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The 8 Korean Actresses In Their Most Hateful Character in Korean Dramas

Updated on December 23, 2015
Xhyniie profile image

Xhyniie has been a Kpop fan since 2010 and a K-drama fan since 2000. She enjoys writing about the Korean entertainment industry.

A drama is not complete without antagonists. They are the evil characters that will surely ruin our day. And the more that we hate their character, the more they are convincing in portraying their characters.

And now, we will talk about the 8 evil women in Korean drama's that you are very familiar with and love to hate. Who are they? Scroll down now and enjoy reading this hub.

8. Choi Hye-won from Gunman in Joseon

Jeon Hye-bin as Choi Hye-won in Gunman in Joseon
Jeon Hye-bin as Choi Hye-won in Gunman in Joseon

She is a cold-hearted, unapproachable merchant's daughter. Hye-won desires to acquire enough wealth to hold the world in her hand, but things change when she inconveniently falls for the Japanese trader Hasegawa Hanjo, who unbeknownst to her is Yoon-kang, her father's enemy. As a child, she was a slave who was raped by her master and beaten by her mistress.

Don't be a victim of this angelic face.

7. Kang Se-ra from Fated to Love You

Wang Ji-won as Kang Se-ra in Fated To Love You Korean version
Wang Ji-won as Kang Se-ra in Fated To Love You Korean version

She is the love of Lee Gun's life. She is a ballerina in New York City with a surprisingly no-nonsense attitude. She has been with Gun for 6 years, delaying any plans of marriage for her career. But when she came back to South Korea, she notice that Gun had changed.

I hate her. I just really hate her because I want Gun and Mi-young. And also Gun doesn't like her anymore but she still pushes herself on Gun's life. But take note she is different from the "Taiwanese version" wherein the girl is really evil. In this drama, I can still see her having a good heart.

6. Yeon Min-jung from Jang Bo-ri is Here

Lee Yoo-ri as Yeon Min-jung in Jang Bo-ri Is Here
Lee Yoo-ri as Yeon Min-jung in Jang Bo-ri Is Here

Lee Yoo-ri's character as Yeon Min-jung will make you hate her for the entire drama, from the beginning to the end. She is extremely bitter about being raised by a poor single mother and she feels entitled to a better life with wealth and status, which she ruthlessly pursues. Just imagine, a daughter who is not proud because she was raise by her single mother. Such a shame. Oh well, this is just a drama.

She even rips Eun-bi’s hanbok right before the competition. I want to punch her face for Eun-bi. She also lies that she is an orphan, and forbids her mother from contacting her, or ever revealing their relationship. Is that a good daughter? I really hate her. And you know what when she give birth to a premature baby, she abandon her baby. She's not even a good daughter so how can she become a good mother?

Do you also love to hate Lee Yoo-ri's character as Yeon Min-jung?

5. Madam Yoon from Blade Man

Lee Mi-sook as Madam Yoon in Blade Man
Lee Mi-sook as Madam Yoon in Blade Man

Who didn't know Lee Min-sook? Well, she is playing the character of Madam Yoon in the drama The Blade Man. She is a villain who holds no sway. Yes, she is easy to hate and does despicable things. But with each passing episode she is less fearsome and less important.

Will you also hate Madam Yoon?

4. Han Soo-ri from My Dear Cat

Jun Hyoseong as Han Soo-ri in My Dear Cat
Jun Hyoseong as Han Soo-ri in My Dear Cat

Hyoseong who plays Han Soo-ri is another evil woman that you will also love to hate and getting annoyed with her everytime you see her on TV. Her character made me so mad at her. I guess she isn't considered as villain.

But for some fans, even though she plays antagonist character in My Dear Cat, they still love her. Well as for me, I love her as an actress but I really hate her in My Dear Cat.

What about you? With her angelic face, will you still hate her character in My Dear Cat?

3. Gyo Chae-yeon from Birth of a Beauty

Wang Ji Hye as Go Chae-yeon in Birth of a Beauty
Wang Ji Hye as Go Chae-yeon in Birth of a Beauty

Wang Ji-hye is very popular in Korean dramas. I've seen her in almost four drama's in which she portraits the evil woman, Personal Taste, Protect The Boss, Suspicious Housekeeper and Hotel King. And yes she is very convincing in portraying hateful characters that I always love to hate her whenever I saw her face on television. She is a very good actress that everytime I see her in Korean dramas I cursed her a lot. She's one of some actresses that play's very well in villain role.

