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The 5 Greatest Christian Music Videos

Updated on February 4, 2011

Christian music is a genre that has come a long ways in recent years.  It wasn't too long ago that Keith Green was deemed an unholy hippy because of his large beard, and people were disturbed by this new rock and roll outfit called Petra.  Now the CCM genre has continued to tred new ground every hair with new bands, edgier styles, and really an advance in talent as young Christian kids are allowed to pursue band instruments more and more.  In this hub I want to give you the 5 Greatest Christian music videos of all time.

Petra - Beat the System

In and of itself, you may be wondering what is so great about this video.  It was released in 1984, and is comparable to anything else out there at the time.  What makes this video significant is that it was done by a Christian rock band.  While Christian rock had been gaining momentum, and would continue to gain momentum through the 80s, this video set the tone for what was possible.  This is the first video from the band Petra, and Petra would go on to push the envelope of Christian music past the furthest point it had been before. 

DC Talk - My Friend

DC Talk really inspired the youth Christian music fans of the 90s.  Really, in a critical look at their talent, they really should have never been superstars.  They didn't play any instruments, they just sang...oh and one guy rapped (a white guy).  How many male trio singing groups can you name that went on the inspire the music of a decade, sell millions of albums, pack out every show, write a book that went viral (Jesus Freaks), and win virtually every award in the biz?  They were able to do it because it was so new for a the church youth group scene that it really appealed to them.  The youth were ready to be audacious and be Jesus Freaks, and this music somehow inspired them to be such.  

DC Talk did several high budget videos, and the video My Friend really is the stand out one to me that summarizes the band, the movement, and their videos.

Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel

Many may be surprised at my inclusion of this video, but I've included it because of a phenomena that began happening in the 2000s.  Christian Contemporary Music began to have an identity crisis.  Up until this time, although there were edgy forms of Christian music, you could always tell what was Christian and what wasn't.  The CCM was always very churchy and preachy mentioning Jesus several times, while secular music, well, didn't.  But over time this began to change as Christian music began adapting a more subtle message, one where the listener had to discern the meaning.  This brought to question what makes music Christian or not?

Lifehouse came on the scene as a secular band, that turned Christian, that returned to secular.  Officially.  Unofficially their music and message have never changed.  Their video Sick Cycle Carousel is the first and only video to my knowledge to be at the top of MTV's countdown, and TVU's (the Christian MTV) countdown at the same time.  The video is really mesmerizing, and the lyrics are deep, which have left many a person wondering what exactly the song is about.

Hillsong - With Everything

The 2000s also saw CCM take a new twist, that really I don't think anyone saw coming.  The popularity of Praise and Worship music began to soar to new unprecedented heights with bands like SonicFlood, and albums like the City on a Hill project.  As the new updated worship stuff thrived, more and more artists began to make worship albums.  Everyone had a worship album.  Some, like Micheal W. Smith, changed and became exclusively worship artists.  Western Christianity began to move beyond the hymnal and began to seek expression in a new heartfelt relevant new song and things began to change.

Now we have bands like Hillsong, where going to a worship concert is a similar experience to a Coldplay show as far as production goes.  It seeks to engage the worshiper on more than just a lyrical level, but one of all the senses.  This video to me is the most spectacular worship video to date. 

David Crowder Band - SMS Shine

This video just had to be included in my countdown, just because of the sheer enormity of the video.  Don't be deceived by it's seemingly simple videography.  The David Crowder Band may just be the most talented band ever in the Christian music scene.  They first hit the scene in the wake of the new Praise and Worship craze and established their niche with very unique lyrics initially.  (Their first single was God of Wrath).  Since that time they have proved they can play many instruments, multiple genres, and have seemingly unlimited creativity.

In this video, there are no special effects.  The video is simply put: a lite brite, still shots, and a while heck of a lot of time and effort.  Enjoy.


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    • Thief12 profile image

      Thief12 4 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Hmm, I'm a huge fan of Petra, and of that song, but I had never seen that video. Interesting one, moreover when you consider the time, like you said. I do think the song lent itself to a more energetic direction, particularly in the band shots, but it was cool.

      As for dc Talk, I do think the "My Friend" video is great, but I have a thing for the video of "Consume Me". Love that one.

    • profile image

      LaraP 5 years ago

      Excellent choices, one and all (esp David Crowder Band - SMS Shine, that's my favorite personally). If you're interested, found some other potential candidates? Maybe need a top 10 list? LOL