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The Adele Syndrome

Updated on January 10, 2012

I never knew who Adele was until after the VMA's.When i wanted to vote for the VMA's video of the year and i saw her song 'Rolling in the deep', i was like''huh? who is Adele?"( i was looking forward to seeing E.T by Katy Perry ft Kanye West). But after watching her performance during the VMA's, i have to say that i was almost speechless( 'almost' seeing as i just had to inquire about her from the peers around me at that time). Then the person watching with me joking said that that was the first time she had gotten up to sing. But i have to admit that i was truly captivated at that moment and i found it really mandatory to buy her album from Itunes( Ok i actually got the album from a friend and copied it into my system ). But to say the least, i haven't stopped listening to it.


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins known for her stage name 'Adele' is a British singer/ song writer. She was born in Tottenham, London on May 1988. At age of 11, her and her mother moved to West Norwood South England where she wrote her first record Hometown Glory at the age of 16. As she said "As soon as i got a microphone in my hand when i was about 14, i realized i wanted to do this. Most people do not like the way their voices sound when it is recorded. I was just excited by the whole thing that i wasn't bothered how it sounded like"

On May 2006, She graduated from The BRIT performing school for art and technology in Croydon where she was a classmate of Leona Lewis and Jessie J. Four months later, she published two songs on the fourth issue of the online art publication XL signed her in September 2006 after they heard her three-song demo which her friend had posted on My space. When XL called her in for a meeting, she was nervous" i never, ever thought i'd get signed. The A&r guy was emailing me and i was ignoring it...i didn't realize XL did all these amazing names..."


She released her second single Chasing pavement on 14 January 2008 ahead of her debut album '19'.19 was released on 28 January 2008. The album reached top two on the UK Charts and stayed there for four weeks. Accords she got for the 19 album include

  • nomination for a 2008 Prize Award
  • an Urban Music award for Best Jazz act
  • a Q awards nomination for Best Breakthrough Act
  • music of Black Origin nomination in the category of Best UK Female
  • Best New Artists and Best Female Pop Vocal Performer at 2009 Grammy Awards
  • Nomination for Record of the year and song of the year at 2009 Grammy Awards
  • Nomination for Brit Awards in the category of Best British female, Best British single, Best Break through Act

19 was released in the US in June but it was anticipated that her attempt to break into America had failed She was later a musical guest on Saturday night live. The episode was highly anticipated due to the expected appearance of the US vice president candidate Sarah Palin. The episode earned its highest views in 14 years with 17 million viewers. The next day 19 topped the iTunes chart and ranked as number five on Amazon. By July, the album had sold 2.2 million copies


After the commercial success of 19, Adele released 21 on 24 Jan 2011 in UK and 22 Feb in U.S." I was really excited for me because i never grew up around [ that music]" 21 hit no1 in 18 countries including US.

In UK, the album sold 208000 copies in its week making it the biggest January sale in five years. Adele is the first living person to achieve of the feat of two top five heats in both the Official single charts and the Official Album chart simultaneously since the Beatles. In September, the album sold more than 3 million copies and Adele became the first artist in Uk history to hit 3 million sales in one calender year


The Adele Syndrome

What makes Adele so unique? Well her voice can be categorized as Contralto. This is a low female singing voice in opera, choir, and non,classical music (the alto part in choir is sung by contraltos and mezzo-sopranos with strong low notes). The contralto has a range from F3 (below middle C) to G5 (the second G over middle C). This deep, dark female voice is the rarest female voice and they are known to sound almost like men on their lowest notes. Contralto is meaningful only in reference to classical and operatic singing, as other genres lack a system of vocal categorization comparable to that generally accepted in the classical context. Even within current operatic practice, contraltos are often classed as mezzo-sopranos, because singers in each range can cover for those in the other. Contralto is also to categorize Amy Winehouse voice which had caused the media to dub Adele 'the new Amy Wine house'. However Adele called the comparism lazy saying " we are gender not a genre" On of the things that really made Adele captivate me was that when she challenged criticsms about her by saying she made music for the ears not the eyes." My life is full of drama and i would not have time to worry about something as petty as what i look like.I don't going to the gym, I like eating nice food and drinking fine wine. I don't think i had my ass and tits for no one" That is really a strong statement coming from and as i had pointed already i admire for that. For me though i think sh really good as she is and no one should take away her perfection from her. I am also anticipating her upcoming album which according to GQ she had already written seven songs for



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    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      24 weeks number 1 on Billboard 200 reflects Adele's amazing popularity and the art she produces full of drama and genius.

    • profile image

      Derek Abel 6 years ago

      i saw her music video. but i did not know this much about her. very informative. thumbs up

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 6 years ago from London

      I liked it :) the analysis on the peculiarity of her voice was really good too, votes up and interesting. This should do really well because not that many people want to hate on Adele, and the ones that would probably wouldn't spend their time hubbing :o

      Have a great evening and well done once again, followed :)


    • profile image

      Giselle Maine 6 years ago

      Very interesting article about Adele. I didn't know much about Adele before this, so your research and analysis was helpful.

    • rednickle profile image

      rednickle 6 years ago from New Brunswick Canada

      Thanks Neerizzle for the comment n i wud definitely correct d spelling errors. Hailei thanks for the comment also n yes she is truly mind blowing

    • hailei profile image

      hailei 6 years ago from Romania

      I loved the part where you've described "what's so special" about her voice. It obviously sounds special, but I couldn't put my finger on the reason why. I just knew it was damn good and pretty mind blowing :)

    • Neerizzle profile image

      Neerizzle 6 years ago from Canada

      Very interesting article, it was fun to read. One thing though is you might want to check up on spelling in the future. Great job nontheless.