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The 5 funniest Youtubers Ever?

Updated on February 21, 2013

Hi Guys - Mr Awbery here bringing you a different slant on my usual posting material - I took a break from writing just to see if i could generate any views whatsoever, confirming whether or not it was worth writing blogs or not. And Thank you so much to everyone who has viewed my articles, i made it over the 5000 mark recently, and decided to get back to it, and in this article, i wanted to share with you my top 5 favourite youtubers ever. I know many of you have opinions on who the best youtuber is, who you hate, and so-on and so-on.. All i have to say to you is, leave a comment in the bottom, congratulating me on my choices, or flaming me for the horrible decisions i have made. I will get back to you, so please like comment and share!

Just a sample

How to basic - Cooking will never be the same

Now - I understand what you may be thinking - The first of the you tubers and it is a boring guide on how to cook things - Well you are wrong my friend. I do not know what it is about this channel, but it has me absolutely in stitches every time i watch. If you haven't watched yet - the link one of his videos will be to the right.

I understand that some people may not get the comedy of it, or just think it is disgusting, but personally, it creases me with laughter. I would love to recreate this, and may even do so if i get the energy to clean up afterwards.


I just think it is the funniest combination of random foods, Aggression, and a man with a camera. How can you not enjoy him smashing up random foods, then throwing eggs at it, then doing the same with a different material? The pure aggression of his hits to whatever item faces him, eggs, lettuce, tomato, watermelon just finds that little spot in my heart, and pounds it until i laugh. And it's not just one video either, this man is a dedicated poster, and at the time writing he has achieved almost 161 videos, each with around 150,000 views. The hours he must spend cleaning clearly put him in to my top five you tube posters.

Honey, I will cook dinner tonight



Tomska - Cartoon-Sketch-Extraordinaire

Now i couldn't do a list of you tubers who make me laugh without including this man. Not only has he done a ton of videos, each and every one of them is brilliant. They only last around one minute and a half, but the sheer randomness, craziness, and outright zaniness makes him one of my favourite YouTube posters. He has several different 'series' if you like, which include ASDF (Named because he couldn't think of anything inspiring, so just typed random letters), which are stick cartoon clips, which put the word random in randomcrazystuff, There is also his sketches, each one as whacky as the next, Baby With a Gun, Meanwhile and What Happened? taking place at the top of my watch list. He has done work with another group OMFGItsJackandDean, who are very similar with their sketches, definitely worth a watch.

He has also taken over the channel Eddsworld, which was originally ran by Edd Gould, who unfortunately died at the age of 23 - One of his wishes was that Tom took the channel over. He is a genuine guy, whilst at the same time tickling my funny bone, and therefore deserves to be in this list of top 5 funniest youtubers ever.


Both ASDF and Tom's Sketch shows make me chuckle beyond belief. ASDF and his Sketches both manage to capture that childlike glee which we all possess when we find something genuinely funny. I would love to jump inside Tomska's head and see just what is in there, because he continuously pumps out videos on a scale which is rivaled by few. The thing is, none of them are done just for views, you can tell each one is crafted deliberately to make the audience laugh, and he deserves Kudo's for not just churning out video's to earn a paycheck.

Well done Tomska, and thank you for filling my life with that childish chuckling i so desperately miss. Keep posting and entertaining, please!

Sorry Heskey

KSIOLAJIDEBT - Sweaty Goals?

Now i know many of you will accuse me of jumping on the bandwagon with this youtuber, KSI has become a sensation, but this is why he deserves to be in my list. He is not only a Youtuber, but also recently a music producer, rapper, and his ever expanding repetoire of video's is so impressive. There is nearly no game KSI has not done a commentary of - FIFA being his primary post, but in his series KSI Plays literally requires facebook comments on games he plays - the fun part is the fact that they are usually quite annoying or designed to anger the gamer, and boy does KSI get angry!

