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Acoustic Guitars Wood Stocks

Updated on January 11, 2016

The Acoustic Guitar Review

The Acoustic Guitar Review
The Acoustic Guitar Review | Source

The Acoustic Guitar Man

The Acoustic Guitar Classic

The Acoustic Guitar Review

I went out for a search for a new acoustic guitar and I found there were so many brands and styles, as a musician one would think I would know which guitar does what. I am here to say I know now more information in my review to share with you about the acoustic guitar buyer. The acoustic guitar can come with an electronics board installed in them so you can plug an amplifier up to these beautiful carved out wooded hummers. The acoustic guitar has been around since the early 1800s. I was impressed with the styles and types and here are a few of them that I consider top notch guitars. I subscribe to Pro Gear a musical company by and they sen out a thick catalog of musical equipment, here are the main acoustic guitars I found appealing.

There are many reason

The first set of guitar is of course the top of the line in its name, the Acoustic Guitar I really liked was the Gibson twentieth anniversary 1938 SJ-200 for about six thousand dollars, an extremely limited edition of twenty of these for the 20 years of production from Boseman Montana. The specialty is the tone woods, and elegant appointments that define a collectable classic. It comes with a Adirondack red spruce top, maple back and sides and vintage style gold hardware, this tone backs up its looks ,says the ad. This is the Grandfather of the guitar.

The other lower end was a Epiphone John Lennon guitar Ej-160 e , features advanced jumbo sloped shoulder shape, solid spruce top, a mahogany back and sides, and mahogany neck to this baby, and has a solid rosewood finger board and bridge, magnetic pickup is placed in just a perfect place for playing.

One of the Taylor brand acoustic brand guitars that caught my interest is the Dreadnought series of guitars that brings a traditional sound to the 21st century, yet the jumbo big yet balanced tone is great for six or twelve string guitar. Taylor has a midrange bloom of mahogany and rosewood and the warmth of cedar wood .The Taylor acoustic guitar is popular including model number 814ce which is a quality workmanship, auditorium guitar, and has a premium Sitka spruce top that joins a solid rosewood back and top and sides for a fullness of sounds. There is also a fantastic pearl inlayed pick guard on this particular guitar with curly maple binding, make this onstage guitar worth hence the three thousand dollar price. The second most liked guitar was the 110 made by Taylor, this piece of wood is a Dreadnought, and saple laminate back and sides make for a big sound, and detail. A great studio guitar the 100 is for a mere six hundred dollars

Martin guitars started in 1839 and are very nice indeed, and they started making a Performing artist series Guitar, at three thousand dollars, in which Martin has included an Electric pickup. This is a performing artist guitar with solid Sitka spruce for the top and solid East Indian rosewood for the back and sides of the guitar add to this a satin finished neck and a convenient cutaway. A Classic look and feel of a Martin Guitar is like none other I have played. The performance series is mad of tone woods.

There are literally hundreds of types of dream guitars to choose from, depending on your budget, and the list above represent some of the finest one’s on the market. I hope everyone takes on the acoustic guitar and learns how to enjoy the tone of one, and enjoy just learning on one is half the fun.



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