017

A Sneak Peak into Cable Management Systems.

A cable management system is an important tool in keeping a work space organized and operations smooth. It helps safeguard electrical, communication and other cables in a building.

But in order for a cable system to be efficient, it must have the essential components outlined herein.

The 5 Components of a Good Cable Management System.

1. Safety of cables

A good cable management system should help protect those fragile copper and fiber cables. Does the systems you intend to buy have the necessary configurations for maximum protection for all the sensitive cables installed in the building. Check on the type of sweeps, bend-radius protection capabilities and overall design of the system.

2. Usability

You'll agree that speed and ease of customization of a system are of utmost importance to any organization. A good cable system, then, should be easy to install, save on cost and improve user experience for those using the system.

3. Adaptability

A good cable management system should be adaptable to changes such as expansion and reorganization of the area the cables are installed. This is especially important for growing institutions where data cables, telephone cables and such other cables that are constantly keep on being added into the existing networks.

4. Customer Care Support

A cable management is bound to have some gray areas that cause costly disruptions in an organizations. At such times, vendors assistance is essential. These also include accessibility of reference materials such websites.

5. Airflow and dust management.

A cable management system should be such that it leaves air pathways open to ease airflow and minimize accumulation of dust. Remember, blocked airflow lead to heat build up and this limits operations of some systems such as computer units thus minimizing overall productivity.

What do you think of the cable system below?

Cable management system at Hux.
Cable management system at Hux. | Source

Tips to Buying a Cable Management System

Cable management systems come in different makes. It's paramount to carry out some background research before placing and order to ensure you buy fits your needs.

You can also buy your components from a reliable supplier such as and eBay to minimize the chances of being duped.

Parting shot

Having you dealt with cable management systems in the past? What is your take on this subject regarding what to look out for when buying such as system? Share your views in the comments section below.


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