His growing fame is evident due to the fact he has played a FIFA 13 game versus Rio Ferdinand, and taken part in a tournament known as KICKTV in which he won around $1250 (this may need confirming) and got to the quarter finals. He is a brilliant FIFA player if truth be told, and one that i would love to have a game against (Yeah i have laid down the gauntlet)

AND NOW THAT YOU'VE WATCHED IT (Sorry for the repetition, decided to get a little "thing" going)

Although it may not be everybody's fun, I truly find this man hilarious. I am a gamer myself, and i am a regular FIFA player, therefore, it is easy to understand his humour, and anger at some of the more ridiculous things that occur in FIFA. He has made a bucketload of money, but continues to provide videos for his subscribers, and this is commendable. He stays current with his humor, producing a Harlem Shake video, whilst also continuing his other series' which no doubt assists in this youtube phenomenon's rise in fame. Congratulations KSI!

What would happen if pokémon was real?

Smish Smash SMOSH! Real good youtube videos?

SMOSH - created originally by Anthony Padilla, and later joined by Ian Hecox, are the fourth entry into my list of top 5 youtubers. Originally flash movie makers, on a website known as Newgrounds, SMOSH branched out into the world of youtube in 2005, and this year, became known as the most subscribed youtube channel, ever. This is feat that literally means i could not include them in my list, but the fact is they are also very, very funny.

Their videos include such things as If TV Shows were real? and Pokémon in real life... that says it all. They pretty much spoof off all things media, TV, Movies, Gaming, and literally recreate them i real life. The outcome is brilliant, and the innovative ways in which they do their videos is refreshing . They promise a video every Friday, showing that fame and money does not block their dedication to subscribers. and and and JUST WATCH ALREADY!


Pokémon in real life... It doesn't get any better. For anyone who hasn't played pokémon, stop what you are doing, go download an emulator or buy a game boy, get pokémon (any version will do) and play it... Then reload this website and continue reading.

There are so many great moments in the one video to the left, i will list just an oodle of them.

I love the fact the character just stands, and waits for him to walk past, pure genius.

The use of the actual pokémon screen changes, as well as the stance of the battler, as well as the fact that he has to repeat himself four times because the other guy doesn't want to battle, brilliant .

His faith in magikarp, when we all know just how much of a ridiculous pokémon it is, priceless.

This is just one video of SMOSH's 273, if you are ever needing to pass around 409 minutes of your life, then this is place to go!

Thankyou SMOSH , for you constant dedication to funniness, and youtube!

Skyrim , but lyrically magical!

Dan Bull - He talks about things... IN RHYME!

This guy is probably the least well known out of all the posters here, but there is no reason why he should not be included. Dan Bull is an English Rapper and song writer, who usually writes politically motivated lyrics, but on his channel, he takes a slightly less serious note and raps about gaming. First of all I would like to commend the fact that Dan can uphold both the political, and funny side of rapping, and that he should continue in this manner. Thankyou !

The channel I would like to list in this top 5 has features such as the EPIC SKYRIM RAP, which is his most watched video, but he also parody raps about Modern Warfare, Star Wars , Assasins creed and many more. I appreciate his lyrical talent, as well as the ability to make gaming sound almost cool! The video's also have a lot of thought put into them , with brilliant costume and effects, so this is why he deserves to be in my top 5 funniest you-tubers.


You have to admit, his lyrics are very clever, and the chorus' have that hook which ensures that you are hooked ( look at me writing puns). There is not much more to say on the fact that he is clearly a genius, and i hope the fact that i have published an article to recognize this fact justifies everything you do! Continue to rhyme, you lyricist you!

And it's done!

What would be really awesome is if I received recognition from the five channels which I have mentioned, but i doubt this very much. SO KSI, SMOSH, DAN, HowtoBasic GUY and TOMSKA, if you ever read this article, thankyou!

And similarly thank you the viewer for taking the time to read this article, i really hope you enjoyed it and shared some laughs along the way, if you would check out my other articles that would be really great, or if not, just remember that i will try to post a lot more hubs, and you can pop back anytime, you hear?


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