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The 90's Are Back

Updated on April 12, 2016

Fuller House Season One


Fuller House

Widow D.J. Tanner-Fuller lives in San Francisco with sister Stephanie and single mom Kimmy Gibbler.

As a Netflix original series, Full House is back! Only fuller. Season one is already finished, and fans are patiently waiting for the next season. Did Fuller House meet up to your expectations?


What happened to the Olsen twins?

Many rumors have exploded in the media about the Olsen twins not joining the rest of the cast for Fuller House. Some including drugs, others including their fashion company. Mary-Kate and Ashely finally cleared the air, announcing the truth as to why they were absent from the return of Full House.

Ashley said, "I have not been in front of a camera since I was 17, and I don’t feel comfortable acting."

"It would have to be me because Ash doesn’t want to do it. But the timing is so bad for us," Mary-Kate said.

In other news, John Stamos blew up the media when the Olsen twins said they didn't even know about the Fuller House series until it had gone social. Stamos tweets:

"I call bull**** RT @JamShowBiz John Stamos apparently forgot to tell the #OlsenTwins about the #FullHouse reunion"

The following day he tweets about having a good talk with Mary-Kate saying, "There are more important things going on in the world today."

Stamos isn't the only upset cast member, in Today's News Dave Coulier announces his disappointment.

Is it scripted?

It's no lie the cast is disappointed about the Olsen twins, or is it?

In Today's New Dave Coulier says he's very disappointed about Mary-Kate's and Ashely's absence, then goes to say "We love then dearly," before the show plays a part in the first episde in Fuller House where Michelle is talked about. "They're welcome to come back," he says, "Anytime."

That's not the weird part, what's weird is John Stamos' interview with Entertainment Tonight where he's questioned about his odd behavior on Twitter. He says, "I love them, and I think that there was a lot of miscommunication in the press and stuff."

Is he blaming the press on what he tweets?

Then he says, "But I love them dearly, and they're always welcome on our show." Sound familiar?

Is this scripted so the cast don't get bad blood on their hands? Or is this just a common feeling between the cast?

Maybe it's just a misunderstanding, but whatever it is, Fuller House looks to be starting out on the right foot.

Bob Saget In Reality

Is the humorous guy we know on Full House real?

In an interview with ExtraTV Bob Saget says many insulting comments about Full House like, "I went to therapy after."

The interviewer also mentions how many fans are upset that the twins won't return and he replies with, "They'll get over it."

"The Olsen girls should do what they want with their lives. They're fashion – they're amazing artists, and they're really, really talented. People should do what they want to do," he informed the interviewer.

I whole heartedly agree that they have the chose to decide what they want to do, but does Saget have the right to be so rude about it?

Season Two

In the end Fuller House is still amazing, and they all agree that being together again is like they never separated. What are you're opinions on Fuller House, and what do you wish to see in season two?

Fuller House Q&A

Has Fuller House met your expectations?

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Who is your favorite actor that returned from the original series Full House?

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