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Top 5 Sexiest Englishmen

Updated on September 23, 2009

If you're familiar with my blog, you'll know I prefer Englishmen above any other nationality. This is because I find them far sexier than men from other countries - and I have known men from most of the world's countries. Um.. well, not known in the biblical sense (you pervert!). Anyway, the point is, I prefer Englishmen.

Honestly, there is just something about them. And while I do love a posh English accent on a man, that's not the main reason. Englishmen are just somehow more evolved than their American counterparts; I truly believe most American men are emotionally stunted. Yes, I realize that will tick a few people off. You, in turn, should realize I will stand by my statement!

So back to this list; it's not about the prettiest men in England, because pretty has eff-all to do with sex appeal. That said, I do find each of these men incredibly handsome - add to that the way they carry themselves, and this makes them more attractive than any pretty boy I can think of. And before anyone remarks on their age - men are rarely sexy before reaching their mid 30's. Oh, they can be attractive and all that - but not in the take-your breath-away fashion. This is a list of men who could melt the average ice-princess with one solid stare. Sigh. You gotta love a real man! Especially the well-dressed kind!

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig just made number one in a poll of the world's 100 sexiest men. I know a lot of men who get very bent out of shape over how many women lust for him. True enough, he is not conventionally handsome. But he is abolutely phenomenal in the sex appeal department. I could not sit still for more than 5 minutes during Casino Royale - I could not believe how magnetic he was. And THAT is what makes women mad for a man. You don't need to be Brad Pitt to have women begging to have your children - you only need a dash in the looks department. It's the charisma, self-confidence and intelligence that makes us swoon. And his eyes - which are easily the bluest I have ever seen - don't hurt either!

Toby Stephens

If you're not British, you may not recognize Toby Stephens. Of everyone on this list, Toby is exactly my type in terms of looks, build, carriage, accent, voice, etc. He's a brilliant actor, and plays the lead in my favorite, FAVORITE, period piece ever; the BBC version of Jane Eyre, with him as Rochester. Oh. My. God. Love him. I cannot understand why he's not a bigger movie star. He's been in other movies, you may remember him as the villain in Die Another Day. He was fabulous in Cambridge Spies and The Queen's Sister (worth watching just to see his many, many love scenes!) He's also done quite a bit of threater, recordings, films, etc - and he comes from a theatrical family. His mother is Dame Maggie Smith (that's Professor McGonagall, for the Americans!) and his father was Sir Robert Stephens, of Sherlock Holmes fame. Toby is gorgeous, and his voice is just sexy as anything. If you've not seen his version of Jane Eyre, do so as soon as possible!

Clive Owen

To be honest, I'm not sure when Clive Owen became sexy. I first discovered him in the Bourne Identity, and he was not sexy in it. He wasn't sexy in most of his other films, either. By the time Closer came out, however, he was suddenly very attractive. I don't know how this happened, but I suspect he had some work done - and he has often said in the press that he's a fan of plastic, so maybe he has. All I know, is the man is one hot Englishman. And his voice.. oh.. my.. God..this man's voice is unbelievably sexy.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale wasn't on this list when it was first created, but I've been meaning to put him on it for awhile, so here he is. Like most females, I started crushing on him when Batman Begins came out. And that crush continues, having just recently seen The Dark Knight. I admit that I love the strong, silent image he portrays in those films -- he's pretty good at it! And if you agree, you'll love him in Equilibrium, as well. As an aside, Bale has the only American accent which I find sexy. No surprise it would take an Englishman to make it sexy!

Jeremy Irons

This may surprise some of you, but Jeremy Irons belongs on this list. I can't think of anyone with a voice like this man has. It's like crushed velvet. It's sleek, sexy, hynoptic - yet crisp and commanding. I love to hear him talk. If you've seen the recent Eragon, the man is still extremely fit, and can maneuver a sword with the best of them.

I prefer him with a goatee, as it gives him a very rugged look that just makes me want to sigh. You have to love Jeremy. If you've never seen his older work, start with Reversal of Fortune, for which he won an Oscar.


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