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The Most Beautiful Androgynous Men

Updated on April 30, 2015
B. Scott
B. Scott | Source

© Nicole Paschal, All Rights Reserved

Androgyny has long existed within the world of entertainment. Whether performance-oriented, creative inspiration, or a personal lifestyle choice, androgynous stars have pushed the boundaries of gender rules. At the same time, concepts of beauty have diversified as well. Read below for details on some of the most beautiful androgynous men today.

1. B. Scott
If you know the phrase, “Hey, Love muffins, its B. Scott,” you just may know who our first most beautiful man is. After having his own YouTube channel discussing entertainment, love and life, he went on to become an internet sensation. With millions of views on his videos combined, B. Scott became a highly recognized individual iconic personality. Soon after YouTube, he began making appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, interviewed celebrities like Mariah Carey, and now even writes an advice column for Ebony Magazine. What makes B. Scott beautiful are not only the smooth skin, sultry eyes and cheek bones women would kill for, Scott possesses an honest and engaging character that pulls people in.

Kazaky at the DSquared Fashion Show, Milan 2012

Prince | Source

2. Kazaky
Known for stomping to the beat in stilettos, a killer runway walk, black leather, and having a flair for fashion, the Ukrainian band Kazaky is enthralling to watch. Although they were already emerging as pop hits in Eastern Europe, Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video pushed the band to international recognition. It’s impossible to designate one member of the group as a beautiful androgynous specimen because the group always operates as a unit. What makes Kazaky so spectacular is not only their fabulousness, but the band thrives amongst cultures known for extremely conservative views about homosexuality and patriarchy. Through music and dance they are opening doors and blending the masculine and feminine effortlessly. With amazing abs and stilettos, I can’t wait to see what Kazaky will do next.

3. Prince
Since his first album was released in 1979, the multi-talented Prince has managed to productively blend rock and soul, masculinity and femininity with a dash of angst all in one. What makes prince beautiful is that the star is creative yet mysterious and appealing to men and women alike. Also, his continuous search for spirituality and meaning in our world under a creative veil is timelessly attractive. He rides motorcycles, loves beautiful women, and is reported to have been a basketball player in highschool. In addition his guitar riffs pulsate with a masculine testosterone injected quality unrivaled by most contemporary guitarists. Yet, he has hair styles better than most women, a magnetic falsetto, frilly purple high-heeled boots and butt-out jeans. Prince is a beautiful enigma.

4. Angel Dumott Schunard
Although a character creation by the esteemed playwright Jonathan Larson, Rent’s gender-bending Angel Dumott Schunard is the embodiment of love, beauty and friendship. Watching Dumas sing “I’ll Cover You,” in the film or stage play, audiences easily forgot his partner’s gender in the tragic and inspiring love story. What made Jermaine Heredia’s depiction of Dumott beautiful, was not only Heredia’s gorgeous eyes and his ability to give great face in a wig, but he was able to purvey a celebration of life and love through his character. As Angel Dumott died in the tale, audiences felt bereft of a kind person whose spirit went beyond society’s view of homosexuality.

Heredia as Angel Dumott Schunard
Heredia as Angel Dumott Schunard

5. Andrej Pejic
The Australian model, Andrej Pejic, was a star in Paris’s 2010 fashion week. After delivering a stunning walk down the runway, all eyes were on Pejic as show-goers began asking about the new talent. Born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the 21-year-old is a mesh of impassioned masculinity and graceful femininity culminating in beautiful three dimensional form. With pouty full lips, a beckoning stare, sleek form and skin like over-blown snow, Pejic disrupts all boundaries of gender and makes it fashionably beautiful.

Andre Pejic for Fiasco Magazine
Andre Pejic for Fiasco Magazine | Source

6. Rupaul
Standing at 6'4, with a smile and cheek bones that could trump any beauty queen, this Goddess of Glam is also an inspiration to the LGBTQ community. Having crossed into mainstream with his own television show and platinum selling album, Rupaul, is a force to be reckoned with. Growing up, Rupaul Andre Charles found an outlet through song and fashion. As one of the purveyors of drag, his accomplishments have opened the door for not only drag queens, but LGBTQ youth in general. With his signature phrase, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Rupaul is also an inspiration. He is the trustworthy, dedicated, and supportive friend that man and women alike would love to have. He is a great motivator and fights for acceptance for LGBT equality. However, let’s not forget that his personality is not only what makes him beautiful. With a smile and cheek bones that can’t be rivaled, Rupaul is just as beautiful on the outside as he is inside.

Who do you think is the most beautiful androgynous individual?

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    • profile image

      Random girl 2 years ago

      I've seen more androgynous men (except for Andrej Pejic, he's unbeatable). Back in the day, lead singer for the band Buck-Tick, Sakurai Atsushi, had a really femenine look. Now not so much though. Also, lead singer for the band L'arc~en~Ciel, Hyde, even though he still looks REALLY femenine, when he was younger he could be taken as a girl anyday unless you read otherwise. Most japanese rockers have an androgynous look, just see for yourselves.

    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 4 years ago from United States

      Andrej Pejic -- he is the most baffling on this list but the most interesting androgynous guy I've ever seen.

    • profile image

      Shani L 4 years ago

      Holy F%&!- Andrej Pejic- That has got to be the most beautiful man period! I think that whole androgynous look works best on a thin guy ? I'd so do him!

    • Vega Vallari profile image

      Nicole Paschal 4 years ago from Saint Petersburg, Florida

      Thanks iguidenetwork! That is a good idea! I will very soon.

    • iguidenetwork profile image

      iguidenetwork 4 years ago from Austin, TX

      Wow! At first glance Andrej Pejic looks like a woman indeed. He looks even better than any women. Thanks for creating this very interesting hub. You should also come up with an article about androgynous women maybe? Nice work there.

    • Vega Vallari profile image

      Nicole Paschal 5 years ago from Saint Petersburg, Florida

      Thanks for commenting Omkins! ...but I think we could take him on

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 5 years ago

      Never heard of Andrej Pejic before, but yeah, he's beautiful.....more beautiful than both of us combined.