And this year, she will portray another evil woman in Korean drama, it is Birth of a Beauty. Now, tell me. Are you familiar with this drama? If not, I'm sure you will gonna miss the times that you will hate and getting annoyed with her. She is always the woman who cheated on the married man. The only woman who ruined Sa Geum-ran and Lee Kang-joon marriage.

Wang Ji-hye is known in Korean dramas as an evil woman who destroys husband-wife relationship. You better watch out or else your husband will be her next victim. Just kidding!

2. Gook Yeo-jin from "Cunning Single Lady"

Kim Gyu Ri as Gook Yeo-jin in Cunning Single Lady
Kim Gyu Ri as Gook Yeo-jin in Cunning Single Lady

And the second spot goes to Gook Yeo-jin, Na Ae-ra's rival on Cha Jung-woo's heart. Well, the first time I saw her on this drama, I already think that she will be playing the evil woman. And yes, I am right. She is smart, elegant, and capable but she is a selfish evil. The longer the show goes on, the more annoying she becomes. She may be a professional one but because of her selfishness she did things that were wrong and became cruel one.

Even though Cha Jung-woo had told her that he didn't like her but she keep pushing herself to Jung-woo. Do you think she is in her right mind? Or shall I say that it because of love and she needs counselling? Well, I guess she don't really love Jung-woo. She is just very obsess that she becomes selfish and steals Jung-woo's company.

What really bothers me is that Jung-woo is very nice to her and the rest of her family. But why she can't accept the fact that Jung-woo is for Na Ae-ra. And that Jung-woo did his best to succeed in business because of Na Ae-ra and not her.

Should we pity her because of her past?

1. Rachel Yoo from "The Heirs"

Kim Ji-won as Rachel Yoo in The Heirs
Kim Ji-won as Rachel Yoo in The Heirs

And the first spot goes to Kim Ji-won. Who don't know this girl? I'm sure many of you are familiar with Rachel Yoo. Am I right? Well, she Kim Tan's fiancée; the rich, chic and haughty heiress of clothing company RS International. And she is dubbed as "Jeguk High School's Paris Hilton." Yes, she is very pretty.

But why we love to hate her? It's because of her prickly personality towards to Cha Eun-sang, especially when she realizes that Kim Tan likes her. She is the only girl that wanted to do everything just to separate Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang. She's really evil that I want to slap her face so she will be awake from her dreams and accept the fact that Kim Tan doesn't like her. And behind her angelic face is rude and evil character.

Even though I really, really hate her character in this drama I still love her as an actress. The more fans who hate her the higher the possibility that she is really convincing for being Rachel Yoo in this drama. What about you? How much do you hate Rachel Yoo?

From the list, who is the Korean actress that you love to hate when watching Korean dramas?

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    • profile image


      17 months ago

      wang bit na in two women's room..the character in that drama seriously affect me. i have to stop watching that drama for about a week to cool down my stress towards her.

    • Mea Hera profile image

      Mea Herera 

      2 years ago

      Wang Ji-hye is great at playing the villain. I enjoyed watching her in Birth of a Beauty and in Personal Taste. Can't help but hate her in all the dramas she has acted in! I think the villain woman in Roof Top Prince is also very hateful (can't remember her name)

      This is a great list :)

    • whyjoker profile image


      4 years ago

      Kang Se-ra actually is a nice girl...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wang jihye and kim gyuri are the most evil women in korean dramas. Honestly, when i was watching Cunning Single Lady, i really want to slap Kim Gyuri. Bitch! Hahahaha.

    • Xhyniie profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Alegria

      Honey- Agree. Wang Ji hye is the evil bitch who ruins the leads marriage/relationship. Well, she's very good in portraying all the characters given to her that is why I love to hate her in Korean drama's.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      For me, the best antagonist in Korean Dramas is Wang Ji-hye. She's the evil bitch that I love to hate. And she is a very good actress who can act well all the given role to her.


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